S.No Title of the scheme Name of the PI / Co-PI Duration Funding agency Budget
1 Implementation of Trilateral Agreement Michigan State University, Malawi,TANUVAS Principal Investigator
Dr.S.Prathaban, Dean
Since 2013 USDA, US AID 38,111 US$
2 Indo – Uk Collaboration project on “Monitoring and Intervention Strategies for Blue tongue virus epidemics in rural India” under All India Network Project on Blue tongue Field Coordinators:
Since 2011 Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), U.K Rs. 24.60 lakhs


S.No Title of the scheme Name of the PI / Co-PI Duration Funding agency Budget
1 Veterinary University Disease Diagnostic Laboratory Principal Investigator Dr.S.Prathaban 2013 - 2015 NADP, Govt. of Tamil Nadu 92.53
2 Popularisation of TANUVAS -Mineral Mixture among the dairy farmers in Tirunelveli District Principal Investigator: Dr.S.Senthilkumar Co Principal Investigators: Dr..S.Prathaban Dr.V.Thanaseelaan 2014 FTTF, NABARD, Chennai 3.93
3 State fodder development scheme on “Fodder seed production” at ILFC, VC & RI, Tirunelveli Principal Investigator: Dr.M.Chellapandian 2012 - 14 Govt. of Tamil Nadu 61.60
4 Establishment of poultry hatchery for supplying indigenous / improved germplasm to small scale rural poultry farming Principal Investigator: Dr.M.Murugan Co Principal Investigators: Dr.S.C.Edwin Dr.V.Thanaseelaan 2013-14 Govt. of Tamil Nadu – Part – II Scheme 31.336
5 Soil and Mineral Mapping in Farmers field in sensitizing them to improve biomass and to augment livestock productivity Co Principal Investigator: Dr.M. Chellapandian 2013 – 14 TN State Planning Commission 3.00
6 Preparation of video lesson modules / exhibits on dairying, sheep and goat husbandry under the NADP scheme on “Strengthening of University peripheral centres and developing training modules for training beneficiaries of Hon’ble Chief Minister’s priceless distribution of milch animals, sheep and goats” Co Principal Investigator: Dr.C.Manivannan Since 2012 NADP, Govt. of Tamil Nadu 6.60
7 Characterization of Rajapalayam and Kanni breed of hound dogs in Tamil Nadu Principal Investigator: Dr.R.Selvakkumar Co Principal Investigator: Dr.K.Thilak Pon Jawahar 2013 -15 TANUVAS- Research Corpus fund 2.075
8 Establishment of Digital InfoBase on livestock markets of southern districts of Tamil Nadu Principal Investigator: Dr.M.Murugan Co Principal Investigator: Dr.S.Vasantha Kumar 2013 -15 3.75
9 Modulation of ovarian function by immunization against inhibin to improve fertility in sheep Principal Investigator: Dr.S.Eswari Co Principal Investigator: Dr.T.Ravimurugan 2013-15 2.4
10 Creation of Poultry Resource Centre for the supply of country chicken and Japanese Quail chicks Principal Investigator: Dr.S.C.Edwin Co Principal Investigators: Dr.M.Murugan Dr.V.Thanaseelaan 2013 49.00
11 Improving the reproductive performance of anestrous buffaloes during summer under field conditions Principal Investigator: Dr.K.Devipriya Co Principal Investigator : Dr.S.C.Edwin 2013-14 2.7
12 Study on management practices influencing mineral nutrient status of sheep in southern agro climatic region of Tamil Nadu Principal Investigator: Dr.S.Vasantha Kumar Co Principal Investigator: Dr.M.Murugan 2013 -15 2.50
13 Effect of tanniferous feeds on leguminous silage for environmental friendly and sustainable animal production Principal Investigator: Dr.D.Thirumeignanam Co Principal Investigator: Dr.C.Suresh 2013 - 15 2.75


S.No Title of the scheme Name of the PI / Co-PI Duration Funding agency Budget
1 Popularising model fodder seed bank at farmers’ filed to augment fodder production Co-Principal Investigator: Dr.M.Chellapandian 2011-13 NADP, Govt. of Tamilnadu 6.08
2 ICAR Sub Project on Veterinary Type Culture – VRC, Viral Vaccines, Madhavaram Co-Principal Investigator: Dr.M.Chellapandian 2012 - 13 ICAR – Tribal Sub Plan 5.00
3 In Situ Conservation of Kilakarsal Sheep breed unde r Network Project (NWP) on Animal Genetic Resources (ANGR) Principal Investigator: Dr.T.Ravimurugan 2006 - 2013 ICAR – NBAGR, Karnal 60 .00

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