Veterinary College and Research Institute at Udumalpet was established on 18.08.2020 as a constituent college of the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University as per GO. (MS) No.96 dated 18.08.2020 of the Principal Secretary to Government of Tamil Nadu in order to improve the animal wealth in the western region of Tamil Nadu.
The college started functioning at the temporary campus of RKR Higher Secondary School, Udumalpet with the staff strength of a Dean, six Professors, two Associate Professors, 22 Assistant Professors and six supporting staff. At present, seven departments namely Veterinary Anatomy, Veterinary Physiology and Bio-Chemistry, Livestock Production Management, Animal Genetics and Breeding, Animal Nutrition, Veterinary Pathology and Veterinary Microbiology have been established. Further, two units namely Livestock Farm Complex and Veterinary Clinical Complex have been established. The permanent campus for the Veterinary college and Livestock Farm complex is under construction at Pannaikinaru village, Udumalpet Taluk which is located at a distance of 18 km from Udumalpet town and the construction of Veterinary Clinical Complex is under progress at Pethapampatty located 15 kms from Udumalpet.
The Government Order issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu for establishment of Veterinary College and Research Institute, Udumalpet, is as follows :
1. G.O.M.S. No. (96) dated 18.08.2020 of the Animal Husbandry Department, Principal Secretary to Government, Government of Tamil Nadu

Our aim is to be a pioneering institution incorporating best practices in providing quality education, pursuing field-oriented research and dissemination of latest technologies to the farmers for enhanced productivity.

To impart quality education through tech-based instruction to the students, performing field oriented and advanced research in the field of Veterinary and animal sciences and to transfer the innovative technologies to the rural farmers based on the perceived needs in association with line departments and other partnering organisations.


First Professional year Departments
1. Veterinary Anatomy
2. Veterinary Physiology and Bio-Chemistry
3. Livestock Production Management
Second Professional year Departments
1. Animal Genetics and Breeding
2. Animal Nutrition
3. Veterinary Pathology
4. Veterinary Microbiology
Other Units
1. Livestock Farm Complex
2. Veterinary Clinical Complex
3. Library
4. Physical Education
5. Hostel
6. Canteen
Extra-curricular activities
1. NSS Unit
2. DODO Wild life club
3. Vet Brain Educational Lecture Series


Dr.P.Kumaravel Dean -

Veterinary Clinical Complex

Dr.A.Vijayarajan Professor and Head 95851 70231 avijayarajan@yahoo. com
Dr. D.Chandrasekaran Associate Professor 98942 41881 drchandrus73@
Dr.M.Thangapandiyan Assistant Professor 94446 60418
Dr.G.Monica Assistant Professor 98843 28034 drmonica31890@
Dr.C.Inbaraj Assistant Professor 98842 67087 vetinba@gmail. com
Dr.S.Vigneshwaran Assistant Professor 89401 10082 vigneshvet@
Dr.T.Rama Assistant Professor 96189 65046


Department of Veterinary Anatomy

Dr.A.Kumaravel Professor and Head 93447 70194
Dr.R.Gnanadevi Assistant Professor 97889 11490 gnanadevi.r@tanuvas.
Dr.K.Iniyah Assistant Professor 99432 33444

Department of Veterinary Physiology and Bio – Chemistry

Dr.S.Jayachandran Professor and Head 94868 41866 jayachandran.s@
Dr.K.Devipriya Assistant Professor 87542 12712 drpriyavelvet@
Dr.G.Ramesh Kumar Assistant Professor 99624 78024 skgrameshg100@
Dr.K.Vijay Assistant Professor 88072 99371 vijayvet88@

Department of Livestock Production and Management

Dr.R.Arumugam Professor and Head 99423 75704
Dr.A.Yasotha Associate Professor 94433 06975
Dr.T.Ananthi Assistant Professor
Dr.S.Preethi Assistant Professor 96002 46091 pree2819@gmail. com

Livestock Farm Complex

Dr.D.Kannan Professor and Head 94432 75492 kannan_kpalayam@
Dr.R.Saravanan Assistant Professor 89035 65515
Dr.L.Arun Assistant Professor
Dr.U.S.Kalyaan Assistant Professor 97867 75139 drkalyaanog@gmail. com
Dr.G.Prabakar Assistant Professor 96775 97929

Department of Animal Nutrition

Dr.R.P.Senthil Kumar Associate Professor and Head 94434 71774 senthilkumar.r.p@
Dr R Yasothai Associate Professor 93458 50266
Dr.A.Abinaya Assistant Professor 96295 33957

Department of Veterinary Pathology

Dr.C.Theophilus Anand Kumar Professor and Head 73585 93334 theophiluschempian@
Dr.S.Shyamala Assistant Professor 86101 52054 shiyamsingh5@

Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding

Dr.A.Gopinathan Associate Professor and Head 94447 23316 gopinathan.a@
Dr.S.Vinothraj Assistant Professor 82207 32904 vinothen90@

Department of Veterinary Microbiology

Dr.S.Saravanan Professor and Head 94432 75704
Dr.M.Arthanari Easwaran Associate Professor 94427 94576
Dr.M.Prabhu Assistant Professor    


The following courses are offered in the first year 2020 - 21

Veterinary Anatomy 4 + 3
Veterinary Physiology 4 + 1
Livestock Production Management 4 + 2


Admin office Available - 415 sqft
Lecture hall 2 – Available - 830 sqft
Anatomy lab 3- Available - 2931 sqft
Physiology Lab 1- Available - 852sqft
LPM Lab 1- Available - 852sqft
Staff room 3- Available - 1245 sqft
Others Computer lab - 415 sqft Library - 415 sqft
Hostel – Boys 10 rooms
Hostel – Girls 11 rooms

Extra Curricular Activities

  • National Cadet Corps
  • National Service Scheme

Livestock Farms and Units



Veterinary College and Research Institute,

Udumalpet - 642126.


Mob: 04252-295399

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