Pulikulam Cattle Research Station was established under NADP scheme on “Establishment of Genetic Resource Centre for conservation of Indigenous Cattle Breeds of Tamil Nadu – Pulikulam” in the year 2017 at Manamadurai, Sivaganga district. Total land area of this station is 44 acres and this research station is maintaining 39 Pulikulam cows and 5 Pulikulam Bulls. Fodder crops like CO5, COFS 29, Desmanthus, Agathi and subabul are being cultivated in 7 acres of land to meet out green fodder requirement of animals.


This research station is located in Mangulam village of Manamadurai Block in the Manamadurai to Thayamangalam road at a latitude of N 9 41’ 49.35 and longitude of E 78 30’47.49.

Objectives :

  • Establishment of Nucleus herd of indigenous Pulikulm breed of cattle.
  • Multiplication and Propagation of germplasm
  • Conservation of Pulikulam Cattle in the institution and in the field.

Inauguration :

The administrative building of this Research station was inaugurated by Honorable minister of Animal Husbandry, Government of Tamil Nadu Thiru Udumalai K. Radhakrishnan on 21.11.2019.

Adult animal Unit:

This unit has 39 Pulikulam cattle.

Calf Unit:

We are maintaining female and bull calves born in this station. Bull calves are being sold regularly to the needy farmers

Bull Unit:

Five elite Pulikulam bulls are being maintained at this station for natural service.

Fodder Unit:

Green fodders like Co5, COFS-29, Desmanthus and tree fodders like agathi and subapul are cultivated in 7 acres of land to meet out the green fodder requirement of animals.

Project undergoing:

  • Herbal plants like chitarathai, Aloe vera, vettiver, lemon grass and Aaduthoda are plannted in two acres of land under State Innovation Fund scheme.
  • Establishment of vermi compost production Unit under Revolving Fund scheme:
  • TANUVAS- GOI- NADP/RKVY RAFTAAR 2020-21 Scheme on revitalizing dairy Cattle through TANUVAS GRAND supplement to enhance the productivity and profitability-Field level implementation.

Research Work

Research on Evolving Feeding strategies to augment performance of Pulikulam Cattle is being undertaken.

Services provided to the farmers

  • Supply of elite male calves.
  • Milk from Pulikulam cattle
  • Co5 Fodder slips
  • Chaffed Green fodder
  • Farm Yard manure and urine
  • Vermi compost produced from Pulikulam cattle dung

Administrative Building

Pulikulam Cow

Faculty :

  • Dr. G. Srinivasan, Assistant Professor and Head
  • Dr. M. Saravanajayam, Assistant Professor.

Contact Us:

Pulikulam Cattle Research Station,


Manamadurai- 630 606

Sivagangai district

Email: pcrs@tanuvas.org.in

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