Livestock Farm Complex (LFC), Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai -51 functioning under the Directorate of Animal Production Studies, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANUVAS) is located (13.15 N 80.24° E) just opposite to the main administrative building of TANUVAS. Spread over an area of 35 acres, the complex houses several species of domestic livestock, a fodder farm, an instrumentation unit and a small animal sciences park. It serves as an instructional farm for the Undergraduate students graduating from Madras Veterinary College, Chennai. It also facilitates Postgraduate research for M.V.Sc., and Ph.D., students of Madras Veterinary College.


During 1960 Government dairy farm was established with the objective of milk supply to the public. From 01.07.1979, the complex came under the control of Animal Husbandry Department. Subsequently the entire government Dairy Farm of Animal Husbandry department was taken possession by TANUVAS on 01.03.1991 and the 6th unit was named as University Research Farm (URF). URF was renamed as the then Instructional Livestock Farm Complex (ILFC), and again renamed and functioning as Livestock Farm Complex (LFC) since 25.05.2018.


  • To maintain instructional and demonstrational units of cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and rabbits to meet the teaching, research and extension requirements and to provide materials for post graduate research.
  • To maintain Animal Science Park with basic scientific information.
  • To train undergraduate students on routine livestock farm practices.

Units of Livestock Farm Complex

Cattle and Buffalo Unit

This unit has Indigenous Cattle, Gir, Jersey and Holstein cross bred cows and graded Murrah buffaloes. Milk produced from this unit is being sent to dairy plant of Madras veterinary college. Dung and manure generated from this unit is used as manure for fodder production and the surplus manure in sold to needy farmers.

Sheep Unit

This unit maintains different sheep breeds like Madras Red, Mecheri, Trichy Black, Coimbatore, Sandyno, Ramnad White, Vembur, Kilakarasal, Katchakatti, Chevvadu, Dorset x Nilagiri, Nilagiri and Garole as display for instructional Purpose. In addition a flock of Nellore sheep is maintained as a breeding flock.

Goat Unit

This unit maintains different goat breeds like Barbari, Tellicherry, Jamunapari, Sirohi, Beetal, Osmanabadi, Salem black, Boer and Kanni adu as display for instructional Purpose. In addition, a Tellicherry goat breeding unit with about 100 goats is also available for research, breeding and fattening sales.

Piggery Unit

This unit maintains Large White Yorkshire pigs for instructional, research, breeding and fattening purpose.

Rabbit Unit

This unit maintains Soviet Chinchilla rabbit breed for instructional, research, breeding and fattening purpose.

Dog Unit

This unit was established to create awareness among general public regarding indigenous dog breeds like Rajapalayam, Chippiparai, Kanni and Kombai to impart hands on training on breeding management of dogs to Undergraduate veterinary students.

Animal Science Park

Animal Science Park has been created to bring awareness among the school children about the different species of animals, birds, reptiles and fishes. This unit consists of different species of pet birds such as Cockatiel, Budgerigar, Finches, Fan tail pigeon, Grey pigeon, Owl shading pigeon, Belgium Colour Pigeon, King bird and Beauty Homer pigeons.; Poultry breeds like Aseel, Cochin bantam, Frizzle, Kadaknath, Nicobari Black, English bantham, Australorp, Japanese bantham, Nacked neck Chicken; Ratite birds such as Ostrich and Emu. An aquarium with species like Angle fish, Chichlid fish, Flowerhorn fish, Cat fish, Arowana fish, Alligator gar and Red eared green turtle is also maintained.

Fodder Production Unit

This unit is producing quality green fodder for livestock at LFC. In addition to the above, green fodder, fodder slips and fodder seeds are sold to Livestock farmers and other stake holders.

University Innovation and Instrumentation Centre (UIIC)

Small farm implements are being designed and fabricated at this unit. The flagship instrument of this unit is low cost hydroponic device. Nearly 100 different instruments have been designed and fabricated for needy livestock farmers at affordable price. This unit is ready to collaborate with other institutions to design and fabricate equipments for various livestock enterprises.

Commercial Livestock Unit for Entrepreneurs (CLUE)

CLUE was started to take care of the needs of livestock farmers and entrepreneurs. This unit serves as a sale counter for the products of LFC. Some of the produce include University educational books, CDs, mineral mixture, salt lick, green fodder, UIIC farm equipments / devices, vermicompost and livestock species like goat and chicken.

Skill Development and Self employment courses for livestock entrepreneurs

In addition to the above the following courses are being offered to livestock farmers and farm entrepreneurs:


Name and Designation Email ID Contact Number
Dr.K.Thilak Pon Jawahar,
Professor and Head
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Associate Professor
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Assistant Professor
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Dr.A.Shanmuga Sundaram,
Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor
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The Professor and Head,
Livestock Farm Complex, Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai – 600051
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