Namakkal is the most thickly populated poultry belt in India and gets first and second place in egg production in Tamil Nadu and National level respectively. In Namakkal zone layer poultry population is approximately 4.0 crores and daily egg production is nearly 3.0 crores. To sustain the poultry industry in this area Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University upgraded the existing Poultry Research and Development Centre as a full fledged Poultry Disease Diagnosis and Surveillance Laboratory(PDDSL). This Laboratory handled and controlling the existing and emerging diseases such as diseases caused by E.coli, Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD), Fowl cholera, Salmonella, Gangrenous dermatitis, Newcastle (ND), Infectious Bursal (IBD), Infectious Bronchitis (IB), Marek's and Lymphoid leucosis diseases by doing post mortem, HA, HI and culture works.


  • Post-mortem examination and laboratory diagnosis of diseases.
  • Seromonitoring of Newcastle disease and infections bronchitis viral infections in poultry.
  • Surveillance of common diseases prevailing in commercialpoultry farms.
  • Screening of Salmonella of zoonotic importance in poultry andrelated products.
  • Monitoring the health management in commercial poultry farms.
  • To aid in the post graduate research in poultry disease management.

Courses Offered

In association with Department of Veterinary Pathology, Veterinary Microbiology and Poultry Science under graduate and post graduate courses were offered


The laboratory is mainly concern with the diagnosis and control of poultry diseases. For this purpose the following diagnostic facilities are available to the poultry farmers on cost basis

S. No. Name of the test Cost per sample (in Rs.)
1 Post mortem examination 10.00
2 Serology for Ranikhet disease (RD) -
(Filter paper blood sample)
3 Serology for Infectious bronchitis (IB) -
(Filter paper blood sample)
4 Serology for Ranikhet disease (RD) -
5 serology for Infectious brounchitis (IB) -
6 Serology for Ranikhet disease (RD) -
7 serology for Infectious brounchitis (IB) -
8 Detection of RD virus -
9 Detection of IB virus -
10 Detection of Infectious bursal disease virus(IBD) virus – (AGPT) 10.00
Culture tests
Feed, Feed ingredients, feed additives, medicines and organs
a) E.Coli 100.00
b)Staphylococcus 100.00
c)Clostridium 100.00
d)Salmonella 200.00
e) Coliform count (Water) 50.00
12 Shed environment microbiology – Plate exposure test 50.00
13 Total Microbial count 250.00
14 Total coliform count 250.00
15 Vaccine potency test 50.00
16 Farm visit for disease investigation 100.00
Biological materials available for sale
a)RD antigen for HI test(3ml) 50.00
b)IB antigen for HI test (3ml) 50.00
c)Tripsin enzyme for IB test (2ml) 50.00


  • A collaborative Research project on “Development of Efficacious Inactivated ND Virus Vaccine” by “Seppic Company and its Indian Offiliate, Yashem Bioscience Pvt. Ltd. and VRC – VV, CAHS, TANUVAS, Chennai-51 (Rs.2,23,920/-) was completed
  • Co-ordination with University schemes Acting as the advisory board member of GOI Scheme on “Starting of Experimental, Agro Meteorological Advisory Service” functioning at AFAQCL., VC&RI, Namakkal.


  • Hands on technical training was given on poultry diseases diagnosis to Veteinary graduates and laboratory technicians.
  • Training is being given to CAS trainees of Poultry Science Department, Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkal.
  • Messages on poultry diseases are telecast through AIR, Trichy, FM radio, Kodaikanal, local TV channels and pothigai TV channel and published through local newspapers for the benefit of the poultry farmers, regularly once in a week.

Current Focus

Screening of Salmonella sp. in poultry farms and poultry products under international standards for the benefit of the poultry product exporters. Molecular confirmation of Avian pathogens Clinical Surveillance of Avian influenza in enrolled layer farms.


Dr. T.R.Gopala Krishna Murthy, Professor and Head | gopalakrishnamurthy.t.r@tanuvas.ac.in

Dr. K.Senthilvel, Professor | senthilvel.k@tanuvas.ac.in

Dr. V.Gowthaman, Assistant Professor | gowthaman.v@tanuvas.ac.in

Dr. P.Nithya, Assistant Professor | nithya.p@tanuvas.ac.in

Dr. S.Udhayavel, Assistant Professor| udhayacrivet@gmail.com