CPPM, Hosur continuously involves in research activities and so far, four research projects were completed and eight externally funded and Revolving Fund Schemes are in progress at the unit. Four Post Graduate (PG) researches in Poultry Science and Animal Nutrition were completed and four Doctorate researches in Poultry Science, Animal Nutrition, Livestock Products Technology, Veterinary Microbiology with three PG researches in Poultry Technology are in progress among which one PG research have won Swachchta Saarthi Fellowship (GoI) 2021. Apart from these, UG students are motivated towards research attitude and so far, students have bagged five students’ projects funded by Tamil Nadu Council of Science and Technology (TNSCST) and NIDHI-PRAYAS program (DST) among which two projects have won award for the performances.

Research Projects On-Going

S. No. Title of programme Funding agency Year of Start
1. ICAR - Poultry Seed Project ICAR 2014-15
2. Experiential Learning - Setting up of facilities for Hands-on training on model turkey post harvest technology unit ICAR 2014-15
3. Establishment of feed manufacturing unit at CPPM Hosur TANUVAS 2015-16
4. TANUVAS SMART Mineral Mixture Production Centre at CPPM, Hosur TANUVAS 2015-16
5. Establishment of Aseel unit at CPPM, Hosur TANUVAS 2016-17
6. Establishment of Japanese quail breeder unit at CPPM, Hosur TANUVAS 2016-17
7. Establish of commercial broiler unit in poultry farm complex at CPPM, Hosur TANUVAS 2016-17
8. Establishment of Kadaknath chicken unit at CPPM, Hosur TANUVAS 2017-18

Research Projects Completed

S. No. Title of programme Funding agency Year
1. Establishment of feed testing laboratory at CPPM, Hosur NLM 2015-16
2. Popularization of Namakkal Chicken-1 to rural households of Krishnagiri for additional revenue generation NABARD 2015-18
3. Evaluation of Varam (a growth promoter) on the production performance of broiler chicken M/s. Hatsun Agro-Products 2017-18
4. Foldscope as a tool to study the storage quality of processed liquid food DBT 2018-19

Student's Projects

  • Design and Evaluation of Ammonia Gas alert system for poultry farm (TNSCST)
  • Designing of small scale solar operated Japanese quail eggs incubator under the NIDHI-PRAYAS program (DST)
  • CO2 sensor for poultry incubator (TNSCST)
  • Design and fabrication of electrical stunner to slaughter chicken in miniature scale and cost to enhance the carcass quality (TNSCST)