Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, Tirunelveli was established on 22/06/2012, committed to excellence in diagnosis, treatment and management of clinical problems. Apart from providing facilities for clinical training to the undergraduate and internship students, it also provides research facilities to the staff and students. The faculty conducts research to enhance current knowledge regarding etiology, diagnosis, treatment of diseases and organizes overseas and national training programme for the benefit of the veterinary students and veterinary practitioners.


  • Diagnosis and treatment of ailing animals
  • Teaching undergraduate students
  • Offering expert opinion and treatment of referred cases
  • Providing advanced diagnostic facilities for livestock and pet animals.
  • Internship and Externship programme for National and International students.

Various Units of TVCC

  • Medicine Unit.
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit.
  • Surgery Unit.
  • Referral Unit.
  • In-patient unit for small animals.
  • Physiotherapy unit.
  • Imaging unit.
  • Ambulatory Unit.
  • Clinical Laboratory.

Clinical Medicine Unit

  • Common cases treated in Large Animal Medicine units are Simple Indigestion, Vagal Indigestion, TRP, Traumatic pericarditis, Ruminal acidosis, Broncho pneumonia, Mastitis, Ruminal impaction, Urea Poisoning, Enteritis, Joint ill, Theileriosis, Anaplasmosis, Fasciolosis, Babesisosis, Ketosis, Tympany Abomasal ulcers, Downer cow syndrome, FMD, Fatty Liver Syndrome etc.,
  • Common cases treated in Small Animal Medicine units are, Parvo viral enteritis, Canine Distemper, Leptospirosis, Babesiosis, Erchlichiosis, Demodicosis, Scbied, Malazesia, Pyoderma, Atopic dermatitis, Allergic dermatitis, Gastritis, Enteritis, Immunization and Deworming, Ascities, Congestive Heart failure, Cystitis, Pancreatitis, Transitional cell carcinoma, Kidney failure, liver failure etc.,

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit

  • Common cases in farm animals treated in this unit are dystocia, uterine torsion, uterine prolapse, endometritis, metritis, under developed genitalia, repeat breeders, retained foetal membranes etc.

Surgery Unit

  • Common cases in farm animals treated at this unit are hernia, intussusception, caecal dilatation, squamous cell carcinoma of eye and horn, ruminal impaction, equine castration, fractures and congenital disorders etc.
  • Well equipped small animal operation theatre with air conditioner is available for pet animal surgeries.

Referral Unit

  • Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu serves as the regional referral centre for southern districts of Tamil Nadu.


  • Doppler Ultrasonography
  • Doppler Echocardiography
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Digital BP Apparatus
  • Vital Sign Monitor
  • Shadow less Lamp
  • Infusion Pump
  • Otoscope
  • Pan optic ophthalmoscope
  • Laryngoscope
  • Rumen fluid extraction pump
  • Electronic stethoscope
  • Urine analyser
  • Haemo analyser
  • Autoanlyser
  • Fork Lift
  • Video Endoscope
  • Oxygen Saturator
  • Small animal anaesthetic machine with vaporizers

Ambulatory Unit

Surgical Unit

Operation Theatre

Physiotherapy Unit

Small animal in-patient unit

Ultrasound and ECG Unit

Doppler Ultrasonography

OT Hydraulic Table

Shadow less Lamp

Vital Sign Monitor

Infusion Pump

Physiotherapy Unit


Rumen fluid extraction Pump



  • VCP 411 - Veterinary Clinical practice (0+5)
  • VCP 421 - Veterinary Clinical practice (0+5)
  • VCP 511 - Veterinary Clinical practice (0+5)

Participation in Study Circle

  • Equine Study Circle
  • Canine Study Circle
  • Fun and Sports Study Circle
  • Law and Veterinary Science Study Circle

Participation in Tracking Programmes

  • Feline Medicine
  • Cryobiology of gametes
  • Ophthalmology
  • Small Animal Critical Care
  • Avian Medicine and Hatchery medicine
  • Regenerative Medicine

Internship Clinical Training to final year students of Madras Veterinary College

  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Surgery and Radiology
  • Animal Reproduction Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  • Clinical Emergencies
  • Indoor ward care


S.No. Name of the project Scientist involved Ongoing/ Completed
1 Blue tongue Vaccination for Sheep Under Indo UK project on "Monitoring and Intervention Strategies for BT virus epidemics in Rural India" Dr.R.Ramprabhu (Participating Scientist) Completed
2 Animal Birth Control Programme Dr.S.Prathaban Dr.R.Ramprabhu Dr.M.Shiju Simon Dr.Chhavi Gupta Completed

Extension activities:

  • Organised Livestock health camp, Anti Rabies Vaccination Camp and Livestock week celebration.

Functions organized:

  • Padmashree Dr.B.V.Rao Interschool Competition
  • International conference on Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Small Ruminants.

New facilities created

  • For the first time a MOU has been signed with corporation of Tirunelveli to carry out Animal Birth Control programme at Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, Veterinary College and Research institute, Tirunelveli. So far 344 surgeries were carried out.
  • An inpatient ward for small animal has been created in the campus .
  • Various diagnostic equipments are being established at TVCC .


  • Dr. R.Ramprabhu, Professor and Head | | | Mobile: +91-9443482675
  • Dr. Chhavi Gupta, Assistant Professor | | Mobile: +91-9489256386
  • Dr. M.Bharathidasan, Assistant Professor


The Professor and Head

Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex

Veterinary College and Research Institute,

Tirunelveli - 627001.

Phone: +91-462-2336342 | Email: