The Director, Centre for Animal Production Studies has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for co-ordination and integration of research programmes in Animal Breeding, Animal Nutrition, Animal Production and Animal Management disciplines of the University.
  • Responsible for setting up of model farms of livestock and poultry for transfer of need – based appropriate technologies for the benefit of the farmers.
  • The Ex-officio Chairman of Livestock Production Committee of the University and works with Government Departments for evolving a suitable animal breeding and production policy for the entire State.
  • Works in close collaboration with Deans of the Colleges and Directors of Research and Extension Education of the University.
  • Has technical control and be the Co-ordinating Officer of Research of the Department of Animal Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Dairy Science, Poultry Science, Meat Science and Technology and Livestock Production and Management of the Colleges and research farms of the University.
  • Has the administrative control of the Livestock and Poultry Research Stations of the University.

List of Directors of Centre for Animal Production Studies from 20.09.1989

Name of the Directors Tenure
From To
Dr.V.Ulaganathan 20.09.1989 31.01.1994
Dr.M.Mohamed Habibulla Khan (i/c) 01.02.1994 28.02.1995
Dr.S.Shanmugasundaram (i/c) 01.03.1995 13.09.1995
Dr.I.Alfred Jayaprassad (i/c) 14.09.1995 04.06.1996
Dr.R.Natanam 05.06.1995 04.05.1998
Dr.I.Alfred Jayaprassad (i/c) 05.05.1998 19.02.1999
Dr.V.Sundarasu 19.02.1999 07.12.2000
Dr.G.Rajavelu (i/c) 08.12.2000 08.02.2001
Dr.G.Rajavelu (i/c) 15.09.2001 14.03.2002
Dr.R.Kadirvelu (i/c) 09.02.2001 14.09.2001
Dr.P.Thangaraju (i/c) 15.03.2002 04.12.2002
Dr.K.Gajendran 05.12.2002 14.07.2006
Dr.R.Prabakaran 14.07.2006 17.08.2009
Dr.D.Thyagarajan 18.08.2009 29.08.2011
Dr.M.Babu 29.08.2011 31.12.2015
Dr.V.Ramesh Saravana Kumar 01.01.2016 31.12.2018


  • Dr. A.V. Omprakash, Director, CAPS | dcaps@tanuvas.org.in
  • Dr. D. Gandhimathi, Assistant Professor/ Technical officer

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