The Department of Veterinary Medicine was created as a constituent of Veterinary College and Research Institute, Orathanadu, Thanjavur district, during the year of 2015 with aim of imparting education and offering advanced clinical services to livestock, pet and wild animals and poultry.


This department has been functioning with the following objectives:

  • To impart education in Veterinary Medicine for the B.V.Sc & A.H under graduate students.
  • To demonstrate livestock and poultry diseases clinically.
  • To undertake the field oriented research programmes pertaining to Veterinary Medicine.
  • Transferring the laboratory technologies to farmers in their language with the aim of think globally, act locally.


The Following Units Function under the Department Of Veterinary Medicine.

  • Large animal Out Patient Unit
  • Small animal Out Patient Unit
  • Ultra Sound Unit
  • ECG Unit
  • Critical care unit
  • Dermatology unit
  • Large animal In Patient Unit


As per the VCI Regulation, the department is offering the following under graduate courses

UG Courses offered

Department of Veterinary Medicine offers the following courses to the undergraduate students. The infrastructure is also available in this department to take up the laboratory works.

  • VMD-411 Veterinary Clinical Medicine-I (General and Systemic)2+1
  • VMD-412 Veterinary Preventive Medicine-I (Bacterial, Fungal & Rickettsial Diseases)2+0
  • VMD-421 Veterinary Clinical Medicine-II (Metabolic and Deficiency Diseases) 2+0
  • VMD-422 Veterinary Preventive Medicine-II (Viral and Parasitic Diseases) 2+0
  • VMD-511 Animal welfare, Ethics and Jurisprudence (2+0)
  • VMD-511 Zoo/Wild Animal Breeding, Management, Nutrition and Healthcare (1+1)
  • VMD-513 Pet Animal Breeding, Management, Nutrition and Healthcare (1+1)


Department of veterinary medicine has clinical medicine laboratory equipped with latest diagnostic tools. This department also has well established Disease Investigation Laboratory with basic and advanced equipments to perform disease diagnosis and research works.

Available equipments

  • All in one microscope
  • Semi auto analyzer
  • Double beam Spectrophotometer
  • Electrolyte Analyzer
  • Emergency and critical care equipments
  • Rumen fluid extraction unit
  • Woods Lamp
  • Electrical conductivity meter for milk
  • Teaching Stethoscope (multiple ear piece)
  • Ferroscope (metal detector)
  • Wild animal restraining equipments


  • Dr. N.Premalatha, Professor and Head
  • Dr.M.Veeraselvam, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. S.Yogeshpriya, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. K.Jayalakshmi, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. M.Venkatesan, Assistant Professor


The Professor and Head,

Department of Veterinary Medicine,

Veterinary College and Research Institute, Orathanadu,

Thanjavur- 614 625,