Regional Research and Educational Centre, Pudukkottai

Regional Research and Educational Centre (RREC), Pudukkottai, was originally started as Poultry Research and Development Centre (PRDC) on 17.10.1982 under the control of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. PRDC concentrated on the establishment of broiler and layer farms in and around Pudukkottai District. After the establishment of Veterinary University in Tamil Nadu, this centre was brought under the control of TANUVAS from 20.09.1989. This centre name was changed subsequently as University Training and Research Centre (UTRC), Veterinary University Training and Research Centre (VUTRC). UTRC as well as VUTRC concentrated both on livestock and poultry enterprises. The VUTRC was shifted to DANIDA building complex, Andakkulam road with a total land area of 38.33 acres on 01.08.2004. This centre has been upgraded as Regional Resource Centre with increased staff strength on 01.06.2004. The name was changed into TANUVAS-Regional Research Centre (RRC) on 19.08.2005.

TANUVAS-Regional Research and Educational Centre, Pudukkottai is located at Machuvadi area northern side of Pudukkottai town and it is 4 km away from Pudukkottai bus stand. The area of this centre is 38.33 acres.


  • To popularize desi chicken farming through capacity building programme and input
  • To popularize turkey farming through critical inputs and training
  • To offer certificate, skill development and self employment courses
  • To create strong linkage with line departments

Farm complex

The farm complex of TANUVAS-RREC, Pudukkottai caters the need of farmers by Conservation and maintenance of various species and breeds of livestock and poultry and also supply of indigenous germplasms especially Ramnad White sheep, and native chicken of Aseel, Kadaknath variety. The centre is engaged in conducting various training programmes and demonstration of model units of livestock and poultry to trainees of line departments and farmers of pudukkottai and nearby districts. Following species and breeds of livestock and poultry is maintained at TANUVAS-RREC, Pudukkottai:

S. No. Name of the Unit Breeds
1. Sheep Unit Ramnad White
2. Turkey Unit Nandanam - II variety
3. Chicken Unit TANUVAS-Aseel (Native chicken variety)
Kadaknath (Native chicken variety)
Nandanam B-II Chicken (Improved variety)

Hatchery Unit

TANUVAS-RREC, Pudukkottai is equipped with a fully automated poultry hatchery unit having uninterrupted power supply and digitally controlled incubators with a capacity of hatching 3700 chicks per week. The centre has achieved an annual production of 25,000 chicks (2020-2021) for supply of indigenous germplasm to the rural farming community of the district through this hatchery. The hatchery consists of 2 numbers of Poultry incubators:

  • Poultry incubator with Setter (3 nos.) with a capacity to hold 5280 eggs and hatcher with a capacity to hold 1000 eggs
  • New Automatic Egg Incubator with an egg setter for 8,568 eggs and Egg Hatcher for 2856 eggs

Fodder Unit

The Fodder unit serves as a model farm and produces green fodder for farm animals and supplies fodder seeds and slips to the farming community. The total area under fodder cultivation is 2.5 acres. Following types of fodder are cultivated at TANUVAS-RREC, Pudukkottai:

S. No. Type of Fodder Cultivated
1. CoFS29 Cholam
2. CoFS31
3. Cumbu Napier hybrid grass (Co4)
4. Cumbu Napier hybrid grass (Co5)
5. Desmanthus
6. Tree fodder (Agathi, Neem, Subabul)
7. Hydroponics
8. Azolla

Ongoing Projects

S. No. Title of the Scheme Funding Agency Budget Outlay (Rs.)
1. Sensitizing farmers on Nutritional supplemental Strategy developed at TANUVAS to increase productivity in dairy cattle and mitigate methane emission TN - IAMP (Co-ordination centre) 105.912 lakhs
2. Establishment of extruded feed manufacturing units to facilitate utilization of Distillers grain along with other by-products for profitable dairy farming National Livestock Mission (Co-ordination centre) 100.00 lakhs
3. ICAR sponsored Poultry Seed Project ICAR (Co-ordination centre) 203.57 lakhs
4. Self- Financing Scheme on "Conservation of Ramnad White Breed of Sheep of Tamil Nadu" TANUVAS (SFS) 3.49 lakhs
5. Revolving Fund Scheme on "Strengthening of Desi Chicken Unit" at TANUVAS-RREC, Pudukkottai TANUVAS (RFS) 2.80 Lakhs

Outreach Activities

The centre organizes various extension programmes on livestock and poultry production for the benefit of farming Community and beneficiaries of various government schemes/ line departments as furnished below:

  • Farm advisory services
  • Conduct of on- campus and off- campus training programmes
  • Conduct of skill development and self employment certificate courses for the farmers and entrepreneurs
  • Exhibitions
  • Mass contact programmes
  • Farm exposure and Demonstrations
  • Television and radio programmes
  • Preparation of Bankable Project Report for livestock and poultry farm establishments


  • Dr. T. Lurthu Reetha , Professor (CA) and Head| drreethaarul@gmail.com
  • Dr. A. Kalaikannan, Associate Professor | akalaikannan@gmail.com
  • Dr. A. Sheeba, Assistant Professor | drshebugolda@gmail.com
  • Dr. S. Ilavarasan, Assistant Professor | ssilavarasan@gmail.com
  • The Professor and Head,
    TANUVAS-Regional Research and Educational Centre,
    Industrial Estate Post, Machuvadi, Pudukkottai- 622 004
    Phone: 04322–271443 | E-mail: rrc@tanuvas.org.in