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Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, MELMARUVATHUR


Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, Melmaruvathur was started and functioning from 17.11 2003 in G.B.Complex, Melmaruavthur. This centre offers services totransfer of viable technologies from the laboratory to the farming community and strives to suggestsolutions to the location specific problems.


  • Transfer of livestock and poultry related technologies including natural resources management through front line extension / change agents
  • Strengthening livestock and poultry research – extension linkage for developing need specific technologies
  • Promotion of livestock production eco-system through TANVUAS / entrepreneurs for sustaining livestock based livelihoods

Activities and Services offered

This centre acts as a two way channel i.e. extension agency between the farmers and different units/laboratories of Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. The centre has several activities as follows:
On-Campus and Off-Campus Training Programmes: The technical knowledge on animal husbandry enterprises are being disseminated regularly through on-campus and off-campus training programmes to the farming communities of male and female farmers, unemployed individuals, small scale entrepreneurs, women self help groups and non-governmental organizations. The on-campus and off-campus training programmesare also being conducted in co-ordination with Animal Husbandry Department, Agriculture Department,ATMA, DRDA and NGOs.

The Centre offers on campus training programmes on the following:

    • Dairy farming
    • Sheep and goat farming
    • Piggery
    • Poultry farming (Layer, Broiler, Desi birds, Turkey and Japanese quail)
    • Rabbit farming
  • Quail farming
  • Milk products preparation
  • Green fodder production
  • Integrated Farming System
  • Concentrate feed preparation

Farm Advisory Services

    • Farm advisory services are rendered to needy farmers pertaining to animal husbandry in person, by mail and over telephone, thus helping the farmers to solve their issues of animal husbandry practices at filed level.
    • Bankable projects for Livestock and Poultry Farming is prepared and offered to needy farmers on payment basis
    • Video shows are being arranged regularly for benefit of the farmers on various animal husbandry activities.
    • Package of practices on animal husbandry and patented products/drugs developed by TRPVB are being disseminated to farming community through mass media like Exhibitions, Doordharshan, All India Radio, News papers, whatsapp groupand Tamil Journals.
    • Programmes are being conducted regularly to sensitize the importance of mineral mixture inclusion in livestock and poultry feed, salt lick for calves, TANUVAS Grant supplement for milch cows, timely vaccination and deworming schedule for livestock and poultry.
    • TANUVAS general mineral mixture and TANUVAS Area specificmineral mixtureare regularly made available for sale at reasonable prices fixed by the University and the farmers are motivated to include this in their animal feed formulation.
    • The progressive farmers’ farms are being visited by the faculty and offered advisory services to enhance the production.
  • Farm visits are arranged for farmers to TANUVAS university farms for on farm experience in livestock farming.
  • Farm visits are arranged to TANUVAS Research farms for getting exposure and experience in livestock farming to the farmers, entrepreneurs and trainees.
  • Post-mortem examination of livestock and poultry conducted on payment basis and samples are being collected and sent to the TANUVAS - Central University Laboratory, Madhavaram for disease diagnosis and advice the farmers accordingly as per the protocol to minimize the death rate.
  • Need based training on livestock and poultry farming is being conducted on payment basis with the approval of the University
  • Farm Radio School is being conducted regularly to disseminate the scientific knowledge on livestock farming through All India Radio, Chennai by giving various lectures by subject matter specialist to improve the productivity of their animals.
  • Participating in Exhibitions, KalnadaiPadhukappuThittam and Mass Contact Programmes organized by Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Department, Tamil Nadu.
  • Guest lectures are being delivered to the beneficiaries of ATMA, PVP, INDSETI and Hand In Hand and other NGOs

TANUVAS Products for sale

S.No Inputs Amount
1 TANUVAS mineral mixture Rs.75/-
2 TANUVAS Mineral Block Rs.65/-
3 University publications (in Tamil)
1. Dairy Farming Rs.50/-
2. Goat farming Rs.40/-
3. Desi chicken farming Rs.50/-


Front Line Demonstration/ On Farm Trials

  • Need based training programmeson method demonstrations are also being organized regularly on animal husbandry enterprises.
  • Field level problems on animal husbandry practices were identified and on farm trails were conducted by this centre to solve issues regarding livestock farming

Village Adoption

  • Indhalur and Keezhathivakkam villages of Chengalpattu district were adopted by this centre and regularly conducting awareness programmes on animal husbandry practices to adopt the recent technologies developed by the university for improving their livelihood


Self-employment courses on various livestock and poultry farming training for 30 days on payment basis were regularly conducted at this centre to promote the rural youth on livestock farming activities and guiding the farmers to start up new farms to become as a successful entrepreneur.

Training Calendar (July, 2023 to December, 2023)

Training Calendar Details
Training Calendar (July, 2023 to December, 2023) click


  • Co-ordinated for the training on “Distribution of calf kit to beneficiaries of free distribution of Milch cows scheme farmers of Chengalpattu and Kancheepuram district.
  • Assisting the functioning of Govt of Tamil Nadu funded project titled “ Establishment of Conservation centre for Nattukuttai Cattle” carried out by PGRIAS, Kattupakkam.

