Pulikulam Cattle Research Station was established under NADP scheme on “Establishment of Genetic Resource Centre for conservation of Indigenous Cattle Breeds of Tamil Nadu – Pulikulam” in the year 2017 at Manamadurai, Sivaganga district. Total land area of this station is 44 acres and this research station is maintaining 39 Pulikulam cows and 5 Pulikulam Bulls. Fodder crops like CO5, COFS 29, Desmanthus, Agathi and subabul are being cultivated in 7 acres of land to meet out green fodder requirement of animals. This research station is located in Mangulam village of Manamadurai Block in the Manamadurai to Thayamangalam road at a latitude of N 9° 41’ 49.35 and longitude of E 78° 30’47.49.


  • Establishment of Nucleus herd of indigenous Pulikulm breed of cattle.
  • Multiplication and Propagation of germplasm
  • Conservation of Pulikulam Cattle in the institution and in the field.


The administrative building of this Research station was inaugurated by Honorable minister of Animal Husbandry, Government of Tamil Nadu Thiru Udumalai K. Radhakrishnan on 21.11.2019.

Adult Animal Unit

This unit has 39 Pulikulam cattle.

Calf Unit

We are maintaining female and bull calves born in this station. Bull calves are being sold regularly to the needy farmers

Bull Unit

Five elite Pulikulam bulls are being maintained at this station for natural service.

Fodder Unit

Green fodders like Co5, COFS-29, Desmanthus and tree fodders like agathi and subapul are cultivated in 7 acres of land to meet out the green fodder requirement of animals.

Pulikulam Cow and Bull

Cow and Bull Sheds

Admin Building and Vermicompost Area

Projects On-Going

  • Herbal plants like chitarathai, Aloe vera, vettiver, lemon grass and Aaduthoda are plannted in two acres of land under State Innovation Fund scheme.
  • Establishment of vermi compost production Unit under Revolving Fund scheme:
  • TANUVAS- GOI- NADP/RKVY RAFTAAR 2020-21 Scheme on revitalizing dairy Cattle through TANUVAS GRAND supplement to enhance the productivity and profitability-Field level implementation.

Research Work

Research on Evolving Feeding strategies to augment performance of Pulikulam Cattle is being undertaken.

Services provided to the farmers

  • Supply of elite male calves.
  • Milk from Pulikulam cattle
  • Co5 Fodder slips
  • Chaffed Green fodder
  • Farm Yard manure and urine
  • Vermi compost produced from Pulikulam cattle dung


  • Dr. G. Srinivasan, Assistant Professor and Head
  • Dr. M. Saravanajayam, Assistant Professor.

Assistant Professor and Head,
Pulikulam Cattle Research Station,
Mangulam, Manamadurai- 630 606
Sivagangai District