The Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education was started in April 2013 with an objective to teach under graduate students in the aspects of sociology, dissemination of various livestock farming technologies from the research station to the field by using various audio-visual teaching aids, demonstrations of scientific livestock and poultry farm activities, rural development, adoption and diffusion of innovation on various extension programmes, importance of livestock in livelihood of the farmers, technical know-how to prepare livestock projects, transfer of farmers problems to the research station, etc.,. This department serves as a remarkable link between the research wing of the college and farming community through organizing various extension activities and programmes. The department also carries out timely need based extension research and organizes extension programmes for the benefit of the livestock farmers.


  • To offer undergraduate courses in Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education
  • To undertake research on various aspects of livestock farming in Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education
  • To organize various extension programmes on livestock and poultry production and to disseminate the scientific farming technologies by using various media for the betterment of farming community.


As per the VCI Regulation, the department is offering the following under graduate courses

Semester Course No. Title of the Course Credit hours
V VAE 311 Principles and techniques of veterinary and animal husbandry extension 2+1
VI VAE 321 Livestock economics , marketing and business management 2+1
VIII TVC 421 Veterinarian in society 1+0
IX VAE 511 Livestock entrepreneurship 1+0
Study Circle Livestock and livelihood


Projection unit

Mini Seminar hall

Livestock Advisory Centre

Audio visual lab

Exhibition hall

Exhibition hall


The thrust areas of research in Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education and Economics is being undertaken by the department like evaluation and adoption of farming technologies, identification of constraints faced by the farmers, transfer of various scientific technologies, information need assessment, effectiveness of teaching methods, evaluation of development programmes, use of Information and Communication Technology tools in animal husbandry , human resource management, training and development , indigenous technical knowledge, budget and project analysis of livelihood schemes, marketing of livestock and products, production related economic studies etc.,


  • The department organizes various extension programmes on livestock and poultry production as per the details furnished below
  • Tracking programme – Livestock and Livelihood analysis
  • Farm advisory services
  • Arrangements for radio talk
  • Organizing exhibition
  • This department works as a linkage unit for the arrangement of skill development courses/self employment programmes.
  • This department acts as coordinating unit for conducting various mass contact programmes like Veterinary Health Camps, Pongal Vizha,
  • Vaccination camps for FMD etc.
  • Publications
  • Delivery of Guest lecture
  • The department serves as the coordinating unit/Nodal office for VCRI, Orathanadu with regards to TANUVAS and VCI Newsletters.
  • Arrangement of press meet, photo and video coverage for various events of the college.

Health camp



  • Dr. A.Manivannan, Professor and Head
  • Dr. K.P.Saravanan, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. V.Sasikala, Assistant Professor


The Professor and Head,

Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education,

Veterinary College and Research Institute,

Orathanadu, Thanjavur - 614 625.