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Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, Ramanathapuram


Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, Ramanathapuram was established during the month of June in the Year 2013 as per the G.O. Ms.No.109 dated 24.03.2013 and USO No.50106/G1/2013 & Proc.No.27513/G1/2012-13 dated 03.6.2013. Initially the centre was functioning in a rental building at 1/1947, 2nd Street, Sait Ibrahim Nagar, Bharathi Nagar (South), Ramanathapuram - 623 503. Then, a permanent building was constructed in the present location and the office got shifted to the new building on 01.4.2016.


The centre is now functioning in its permanent building located at the Master Plan Complex, Ramanathapuram, at about 4 Km from the new bus stand and 3.5 Km from Railway Station towards east.


  • Transfer of livestock and poultry related technologies including natural resources management through front line extension / change agents
  • Strengthening livestock and poultry research – extension linkage for developing need specific technologies
  • Promotion of livestock production eco-system through TANVUAS / entrepreneurs for sustaining livestock based livelihoods

Services Offered

  • Compulsory on-campus training on Livestock and Poultry farming every Tuesday and Wednesday other than government holidays as per the annual year schedule is being conducted regularly.
  • Offering trainings on the felt need of the end users, practicing farmers and officers of the line department.
  • Acting as a two-way channel between University and the farmers to identify the field based livestock and poultry problems and also to pass on the remedial measures.
  • Conducting on farm trials and frontline demonstrations on the latest research findings of the University and field oriented problems specific to the area.
  • Helping in immediate diagnosis of diseases in the event of an outbreak and help the practicing veterinarians in making diagnosis by providing required basic laboratory results.
  • Motivating local farmers and unemployed youths to establish livestock and poultry farms for self-employment.
  • The centre is also collaborating with state and central sponsored rural development programmes.
  • The centre is developing a database on livestock / poultry in the area.
  • The VUTRC, Ramanathapuram will also carry out short term, need based, and location specific projects, to benefit the farming community of this district.
  • The centre is functioning along with various other line departments for the welfare and benefit of the farming community of this district.
  • Transfer of technologies through Exhibitions, Guest lecture, FLD, OFT and Village adoption.
  • Extension of newer knowledge through consultation, farm visit, guest lectures, training programmes and Radio and Television Programmes.

Technologies Transferred

  • Transferred Hydroponics based Technique for fodder cultivation
  • Transfer of Artificial egg Hatching technology to the SHGs involved in desi bird rearing and to the members of Pudhu Vazhvu Project of this district
  • Transfer of Technology on the preparation of Livestock and Poultry feed production
  • TANUVAS Mineral Mixture and Grand supplement
  • Azolla cultivation through creation of demo units in the farmer’s field
  • TANUVAS Oral Pellet vaccine against ND
  • Easy way of producing vermicompost from the livestock farm waste
  • Green fodder production in the sandy loam soils in the coastal areas of the district

Special Programmes

  • Conducting need based paid technology transfer programmes
  • University Skill development programmes
  • ATMA sponsored Self employment programmes
  • Pudhu Vazhvu Project sponsored Self employment programmes
  • Desi bird and Goat rearing technology dissemination programmes to SHG women in co-ordination with KVK, Ramnad
  • Training programmes for the beneficiaries of Government of Tamil Nadu Priceless Goat and Milch Animal distribution scheme
  • Training programmes to the beneficiaries of Tamil Nadu Government Scheme for Poultry Development.
  • Training Programme on Goat rearing under Pudhu Vazhvu Project.
  • Training Programme on Feeds and formulation of ration for Livestock and poultry under Pudhu Vazhvu Project.
  • Training Programme on Milch Animal Management to the CLGs of PudhuVazhvu Project.
  • State level “Workshop cum Exhibition 2014” to the farming community at Madurai.
  • Zonal Technical workshop for Field Veterinarians on “Field Problems and Solutions in Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Practices” at Kuntrakudi.
  • Farmers Seminar on “Soil-Fodder-Livestock Interface to Augment Productivity “sponsored by TNSLURB.
  • Local Exhibition on Fodder varieties to the TNSLURB seminar participants
  • Distribution of Fodder slips of CO4, CO5 and guinea grass to the participants of TNSLURB seminar.
  • Collection and examination of soil samples from the participants of TNSLURB seminar to ascertain the suitability of the land for fodder cultivation.


Research Project Completed

  • Part II Scheme on revitalizing health of free milch cows through SMART Mineral Mixture
  • TNSCST project -“Training on importance of EVP for diseases affecting Livestock of Ramanathapuram District”

Research Project Ongoing

  • Establishment of DBT Bioresource complex at Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu


  • Establishment of model herbal garden under TNSCST scheme and also conducted EVP training on Livestock to 50 farmers of Ramanathapuram district.
  • Establishment of VUTRC, Building in Master Plan complex, Collectorate campus, Ramanathapuram.
  • Establishment of Livestock Feed Mixing Unit by PVP at Pudhukudi village near Parthibanur, under the guidance and supervision of VUTRC, Ramnad.
  • Conducted miniature research project in poultry growth and production using unconventional feed supplements like seaweeds, seagrasses and sea food waste from industry as feed trials and also published good numbers of research papers.
  • Adopted a Government primary school, Vadakaadu village near Rameswaram for its development under Village adoption programme.
  • Popularization of TRPVB products of TANUVAS through Front Line Demonstration among the farmers of Ramanathapuram district.
  • Popularization of Ten Cent Model Fodder Plot with various varieties of fodder crops in Ramanathapuram District
  • Adopted and also popularizing small scale fodder production using Hydroponic technology, since 2014.
  • Developed new technique for Azolla cultivation and able to produce enough quantity of Azolla within 5 days period.
  • Establishment of compound wall, soil filling in low lying areas inside the campus and an approaching road for reaching the centre.
  • Produced state level livestock, Thiru.Ayyan Prabhu, 10.11.2017, Best Integrated Farmer
  • Establishment of Hatchery unit in the Mahalir Thittam campus under the supervision of VUTRC, Ramnad.
  • Celebration of TANUVAS Foundation day and farmers day with exhibitions, seminars etc. at Tiruchirapalli, Erode and Dindugal


  • A total of 23 numbers of goat units, 113 numbers of desi bird units in which 04 units are having their own hatching unit, 03 numbers of Piggery units, 08 numbers of dairy units, 18 numbers of fodder units and 17 number of Quail unit have been established under the direct guidance of this centre.
  • About 09 numbers of desi farms and one quail farm were revitalized by the technical guidance rendered through consultation and training by the centre. Marketing strategies formulated by the centre had improved the economy of the poultry farms.

Future Programmes

  • Establishment of a nodal centre for seaweed research
  • Upgradation and conservation of native goat breeds (Kodi Aadu) and Sheep breed (Ramnad white).
  • Conducting more numbers of free and paid trainings
  • Strengthening of Diagnostic lab in the centre
  • Construction of a full-fledged seminar hall on the first floor of the centre
  • Construction of Guest rooms in the centre
  • Construction of vehicles shed
  • Strengthening of staff position in the centre


Name of the Faculty Designation E-mail Mobile#
Dr. T.A. Vijayalingam Professor and Head +91-9444367939
Dr. N.V. Rajesh Assistant Professor +91-9597297729

Professor and Head,
Veterinary University Training and Research Centre,
Collectorate Campus, Ramnathapuram - 623 503.
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