The Kangayam breed of cattle of Tamil Nadu is best known for its superior draught qualities, adaptation to poor nutrition and longevity. Bullocks are primarily used for transport of agricultural produce, besides being used for various agricultural operations. The breed derives the name from its home tract, viz. Kangayam taluk in Tiruppur district. As per the estimate of 1996, the size of Kangayam population in the breeding tract was 0.479 million (4,79,179). According to the Survey of Animal Husbandry Department, Kangayam cattle population had been reported to be dwindling from 11.74 lakh in 1990 to around 4.44 lakh in 2000. Based on breed survey conducted in 2012, total population of Kangayam estimated was 1,93,445 among this the pure Kangayam is around 80,620, remaining 1,12,825 animals are graded. Considering the decreasing rate of population of Kangayam breed, the Kangayam Cattle Research Station was established by Govt. of Tamil Nadu with a budget outlay of 250 lakhs under NADP funding during 2017-2018. The station is established under Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University at Uppupallam, Baguthampalayam, Sathyamangalam on 18.09.2017 with the following objectives:


  • Establishment and maintenance of nucleus herd of Kangayam cattle.
  • Conservation of the Kangayam breed for posterity.
  • Production and supply of Kangayam calves to the farmers in the breeding tract.
  • Providing platform for research studies for improvement of the breed .

Kangayam animals maintained at KCRS, Uppupallam

Fodder cultivation – CO(CN)4 & Fodder sorghum

Korangadu Pasture Land developed at KCRS, Sathyamangalam


  • Dr.P. Kumarasamy, Professor and Head
  • Dr.N.V. Kavithaa, Assistant Professor

The Professor and Head,
Kangayam Cattle Research Station,
Uppupallam, Baguthampalayam,
Sathyamangalam - 638 451, Erode District
E-mail: kcrs@tanuvas.org.in