Sl. No. Name of the Technology Year
1 CRISPR/Cas12 assay-based detection for Ehrlichia canis and Babesia gibsoni genome in dog blood sample


2 CRISPR/Cas12 assay for the detection of ORF Virus genome from scab lesion
3 CRISPR/Cas12 assay for detection of Lumpy Skin Disease Virus in cattle
4 Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) capsid vaccine and viral vectored vaccines against animal pathogens
5 ELISA kit for sero-surveillance and diagnosis of Babesia gibsoni in dogs
6 Macrophage enriched Theileria annulata schizont infected cell culture as potential anti-theileria vaccine candidate
7 Thermo-reversible polymer for intramammary drug delivery
8 Oral hydrogel and chew formulations
9 Brucella Mab purification (AKTA Prime Plus (FPLC) for Bru Alert Kit Production
10 Moist Pet food for adult dogs
11 Chicken meat pickle
12 Active heal  - specially formulated wound healing and fly repellent spray


13 Tick shield  Ivermectin based “ spot on” for the treatment of tick infestation in animals
14 Nano Methicon Lotion for external parasites ticks and fleas
15 Metero zinc gel to treat trichomoniasis, amoebiasis, inflammatory lesions of rosacea and bacterial infections
16 Bud chip method: A potential in-vitro technology for Bajra-Napier hybrid  (Pennisetum glaucum ;L.X  P. purpureum Schum.) for sett multiplication
17 Adoption of modified spacing in multicut fodder sorghum (CoFS - 31) for mechanical harvesting


18 Oral gel for canine hygiene
19 Fibre enriched dairy products viz. milk lolly, yoghurt and mozzarella cheese   using tamarind seed kernel powder
20 Functional probiotic chocobar incorporating fruit pulp and natural sweeteners
21 Ghee mysoorpa
22 Flavoured whey beverage
23 Channa peda
24 Meat Patties
25 Meat Nuggets
26 Meat balls
27 Meat samosa
28 Canine parvo virus like particle based vaccine


29 Canine Parvo virus low passage high titre C2b vaccine strain
30 PCR based diagnosis panel for  important haemoparasites of dogs
31 Inactivated classical swine fever virus vaccine
32 Rat coronavirus ELISA kit 
33 Kilham rat virus ELISA kit
34 Minute virus of mice ELISA kit
35 Mouse Hepatitis virus ELISA kit
36 Cattle Body Weight Measuring Tape
37 Rapid intravenous fluid administration set
38 Pet bird cage
39 Small backyard poultry cage
40 Milk replacer for early weaned piglet
41 Combined cream separator cum butter churn


42 Paneer cookies
43 Oral infusion pump for cattle
44 Oestrus monitoring chart
45 TANUVAS Mobile App. for sheep and goat farmer
46 Turkey gizzard pickle
47 Turkey meat cutlet
48 Ready to eat meat pellets
49 Sweet panner nuggets
50 Evans syndrome Flow cytometry staining Kit for dog


51 ProBeads
52 Bovine Masti Cure Plus
53 Nano-Herbal Methicone Lotion
54 Nano Sarcoid Cream
55 AMS Green Tea Beads for Coccidia
56 AMS Beads for Coccidia useful for animal health care and diagnostics
57 Solar tick trap with pheromone impregnated vapour patch as bait


58 Ghee residue Candy with orange peel
59 Milk protein fortified fibre enriched noodles
60 Low cost whey concentrate enriched Instant Powder mix Protein 
61 Ghee residue chocolate
62 Papaya kalakhand
63 Choco bar
64 Triple marker multiplex Polymerase chain reaction - An extraction method for detection of Bacillus anthracis DNA


65 Nano-IVMEC Shampoo
66 A1/A2 Detect Kit for the benefit of the dairy farmers
67 CPV and Rabies antibody detection kit for the detection of Rabies and CPV antibodies simultaneously in dogs
68 Teat spray
69 Low cost somatic cell counting technique for udder health care
70 Low cost mobile cow lifter & Downer Mobility Cart
71 Farm gate test for early mastitis detection
72 Livestock Disease Forecasting Software
73 ECG markers for early detection of bovine hypocalcemia


74 Vitamin D fortified Ice cream
75 Milk protein enriched noodles
76 Fibre enriched noodles
77 Omega 3 enriched designer chocolate
78 Millet ice cream
79 Fruit yoghurt
80 Barbecued pork from low value head meat