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Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, Dindigul


Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, Dindigul has been functioning since 26.6.1999 at Nandavanapatty, old Karur road. The new office building was established at Collectorate Campus, Dindigul on 03.10.2011 to disseminate modern innovations and technologies in the field of animal husbandry, to the farmers, field veterinarians and officers of the line departments in Dindigul district.


The centre is located behind the Integrated District Registration office, inside the Collectorate complex of Dindigul district in Karur road.


  • Transfer of livestock and poultry related technologies including natural resources management through front line extension / change agents
  • Strengthening livestock and poultry research – extension linkage for developing need specific technologies
  • Promotion of livestock production eco-system through TANVUAS / entrepreneurs for sustaining livestock based livelihoods

Specific Objectives

  • To impart training on the felt needs of the end users, practicing farmers and officers of the line departments.
  • To act as a two way channel between the University and the farmers to identify the field based livestock and poultry problems and also to pass on the remedial measures.
  • To conduct on-farm trials on the latest research findings of the University and field oriented problems specific to the area.
  • To ensure an immediate and proper diagnosis of disease in the event of an outbreak with special emphasis on disease reporting system.
  • To motivate and encourage local farmers in establishing livestock and poultry farms for self-employment.
  • To collaborate with Central and State sponsored rural development programmes.
  • To develop and maintain data base on livestock and poultry in the area.
  • To carry out short-term need based location specific projects.

Major Activities

    • Training - On-Campus and Off-Campus
    • Need based paid trainings
    • Mass Contact Programmes
    • Animal Health Camps
    • Farm visit and advisory services
    • Animal disease investigations – for further interventions
    • Guest lectures
    • Exhibitions
    • Farmers interaction meets
    • Establishment of livestock farms and lending technical support
  • Coordinating line departments in veterinary services
  • Technical support to the stake holders on scientific grounds
  • Transfer of proven scientific technologies to the farmers field application
  • Documentation of success stories
  • Documentation of innovative practices followed by the farmers
  • Sale of university publications
  • Sale of inputs – mineral mixture, salt lick, fodder seeds

Services Offered

  • Conduct of on-campus and off-campus training programmes on various aspects of livestock and poultry farming to the practicing farmers, women self help groups, landless labourers, rural poor, unemployed youth, economically weaker sections and entrepreneurs. The various programmes offered are:
    • Scientific dairy farming
    • Goat and sheep rearing
    • Rabbit rearing
    • Desi chicken rearing
    • Pig farming
    • Japanese quail and turkey farming
  • Advisory services on livestock and poultry farming – in person, by post, through telephone, touch screen, E-mail etc.
  • Farm visits at initial stages of establishment and during disease outbreaks.
  • Conduct of post-mortem and collection of clinical materials for investigation.
  • Screening of samples at the laboratory and dispatch of samples to the Central University Laboratory, TANUVAS, Chennai and suggesting suitable remedial measures.
  • Transfer of modern scientific technologies and package of practices on livestock and poultry farming to the farmers.
  • Participating in the animal health camps, mass contact programmes, infertility camps and N.S.S. Camps organized by the line departments, non-governmental organizations and other educational institutions in the district.
  • Organizing farmers technical meetings, forums etc. and conducting exhibitions on livestock and poultry farming.
  • Motivation of farmers to attend Seminars, Workshops etc. organized by other units of TANUVAS.

Technologies Transferred

  • Nano egg guard solution for egg disinfection.
  • Mastiguard spray for prevention of mastitis.
  • Progesterone Nano fibre for oestrus synchronization.
  • TANUVAS mineral mixture.
  • TANUVAS salt lick.
  • TANUVAS GRAND supplement.

Completed Project

  • Comparison of TANUCHECK SCC kit and Californian Mastitis test for the detection of subclinical mastitis in cattle.


Name of the Faculty Designation E-mail Phone#
Dr. M. Dashprakash Assistant Professor and Head +91-451-2460141 | +91-9698380885

Assistant Professor and Head,
Veterinary University Training and Research Centre,
Collectorate Campus, Dindigul – 624 004.
Tel.: +91-451-2460141