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Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, KARUR


Veterinary University Training & Research Centre is functioning at No. 4/221, Panduthakaranpudhur village, Manmangalam Taluk, Karur- 639 006 from 16.08.1996, located 12 km from Karur bus stand on NH-7. This centre caters the demands of farmers request and disseminate the new TANUVAS research findings to the farming community.


  • Transfer of livestock and poultry related technologies including natural resources management through front line extension / change agents
  • Strengthening livestock and poultry research – extension linkage for developing need specific technologies
  • Promotion of livestock production eco-system through TANVUAS / entrepreneurs for sustaining livestock based livelihoods

Services offered

  • Offering regular on campus and off campus training programmes on various livestock and poultry rearing.
  • Need based off campus training programs on various livestock and poultry rearing.
  • Advice and information services in feed preparation for various livestock and poultry rearing for better body, milk production and reproduction
  • Regular farm visits on the basis of farmers request either for starting a new livestock enterprise or to identify problems and suggesting suitable remedial measures.
  • Conduct of TANUVAS certified Self employment / Skill development courses on livestock and poultry rearing.
  • Preparation of bankable project proposals on various livestock and poultry rearing on cost basis (0.25 % of the total project cost).
  • Implementation of adoption programs at adopted village to improve the livelihood of the farmers in terms of livestock and poultry rearing
  • To conduct Central and state Government sponsored training programs to the farmers in specified areas of livestock and poultry rearing.
  • Establishment and maintenance of model fodder banks and azolla plots, livestock housing models such as low cost PVC inclined battery cages for rabbit, rural poultry cage, chicken brooder and egg candler at centre.
  • Sale of TANUVAS products and publications at subsidized rates.
  • Disease diagnosis of livestock and poultry is regularly performed by conducting post mortem examination, dung sample and blood smear examination.
  • Analysis of water samples to check for feasibility in starting the farms
  • Self learning of livestock and poultry farming and various technologies of TANUVS through Touch screen internet kiosk

TANUVAS products and publications for sale

S.No. TANUVAS products and publications Amount (in Rs)
1 TANUVAS Mineral Mixture Rs. 75
2 TANUVAS Salt Lick Rs. 60
3 Dairy Farming Rs. 50
4 Goat Farming Rs. 40
5 Desi-chicken Farming Rs. 50
6 Broiler Farming Rs. 30
7 Rabbit Farming Rs. 30
8 Pig Farming Rs. 40
9 Turkey farming Rs. 35
10 Japanese Quail Farming Rs. 40
11 Feeds and fodder Production Rs. 30
12 Ethno veterinary herbal medicine Rs. 25
13 Animal Husbandry Economics Rs. 20
14. Fodder sorghum CoFS-29 Rs. 410/kg
15. Hedge lucerne seed Rs. 550/kg


Completed research activities (2011-2017)

  • Implemented NABARD sponsored project on "Economic empowerment and employment of rural women through technology based dairy farming" (Rs.3.57 lakhs)
  • TNPL sponsored project on "Dairy Integration programme for sustainable livelihood of TNPL adopted village farmers" in Karur District (Rs.2.05 lakhs)
  • TANUVAS Research Corpus Fund project on Establishment of Korangadu Pasture land in Karur District - (Rs.3.10 lakhs)
  • TANUVAS Research Corpus Fund project on Popularising tree fodders (1.25 lakhs)
  • National Livestock Mission (NLM) sponsored project on “Farmers Field School” in Karur District (Rs. 7.2 lakhs)
  • NABARD sponsored project on Integrated Dairy Farming in Karur District (Rs.3.8 lakhs)
  • Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission (SBGF) sponsored project on “Rural Poultry farming for sustainable livelihood and nutritional security” in Karur Dt (Rs. 30.40 lakhs)


  • Acting as Co-ordinating centre for implementation of ongoing TNIAMP scheme on "Sensitizing farmers on nutritional supplemental strategy developed at TANUVAS to increase productivity in Dairy Cattle and mitigate methane emission” and “Orientation training on salt lick” functioning at Institute of Animal Nutrition (IAN), Kattupakkam..
  • Acting as Co-ordinating centre for implementation of ongoing NADP scheme on “ Revitalizing Dairy cattle through TANUVAS GRAND supplement to enhance the productivity and profitability” functioning at IAN, Kattupakkam.
  • Acting as District wise member for implementation of ongoing NLM 2017-18 scheme on “Genetic improvement of Mecheri sheep by natural service and non descript sheep by artificial insemination” functioning at MSRS, Salem.


Name of the Faculty Designation E-mail Mobile#
Dr. . K. Arunachalam Professor and Head - -
Dr. G. Vijayakumar Assistant Professor - -
Dr. R. Dhinesh Kumar Assistant Professor - -

Professor and Head,
Veterinary University Training and Research Centre,
No. 4/221, Panduthakaran Pudur, Manmangalam (Post), Karur – 639 006
Tel.: 04324-294335 |73390 57073