Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University which is one of the premier academic institutes in the field of veterinary and animal sciences has taken pride in reaching the learners through distance mode. Though the history of distance education dates back to 19th century, only in the last quarter of 20th century the correspondence course became popular and recognised form of formal education. However this impact did not touch the veterinary education in India until 21st century.


  • Over 70 percent of the total population are practising animal husbandry for their livelihood and to educate them formally is a herculean task. Distance mode is the only alternative to reach them. Moreover veterinary professionals, livestock farmers and pet owners have to cater to the food supply, bio-medical research, public health, environmental issues, disease prevention, economic challenges and other needs that address the societal well being.
  • To meet these challenges and to be recognised they must enhance their knowledge and skill and use the learned knowledge and skill to demonstrate relevance to the new societal trends. In this context TANUVAS has taken a lead to reach out the target audience - veterinary professionals, livestock farmers, pet owners and para-veterinarians by starting Distance Education Directorate in 2011. The directorate also has in its umbrella the University Publication Division which caters to the publication of journals, magazine, books and newsletter also video documentaries, television programmes and radio programmes.
  • The directorate also provides skill development and self employment courses courses for the needy farmers. It is essential to increase the employment opportunities to majority of Indians that would enable them to contribute to the growth of the state and our country. India being agriculture based, it is important that we need to train farmers to develop their skill on scientific management of various husbandry. In this context skill development/ self employment courses has become important and TANUVAS is addressing the issue through various courses.

Units Under the Directorate

Courses Offered Under the Directorate


Faculty in Position:

Dr. R. Anil Kumar, Director, dde@tanuvas.org.in
Dr. T. Senthilkumar, Professor, drtskumar@yahoo.com
Dr. R.K. Kanimozhi, Asst. Professor, snoogy2001@gmail.com
Dr. B. Madukesvaran, Asst. Professor, madukesvaran@gmail.com

Further Information, Contact:

Director of Distance Education, TANUVAS,
New No. 485, Anna Salai, Nandanam,Chennai-600 035.
Phone: +91-44-2432 0411
E-mail: dde@tanuvas.org.in