The feed mixing unit was established at Poultry Research Station, Nandanam, Chennai in order to take care of feeding the birds maintained at the station. Later, this unit also catered feed requirements of birds and Lab animals maintained at Madras Veterinary College, Chennai.

The Centralized Feed Mixing Unit was converted to a Self Financing Unit on 01.04.2003. The feed prepared at this unit is being supplied to various constituent units of TANUVAS, District Livestock farms of Animal Husbandry Department, Tamil Nadu, other Educational Institutions, Private Research Institutes, Hospitals and livestock farmers. This unit was renamed as Central Feed Technology Unit (CFTU) during 2009. CFTU prepares 1800 - 2000 MT of livestock and poultry feeds and 150 MT of mineral mixture every year approximately.


  • To prepare and supply various kinds of need based livestock and poultry feeds and Mineral mixture to University farms, Animal Husbandry farms, other institutions and Public by retail sale.
  • To prepare experimental feeds for facilitating research in TANUVAS and other Institutions.
  • To conduct research through suitable nutritional interventions to augment productivity in Livestock and Poultry.

Services Offered

  • Species wise different livestock and poultry feeds are prepared based on nutrient requirement of animals and birds for optimizing production potential.
  • Approximately 40 types livestock and poultry feeds for different species are prepared and supplied to various constituent units of TANUVAS, District Livestock farms of Animal Husbandry Department, Tamil Nadu, other Educational Institutions, Private Research Institutes and Hospitals.
  • Different type of research feeds are prepared and supplied to PG students and research scholars according to their formulae.
  • To encourage the farmers in livestock farming activities, livestock and poultry feeds and TANUVAS General mineral mixture are also sold through retail sales during all working days from 10.00 to 13.00 hrs.
  • “TANUVAS General mineral mixture” is being supplied to all Veterinary University Training and Research Centres for sale to the farmers in Tamil Nadu and other line departments.
  • Farm advisory services regarding feeding of dairy animals and native chicken and other domestic animals are rendered to the needy farmers.
  • Skill development course on “Feed mill supervisor” (one month course) for the candidates registered at Directorate of Distance Education, TANUVAS, Nandanam are offered regularly.

Process involved in feed production

1. Selection and receiving of raw materials:

  • The raw materials are purchased through e- procurement through a government portal at competitive rates based on the required specifications.
  • CFTU is successfully implementing e- procurement of raw feed and mineral mixture ingredients and other chemicals for the first time in university through e- procurement website from January’2016 onwards

2. Sampling and quality assurance of raw materials

  • Sampling and quality assurance of raw materials are essential part of this business.

3. Storage of raw materials:

  • Each and every batch of raw materials will be stored in a designated place in the feed mill. The raw materials will be utilized for the production of feed based on First In First Out (FIFO) basis.

4. Feed milling:

  • Batching of raw materials based on the formulation sheet
  • Milling or grinding: i) Hammer mill – one ton / batch unit; ii) Hammer mill – 500 kg / batch unit
  • Premixing for micro ingredients and additives
  • Mixing
  • Packing and labeling

    The TANUVAS General Mineral mixture was produced from the year 2005 and contains major minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sodium and Chlorine and Minor minerals like Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, Iodine and Selenium.

    TANUVAS Mineral Mixture is very well received by different stake holders and line departments. The mineral mixture is sold to livestock farmers through peripheral centres of University. Furthur, the Department of Animal Husbandry, Tamil Nadu also procures Mineral Mixture for distribution to farmers in various schemes. Very good positive impact is seen in usage of Mineral Mixture in enhancing milk production. Feed back on this Mineral Mixture shows lesser cost and definite favorable impact of increasing the milk yield by atleast 10%.

    Dosage of TANUVAS MINERAL MIXTURE for cattle

    Type of Animal Quantity Suggested
    Calf 5 g/day
    Heifer 15-20 g /day
    Milch Cattle 30-40 g /day
    Dry cow 25-30 g /day
    Pregnant cow 30-40 g /day
    Bull 30-40 g /day
    Work cattle 25-30 g /day

    List of Livestock, poultry feeds and mineral mixture available for livestock farmers

    Milch cattle feed Chicken brooder mash
    Calf feed Chicken grower mash
    Sheep / Goat creep feed Chicken layer mash
    Sheep / Goat adult feed Quail brooder mash
    Swine creep feed Quail layer mash
    Swine grower feed Duck layer mash
    Swine adult feed TANUVAS general mineral mixute


    Name and Designation E-mail ID Mobile
    Dr. L. Radhakrishnan, Ph.D.,
    Professor and Head +91-9840851353
    Dr. A. Ruba Nanthini, Ph.D.,
    Assistant Professor +91-9442030727

    The Professor and Head,
    Central Feed Technology Unit,
    Kattupakkam – 603 203, Chengalpattu District
    Phone No : +91-96772 48311
    Location of the feed mill unit :