Successful farms created and Input Suppliers

S.No. Name and address of the supplier Contact No. Type of farm
1. Tmt .E. Vaanisree, 118, Vedal Main Street, Vedal, Chengalpaet District 9686800553 Slatted floor goat farming
2. Thiru. Aranganathan.V No-4/27, Maariyammankovil street, Ramapuram village and Post, Maduranthagam Taluk Chengalpattu-603 201 7338837322 Dairy and native chicken farm
3 Maheshwari w/o Rajini 97, Baburayanpettai village, Elapakkam Post, Madurantakam Taluk, Chengalpattu Ditrict, Pin-603 3102 9080114618 Native chicken farming
4 ThiruS.Rajesh S/o Sakkarabani Sirumylur post, Cheyyur Taluk Chengalpattu (Dt) - 603 310 9600223874 Native chicken farming
5 Thiru Mohammed Iliyas No-10, Otthavadai street Balajii theatre backside Periyarnagar Acharapakkam Madurantakam Taluk, Chengalpattu District.603 301 9443046978 Goat farming
6 Thiru.T.Ramamoorthy s/o Thirumalai Pettai village Kyapakkam Post Cheyyr Taluk, Chengalpattu District. Phone: 9786866352 Dairy farming
7. Thiru. Prem. P, Thattampattu Anaikattu, Cheyyur Taluk, ChengalpetDistrict . 9341472932 Desi chicken farm
8. Thiru. Velmurugan. M, CheyyurMain road, Cheyyur Taluk, ChengalpetDistrict . 9080170948 Poultry farm (native chicken, duck and Turkey) Rabbit
9. Thiru. Prabhakar. K, Acharavakkam-Sembakkam, Thriuporur Taluk, Chengalpet District 7395927274 Goat farm
10. Thiru. Aanaikutty. K, Muthuvinayakpuram, Kayapakkam Post, Cheyyur Taluk, Chengalpet District-603 310 9626123285 Slatted floor goat and Poultry farm

Address with contact number of the input suppliers in the district

S.No. Name and address of the supplier Contact No. Inputs available for supply
1. Thiru.N.Gajini Mohammed, No.23,Nethapakkam village and Post, Chittamoor block, Cheyyur Taluk, Chengalpattu district. 9444529786 1.Chicks and adult birds of Native chicken, Japanese Quail and duck 2. Meat of Native chicken, Japanese Quail and duck 3. Adult Fish
2. Thiru.K.Paruthi No.439, Puttamangalam village and Nerkunam post, Acharapakkam Block, Cheyyur Taluk, Chengalpattu district-603 310 7639937897 1.Native chicken ? adult and chicks 2. Goat-for meat purposes
3 Thiru.K.Sathishkumar No-49 Kottaipunjai Village and Post Cheyyur Taluk. Chengalpattu District 7010899855 9787369012 1.Incubator for sale 2.Feeds for sales 3.Broiler and Native chicken chicks for sale
4 Thiru.N.Karunakaran No-41, Main Road Manapakkam Village, Vanniyanallur Post Cheyyur Taluk Chengalpattu District 790450678 Chicks and adults of Native chicken, Duck and Turkey.
5 Thiru.G.Yoganand 1-A, Twin house, ASEFFA Campus Pooriyambakkam Village ChttamurPost, Cheyyur Taluk, Chengalpattu District-603 313 9626119668 Cheese and Desi cow (Gir) Traditional variety of rice for sales.
6 Thiru. R. Desingu Nerkunam village & post, Cheyyur TK, Chengalpattu District 8056582827 Slips of fodder
7. Thiru.V.Vijayaragavan No-2/1, MGR Nagar Porangal village Orathypost Madurantakam Taluk, Chngalpattu District-603 307 9566770703 Native and cross bred adult pigs for slaughter
8. Thiru.N.Tamilselvan No-5, ECR. Venngupattu village, Kottaikaadu post Cheyyur Taluk, Chengalpattu District-603 304 9952570212 Eggs, chicks and adult of native chicken, Duck, and Desi cow
9. Thiru .T.Ganesamoorthy No.87, Vadamanipakkam village, Orathypost, Madurantakam Taluk, Chngalpattu District - 6030307 9500214073 Rabbit for breeding and meat
10. Thiru. S.Kottaimuthu Siruthamur Village Vadamanipakkam post Madurantakam Taluk, Chngalpattu District 9150589396 Native and cross bred adult pigs for slaughter


Name of the Faculty Designation E-mail Mobile#
Dr. J. Ramesh Professor and Head +91-9894953488
Dr. R. Durairajan Assistant Professor +91-8098122345

Professor and Head,
Veterinary University Training and Research Centre,
G.B. Complex, Melmaruvathur - 603 319 Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu
Tel.: 044-27529548