The Central University Laboratory was started in the year 1993. This laboratory is unique in the whole country, wherein all disciplines of animal health diagnosis are available under one roof to the farming community, animal product exporter and government agencies.


To serve as a regional diagnostic laboratory for animal diseases in the state of Tamil Nadu and to conduct research on fundamental and applied aspects of animal diseases and to demonstrate, how the new knowledge would improve the health and productivity of the animals.


  • To establish centralized Animal Disease Diagnostic facilities under one roof.
  • To coordinate with line department in monitoring animal health and disease surveillance
  • To produce and supply diagnostic reagents and biologicals to the line department on need basis
  • To investigate animal disease and monitor health in University Farms
  • To provide Anthrax Free health certificate to exporters
  • To educate, create awareness and provide expert guidance to control livestock and poultry disease problems to the farmers
  • To provide need based short term training on animal disease diagnosis

The charges for various services provided by this unit as follows:

S.No Name of the test Revised rate (Exclusive of GST )
1. Polymerase chain Reaction (PCR) for DNA virus Rs.750/ sample
2. Reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR) Rs.1000/ sample
3. qPCR (SYBR green based) Rs. 1000/ sample
4. qRT-PCR (SYBR green based) Rs. 1500/ sample
5. Health certificate for capripox Rs.1500/ sample
6. HA and HI test Rs. 20/ sample
7. Virus isolation in Eggs (3 passages) Rs. 2000/ sample
8. Virus isolation in Tissue culture (3 passages) Rs. 5000/ Sample
9 Counter Immuno electrophoresis Rs.50/ sample
10. Fluorescent antibody technique/Immuno Peroxidence test Rs.1000/sample
GST – 18% will be added
S.No Name of the test Revised rate (Exclusive of GST )
1. Blood smear examination for parasites Rs.50/ sample
2. Dung/ Faeces examination Rs.50/ sample
3. Nasal washings Rs.50/ sample
4. Examination of Scrapings Rs.50/ sample
5. Identification of worms and other parasites Rs.100/ sample
6. Quantitative examination of faeces/dung Rs.100/ sample
7 PCR for Parasite species Rs.500/ sample
GST – 18% will be added
S.No Name of the test Revised rate (Exclusive of GST )
1 Isolation and identification of bacteria/fungi by conventional method 500
2 Isolation and identification of bacteria/fungi by PCR 750
3 Molecular detection of bacteria/fungi in tissue material 750
4 Total bacterial count in feed/environment 500
5 Total bacterial count in water 250
6 Coliform count in water 250
7 Coliform count in environment/feed 500
8 Antimicrobial sensitivity test 500
9 Tuberculin test Rs.50/- for each test for screening sheep and goat of university and government farms. Rs. 100/- for screening cattle of private /university / government farms and sheep and goat of private farms.
10 Johnin test
11 Biological test involving poultry 600/test
12 Biological test involving Guinea pigs and Rabbits Rs. 1000/test
13 Biological test involving mice and rats 400/test
14 Health certificate for anthrax (Import or export) 6000
15 Auto vaccine preparation 1000 for isolation and additional charge of Rs.5/dose
16 Microscopical examination of smears for Bacteria Rs.50/-
17 Plate agglutination test Rs.50/-
GST – 18% will be added
S.No Name of the test Revised rate (Exclusive of GST )
Large /Commercial farms Small/ ** Marginal farmers
1. Postmortem examination -Poultry Rs.250/bird Rs.75/bird
2. Postmortem examination of emu or ostrich Rs.500/bird Rs 500/bird
3. Postmortem examination of pet birds Rs.250/bird Rs 100/bird
4. Post mortem examination of small animas - dogs, cats, pig, sheep, goat, calf ,etc. Rs.300 Rs 200/bird
5. Post mortem examination of large animals excluding race horses Rs.2000 Rs 1000/animal
6. Post mortem examination of Laboratory animals (including rabbit, rat, mice, guinea pig etc.,) Rs.100 Rs 50/animal
7. Histopathology Rs.250/tissue Rs.200/tissue
8 Histopathology - slide interpretation only (outsiders) Rs 100/ slide
9 Digital microphotography Rs 50/ photo
10. Haematology( Single test)Complete Blood count Rs. 200/ sample Rs.75/ sample
11. Serum biochemical test Rs.100/sample /test Rs. 50/sample /test
12. Urine analysis Rs.100/sample /test Rs. 50/sample /test
GST – 18% will be added ** rate recommended for small farmers having less than 25 Numbers of poultry/10 Numbers of sheep and goat and 5 Numbers of cattle
S.No Name of the test Revised rate (Exclusive of GST )
1 Outstation disease investigation - Poultry farm (Stock less than 100) Rs. 500/-
2. Outstation disease investigation - Poultry farm (Stock 1000 to 10,000) Rs. 2000/-
3. Outstation disease investigation - livestock farm (mixed farm) Rs. 2000/-
4. Outstation disease investigation - Commercial organization -hatcheries, race course, clubs, poultry farmers having stock 10,000 and above Rs. 4000/-
GST – 18% will be added


  • Co2 Incubator
  • Refrigerated centrifuge
  • Deep freezer Cabinet (-86ºC) –Vortex
  • Microscope –Inverted
  • Programmable strip cutter- MDI Scientifics
  • Easy printer printing device- MDI Scientifics
  • Deep freezer-Ultra low temperature
  • ELISA plate washer
  • Research microscope – Trinocular – E800- Fluorescent model
  • Semi auto analyser BTS 350
  • Microscope Trinocular Axio star
  • Microscope Trinocular alphophot -2
  • Microscope Binocular alphaphot -2
  • Safety Laminar cabinet HS12
  • Automatic tissue stainer
  • Gel documentation system
  • Vertical autoclave
  • Hot air oven
  • Gradient PCR
  • Trinocular microscope with image capture software


Training is offered for Veterinary professionals, para veterinarians, internship students, and basic science students.

Information to be sent along with samples
Name and address of the owner / farm :
Kind of farm :
Kind of specimen :
Test requested :
Fees paid by cash / cheque :
Any other details :


  • Dr. R. Sridhar, Professor and Head | sri_ramasamy@yahoo.com
  • Dr. G. Balakrishnan, Professor | gobalg@rediffmail.com
  • Dr. N. Jayanthi, Associate Professor | jayanthi.n@tanuvas.ac.in
  • Dr. M. Ananda Chitra, Associate Professor | anandachitra.m@tanuvas.ac.in
  • Dr. S. Jaisree, Assistant Professor | drjai81@yahoo.com
  • Dr. G. Kalaiselvi, Assistant Professor | kalaiselvigovindan1981@gmail.com
  • Dr. R. Ramya, Assistant Professor | ramyavet@gmail.com


The Professor and Head

Central University Laboratory

Centre for Animal Health Studies

Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University

Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai – 600051.

Phone: +91-44-25551581 | FAX : 044-25551577 | EMAIL: culcahs@tanuvas.org.in

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