Alambadi is one of the five indigenous cattle breeds of Tamil Nadu. This breed is generaly present on the bank of Cauvery river. Population of this breed is dwindled considerably in its native tracts in Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri and Salem district of Tamil Nadu namely Alambadi, Pikkili, Periyur, Hamanur, Kottur, Pannapatti, Pucharampatti, Jambut, Pudhinatham, Urigam, Anchetty, Doddamanchi, Bettamugilalam and Natrampalayam villages.

The animals are generally medium sized. Coat colour varies from grey, dark grey or iron grey with white markings on forehead, tail, and limbs. Long narrow head with long sweeping horns which grow backwards and upwards, fairly deep body with well-arched ribs and well developed hump. Average Bulls weighs up to 350 kg body weight at maturity and cows weighs up to 300 kg. Milk yield per animal is limited to 1-3 litres per day but they are known for their draught ability.

Alambadi cattle breed was first documented by W.D.Gunn during 1909 and further documentation done by R.W.Littlewood during 1936. This breed derived its name, Probably, from the village called Alambadi on the bank of river Cauvery. This breed also called as “Beslal or Cauvery breed”, “Salem”, “Mahedeswarabetta”, “Cauvery valley cattle“.

In order to conserve as well as to undertake breed improvement programmes of Alambadi Cattle, Government of Tamil Nadu has sanctioned Rs 400 lakhs to establish Alambadi Cattle Breed Research Centre at Dharmapuri district during the year 2018-19.


  • To establish and maintain purebred nucleus herd of Alambadi Cattle
  • To conserve the Alambadi breed for posterity
  • To produce and supply Alambadi calves to the farmers in the breeding tract
  • To provide a platform for research studies for improvement of the breed

Location and Agro-Climatic Conditions

This research centre is located at at Ballenahalli village, Hanumanthapuram post, Karimangalam, Dharmapuri district at an altitude of 503 meter above mean sea level, latitude and longitude of the farm are 12.47120 N and 77.86460 E, respectively. The total area of this farm is 31.31 acres. Presently administrative office is functioning temporarily at rented building at Karimangalam, Dharmapuri District - 635 111.

Climate is generally warm. The hottest period of the year is from the months of March to May, the highest temperature going up to 370C in April. The Climate becomes cool in December till February, touching a minimum of 180 C in January. The soil profile of this area is loamy sand.


This research centre located at Ballenahalli village, Hanumanthapuram which is 45 km towards North from Dharmapuri

  • By Road:

    The distance from Karimanagalam is 12 km on Dharmapuri to Krishnagiri National Highway - 44 and distance from Palacode is 08 km on Dharmapuri to Royakottai National Highway-884.
  • By Rail:

    Nearest railway station is Palacode (8 km) and Dharmapuri (45 km)
  • By Air:

    Nearest airports are Bengaluru (150 km) and Salem (70 km)
  • Faculty

    Name and Designation E-mail ID Mobile
    Dr. S. Vasantha Kumar, Ph.D.,
    Associate Professor and Head
    svklpm@gmail.com +91-9443779898
    Dr. S. Rajesh Kumar, Ph.D.,
    Assistant Professor
    drsrajeshkumar@gmail.com +91-9884775868

The Associate Professor and Head,
Alambadi Cattle Breed Research Centre,
12/123, Kodalamman Koil Street, (Agaram Road)
Karimangalam, Dharmapuri District - 635 111
E-mail: acbrc@tanuvas.org.in