Directorate of Extension Education

Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, TIRUCHIRAPPALLI


Veterinary University Training and Research Centre is located 5 kilometers away from Tiruchirappalli Central Bus Station and Railway Junction and 1 kilometer away from the Tiruchirappalli International Airport. The centre is functioning at 7/2, Kozhi Pannai Salai, Kottapattu, (Near Srilankan Refugee Camp), Tiruchirappalli – 620 023.


  • Training hall consists of Public Address System, LCD projector and LCD Television
  • Laboratory consists of Incubator, Hot air oven, Light Microscope and deep freezer etc.,
  • Poultry shed with desi chicken unit


  • Transfer of livestock and poultry related technologies including natural resources management through front line extension / change agents
  • Strengthening livestock and poultry research – extension linkage for developing need specific technologies
  • Promotion of livestock production eco-system through TANVUAS / entrepreneurs for sustaining livestock based livelihoods

Services Offered

  • On campus training : (Dairy Farming, Sheep and Goat Farming, Desi chicken and Japanese Quail Farming, Ethno Veterinary Practices in livestock farming and integrated farming systems)
  • Off campus training
  • Technical advices to the farmers
  • Disease investigation
  • On farm trial
  • Field level demonstration
  • Village Adoption
  • Popularization of TANUVAS scientific techniques to the farming community
  • Sponsored /Special trainings (Department of Animal Husbandry, Aavin, TNLDA, IOB and ATMA)

Service charges

S.No Services Amount
1 Post mortem examination (Poultry) Rs.100/- each postmortem
2 Outstation farm visit Rs.500/ per visit
2 Blood smear Rs.50/ each sample
3 Dung sample
4 Skin scrapings
5 Livestock rearing - Bankable project proposal preparation 0.25% of the total project cost
6 TANUVAS mineral mixture Rs.75/Kg
7 University Publication viz., Karavai madu valarppu, Aadu valarppu, Natukozhi valarppu etc As per University Norms
8 Kalnadai Kathir Monthly magazine subscription


Ongoing research programmes and activity

  • Poultry Seed Project-Directorate of Poultry Research, ICAR/ CPPM, Hosur, TANUVAS Under this project, day old chicks of Gramapriya, Vanaraja, Aseel and Kadaknath and other poultry like quail, turkey etc are being received from CPPM, Hosur once in 2-3 months. Farmers can book for the chicks.
  • The price details of day old chicks are as follows:
    (1). Vanaraja (one day old chick) – Rs. 24/-
    (2). Gramapriya – Rs. 21/-
    (3). Kadaknath (one day old chick) – Rs. 40/-
    (4). Aseel (one month old chick) – Rs. 100/-
  • University Instrumentation and Innovation Centre – Extension Centre University:This extension centre displayed the rural poultry cage, M type cage, brooder, candling equipment, rabbit cage, laying nest, hydroponic device and other innovative instruments of our university for the benefit of farming community. Whenever farmers raise the demand for any item, indent will be placed to UIIC, Madhavaram .
  • Establishment of Desi chicken unit - Revolving Fund Scheme TANUVAS: Day old chicks (Aseel, Kadaknath) are being procured from CPPM, Hosur/ RREC, Pudukkottai and reared for 4-5 weeks. Farmers can book for one month chicks. The price of 4-5 week old desi chicken is varied from Rs.80- Rs.120
  • TN-IAMP project on “Nutritional Supplemental strategy” - TN-IAMP Salt lick and TANUVAS GRAND are being distributed as and when received from IAN, Kattupakkam. Feedback is being recorded as a scientific data for the products.
  • Revitalising Dairy Cattle through TANUVAS GRAND Supplement to enhance the Productivity and Profitability - NADP, IAN, Kattupakkam
  • TANUVAS GRAND is being distributed and the feedback is being recorded as scientific data.

Recent important events

  • Skill training for rural youth on “Integrated dairy development” Sponsored by NAARM – SAMITI –ATMA.
  • Farm Radio School conducted on Dairy Farming with collaboration of All India Radio Tiruchirappalli.
  • Self employment course conducted on “Fermented Milk Products” under the control of Directorate of Distance Education, TANUVAS, Chennai
  • Ongoing self employment course is on Goat farming


Name of the Faculty Designation E-mail Mobile#
Dr. V. Jayalalitha Assistant Professor and Head -
Dr. R. Priyadharsini Assistant Professor -

Assistant Professor and Head,
Veterinary University Training and Research Centre,
7/2, Kozhi Pannai Salai, Kottapattu, Near Srilankan Refugee Camp, Tiruchirappalli-620 023.
Tel.: 0431-2331715