The Education Cell was established at Veterinary College and Research Institute, Orathanadu from the academic year 2016-2017 to look after the Co-ordination of academic work. The rationale for the formation of Education Cell is to monitor and improve the academic performance of Under-graduate students. The cell works under the direct control of the Dean. The cell was formed as a separate department to function with adequate staff strength from September 2016 onwards.

Objectives / Mandate

  • To prepare academic schedules and various activities connected to Under-graduate education
  • To facilitate smooth conduct of classes and examinations for UG
  • To assist students in availing financial assistance in the form of scholarships

Facilities Available

  • Computers for documentation with uninterrupted internet connectivity
  • Well ventilated lecture halls equipped with audio-visual aids for effective teaching and learning
  • Furnished and well ventilated examination hall
  • Students support cell with monitoring cameras and computers


Under-graduate Education

  • Arrangement of orientation programme during registration for the first year which serves as a brain storming session for both the parents and students
  • Assigning anti-ragging vigilance duties to keep strict vigil and undertaking anti-ragging measures in compliance with instructions issued by the University
  • Registration procedure for each semester is being done
  • Preparation of list of course teachers and finalizing the time table for every semester
  • Preparation of tentative academic calendar for each semester
  • Preparation of Internal Evaluation schedule and arrangement of examination hall for the conduct of the same
  • Verification of correctness of internal mark entries in UG-Student Information System for onward transmission to university
  • Allocation of ward counsellors for students
  • Processing and distribution of various scholarships to the students
  • Conduct of Annual Board examination and CAP examination for students
  • Arranging Internship training programme for the students, processing and distribution internship allowance and arranging of final viva-voce examination

Student Services

  • Issuing bonafide certificates and mark particulars to the students for scholarships, education loans etc.
  • Making arrangements to issue ID card
  • Communication of academic and administrative information to the students
  • Arranging All India study tour for the final year students
  • Preparation of Transfer Certificate and Conduct Certificate
  • Verification of transcripts and distribution of the same to students
  • Preparation of awards / medal lists to be distributed during college day
  • Provision of other facilities requested by the students in consultation with the Dean and concerned Authorities


  • Dr. S. Eswari, Professor and Head || Mob:9840798305
  • Dr. B. Dhivya, Assistant Professor || Mob: 9094230461
  • Dr. K. Rajkumar, Assistant Professor || Mob: 9790590066