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The University Publication Division popularly known as UPD is presently functioning at the TANUVAS Headquarters in Madhavaram Milk Colony under the Directorate of Distance Education, TANUVAS, Chennai – 600 051. It was started on 15.03.1994. The division has three schemes, which include Plan, Non-plan and Scheme for Veterinary and Animal Sciences Information Service Center (VASISC). The University Publication Division caters to documentation and publication of technical know-how for dissemination to the faculty, professionals and farmers. Also the VASISC caters to production of television and radio programmes and video lessons for enhancing the knowledge and skill of entrepreneurs and farmers on various livestock and fish farming activities.The main objectives of the University Publication Division are


  • To print technical books, magazines, Farm Radio School books and technical literatures / booklets / pamphlets, etc., related to livestock and fisheries.
  • To print application forms, prospectus, registration cards, answer sheets and grade charts, etc., in connection with under-graduate and post-graduate education.
  • To print registers, printed forms (bill forms), and other university reports.
  • To print applications, prospectus, lessons in connection with the courses offered through distance education.


  • The University Publication Division makes arrangements for printing of one research journal published bi-monthly i.e., Tamil Nadu Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences two popular magazines in Tamil viz., Kalnadai Kathir (bi-monthly) and Meenvala Kathir (quarterly) besides Newsletter in English and Seithimadal in Tamil every month. Also 21 books on livestock, poultry and fish production besides five books in English is available for sale through ATIC and all outreach centers of our University at nominal cost. The details are given in Annexure – I.
  • The University Publication Division has facilities such as single colour sheet fed offset machine, Treadle printing machine, paper cutting machine, Hot melt binding machine, Fold master machine, Wire stitching machine, Hard pressing machine, Roll and Spiral laminators etc., for carrying out the printing and binding work.

Facilities Available

  • HMT single colour offset Printing Machine
  • Treadle Printing Machine
  • Paper Cutting Machine
  • Hot melt Binding Machine
  • Fold Master Machine
  • Wire Stitching Machine
  • Hard Pressing Machine
  • Roll and spiral Laminators
  • Computer and Laser printers





  • Dr. P.R. Nisha, Professor & Head |

The Professor and Head,
University Publication Division,
Directorate of Distance Education, TANUVAS,
Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai-600051.
Phone: +91-44-25551586 / 87