Commercialised Technologies

Techologies Transferred to Institutions/ Agencies

TANUVAS has developed several innovative technologies and some of the technologies that were commercialised are as follows:

Year Technologies commercialized Name of the company
2004-2008 Teaching kit comprising of Double  Immuno diffusion test; Counter immuno electrophoresis kit; Rocket  immuno electrophoresis kit; Dot enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay kit; Antigen-capture ELISA kit; Competitive ELISA kit and Gene Expression kit M/s. Medox Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Single radial immuno diffusion test kit and Infectious bronchitis virus haemagglutination inhibition test (IBV– HI) M/s. Medox Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
A LipL.32 recombinant antigen coated latex agglutination test kit for detection of leptospiral antibody M/s. Fort Pharma, Chennai
TANUVAS inactivated fowl cholera vaccine M/s. Biovet Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
TANUVAS inactivated Ranikhet disease virus vaccine
TANUVAS RUSITEC - an apparatus M/s. Eaga Tools and Instruments, Chennai
2009 Isolated and developed a lentogenic Newcastle disease virus strain TANUVAS – D 58 for vaccine production against Newcastle disease in poultry M/s. Globion India Private Limited, Secunderabad
2011 Multivalent Bluetongue Inactivated vaccine Indian Immunologicals Ltd., Hyderabad
M/s. Biovet Pvt. Ltd.,  Bangalore
2012 Multivalent Bluetongue Inactivated vaccine M/s. Sanvita Biotechnologicals Private Limited, Hyderabad
PCR based method for sexing emu M/s.  VR3 Emu Farms and Hatchery Unit, Puducherry
TANUVAS Anthelmintic Incorporated Mineral block M/s. Royal Swine Genetics, Coimbatore
2013 Dairy Farming Technology display Aids kit Media Vision, Chennai
2015 Nano particle based ND vaccine M/s. Hester Biosciences Ltd., Gujarat
Collagen bead based delivery of ND vaccine
Bovine platelet Lysate
Photolyser M/s. Endhiram Innovations LLP, Chennai
Portable Static Incubator and LAMP device
LAMP device
2016 TANUVAS live attenuated Goat pox vaccine M/s. Brilliant Bio-Pharma Ltd., Hyderabad
Bovine TB alert kit M/s. Genomix Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
ABT choice kit
2017 Multivalent Bluetongue Inactivated vaccine M/s. Brilliant Bio-Pharma Ltd., Hyderabad
2019 PCR based diagnosis panel for important haemoparasites of dogs M/s. Illume Gene Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru
Canine parvo virus like particle based vaccine M/s Palamur Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
2020 Low Passage high titre live modified Canine Parvo -2b vaccine M/s TranScience innovative technologies, Chennai
2021 Inactivated classical swine fever virus vaccine Biovet Pvt Ltd (BPL), Bengaluru
Live attenuated classical swine fever vaccine
Inactivated porcine circovirus 2 vaccine
2022 Vero cell adapted Lumpy skin disease virus strain Biovet Pvt Ltd (BPL), Bengaluru