Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkal



Continuing veterinary education programmes are being conducted on “Field Diagnostic Techniques in Cattle”, “Large Animal Practice” and “Advanced Level Infertility Management, Imaging, Ethno-veterinary Practices in Livestock and Poultry, Recent Advances in Bovine Breeding and Disease Management, Postmortem diagnosis of livestock and poultry diseases, Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging and Emergency Care in Ruminants so on and so forth for updating the knowledge of field veterinarians.
Centre for Advanced Faculty Training regularly organises training programmes for faculties of TANUVAS and other fraternities of SAUs under ICAR funding. Need based training for faculties of TANUVAS, foreign nationals and field veterinarians are conducted. Molecular diagnosis of poultry diseases, general analysis in feed/feed ingredients and handling new diagnostic techniques are also offered to veterinarians of private firms.
Animal tissue culture training offered for students of other colleges on cost basis. Farmers were offered training in dairy farming, pig farming, sheep and goat farming, backyard poultry farming, future scenario of each farming, bio security measures, least cost feed preparation etc. based on need and need of the hour.
Para veterinarians were trained on Artificial Insemination under TNLDA; Livestock Inspectors trained on preparedness and control of Avian Influenza under ASCAD. Meteorological trainings “Rain Gauge and its Usage” and “Weather Forecast and Advisory” were offered to the farmers. 26 Rain Gauges were distributed to farmers of different blocks of Namakkal district.

Awareness Programmes

Zoonoses awareness programme was conducted to school children, farmers, public on the eve of World Zoonoses day to create awareness about zoonotic diseases. Free anti-rabies vaccination camps organised every year on the eve of world rabies day to end rabies and protect pets, vets and public. Livestock related information dissemination through All India Radio; Doordharshan programmes; exposure and guided visits for farmers, professionals, students etc. enables to update knowledge and create awareness.

Village Adoption Programme

Under Village Adoption Programme, Thusur village panchayat of Namakkal District was adopted in 2021 to improve livestock rearing farmers. Baseline survey was conducted to understand the present condition of livestock farmers. Training programme on dairy farming, sheep and goat farming, backyard poultry rearing were conducted.
Demonstration on using salt lick, usage of feed trough for goats, usage of teat protect; deworming of dairy, sheep and goat were carried out. Inputs such as mineral mixture, salt lick, feed trough, teat protect, dairy farming manual, sheep & goat farming manual, backyard rearing manual and tree fodder saplings were distributed to enhance the adoption of scientific technologies in livestock farming for better livelihood.

Input Supply

Inputs such as high yielding fodder crop slips, mineral mixture, concentrate feed, Japanese quails, Namakkal Chicken1, Large white Yorkshire piglets, Mecheri sheep and Salem Black goat, semen straws of native animals (Bargur, Kangayam breeds), Jersey and Murrah buffalo and liquid nitrogen are being supplied to the farmers on cost basis.

Herbal Garden

A herbal garden was established during the year 2009-10 under ICAR Development Grant for the supply of medicinal plant saplings to the public. Nearly 80 plant varieties inclusive of herbal trees, shrubs and climbers are available. The herbal garden aims to create awareness about the value of herbal medicine and ethno veterinary practices among the students and farmers.