The department of Instructional Livestock Farm Complex (ILFC) established on 15.05.2012 as per the guidelines of Veterinary Council of India, has the mandate to train B.V.Sc., & A.H. students in the Livestock and Poultry farm activities. Hence, the Instructional Farm Complex is maintaining different species and breeds of livestock and poultry for teaching / training and research purpose. The ILFC caters the need of researchers for conducting On Farm Research (OFR) and demonstration for students, trainees, etc. The Fodder unit functioning at ILFC serves as a model farm produce green fodder for farm animals and supplies fodder seeds and slips for the farming community.


  • To train undergraduate B.V.S.c, & A.H students on Livestock Farm Practices
  • To take up area specific research projects in Livestock and Poultry
  • To establish and supply of various germplasm of Livestock and Poultry
  • To establish and supply of fodder seeds/slips to the farming community


  • Main office building with training hall and laboratory
  • Feed storage room
  • Three animal sheds to accommodate the following animals

Livestock Farm strength

SI.No Name of the Units Breeds Stock position Total stock position
1 Dairy cattle Dairy cattle 102 131
Sahiwal 29
2 Sheep Vembur 67 461
Kilakarsal 389
Chevvadu 3
Ramnad White 2
3 Goat Jamunapari 15 205
Kanni adu 188
Kodi adu 2
4 Poultry Giriraja 333 1009
Vanaraja 676
5 Horse English Thorough Bred 2 2
6 Piggery Large White Yorkshire 46 46

Vembur sheep unit

Kilakarsal sheep unit

Jamunapari goat unit

Horse stable

Dairy unit

Piggery unit

Poultry Hatchery

S.No. Course No. Course Title Credit Hours Remarks (Credit / Non-Credit Course/ Study circle, etc.)
1 LFP 211 Livestock Farm Practices 0+1 Non credit
2 LFP 221 Livestock Farm Practices 0+1 Non credit
3 LPM 121 Fodder production and grassland management 1+1 Credit
4 Alternate Animal Use Study Circle Study circle
5 Equine study circle Study circle
6 Goat Production Entrepreneurial Training Programme
7 Sheep production Entrepreneurial Training Programme
8 Pig production Entrepreneurial Training Programme
9 Dairy production Entrepreneurial Training Programme

On-going research projects

  • Establishment of Poultry Hatchery for supplying indigenous / improved germ plasm to small scale rural poultry farming (Part II scheme)
  • Production and Supply of Mushroom Spawn to the Entrepreneurs of Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu (Revolving fund scheme)

Completed Research project

  • In situ conservation of Kilakarsal Sheep breed under Net work Project (NWP) on Animal Genetic Resources (AnGR)"
  • State Fodder Development scheme 2011 – 12 "Setting up fodder seed production unit in Government / University farms" – TANUVAS SRRC, Tirunelveli
  • TRCF project on "Characterization of Rajapalayam and Kanni breed of Hound dogs in Tamilnadu
  • Popularization of TANUVAS Mineral Mixture among the dairy farmers of Tirunelveli District

Achievements (2014 - 2015)

Livestock Production cum Critical Inputs distribution to Tribal sub population of Tirunelveli

Species Breed No
Sheep Vembur 62
Kilakarsal 68
Chevvadu 2
Ramnad white 2
Goat Jamunapari 13
Kanni 1
Kodi 2

Green fodder produced utilized for farm animals

S. No. Fodder Quantity produced (in Kg)
1 Co-4 grass 25964
2 Guinea grass 11671
3 Co FS 29 17875
4 Agathi 304
5 Neem 1795
6 Subabul 4451
7 Desmanthus Azolla Sunhemp 18976
8 Azolla 50
9 Sunhemp 388

CN grass (Co 4)

Co (FS) 29


Guinea grass


Livestock week celebration 2015

  • As part of Livestock week celebration - 2015 an anti Rabies vaccination campaign for the indigenous hound dogs of Tamil Nadu was conducted at Mullikulam Village of Tirunelveli District on 18.01.2015

ARV campaign at Suraikkaipatty village

ARV campaign at Ukkirankottai village

ARV campaign at Sevalpatty village

ARV campaign at Mullikkulam village

ATMA Farm Schools


  • Book / Chapters in book published - 2
  • Research articles published - 2
  • Research abstract published - 6
  • Popular article published - 19


  • Dr. S.C.Edwin, Professor and Head |
  • Dr. G.M.Sivakumar, Associate Professor |
  • Dr. S.Ganesh Kumar, Assistant Professor |
  • Dr. K.Nalini, Assistant Professor |
  • Dr. D.Gandhimathi, Assistant Professor |
  • Dr. R.Dhinesh Kumar, Assistant Professor |


The Professor and Head

Instructional Livestock Farm Complex

Veterinary College and Research Institute

Ramayanpatti – 627 358, Tirunelveli.

Phone: +91-462–2337309 | E-mail: