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About Centre

The Farmers Training Centre, Theni functioning opposite to the Sub-Treasury Office at Madurai Road disseminates modern innovations and technologies in the field of animal husbandry, to farmers, field veterinarians and officers of the line departments in Theni district.


  • Transferring livestock and poultry related technologies through frontline extension.
  • Strengthening livestock and poultry research through extension linkage
  • Promoting livestock production eco-system for a sustainable livestock-based livelihood.

Services offered

    On-campus training:
  • On-campus trainings are offered every month on dairy farming, sheep and goat farming, poultry farming, rabbit farming, piggery, fodder cultivation, value addition of milk and meat, in rotation.
  • Off-campus training:
  • Off-campus trainings are conducted every month especially in remote villages where people get less access to the centre.
  • Vocational / self-employment / skill development courses:
  • Courses are conducted for interested farmers on livestock farming, value addition and marketing of livestock products. The applications are invited throughout the year and processed through the Directorate of Distance Education (DDE), TANUVAS, Chennai.
Sl.No. Self-employment course Duration Fee (Rs) Qualification
1. Dairy farming 1 month 1000 Read & write in Tamil
2. Sheep Farming 1 month 500
3. Goat Farming 1 month 1000
4. Rabbit Farming 1 month 500
5. Pig Farming 1 month 2000
6. Japanese Quail Farming 1 month 1000
7. Desi Bird Rearing 1 month 1000
8. Livestock Farm Waste Management 1 month 500

Activities and offreing training programmes in the centre

  • Implementing Govt. of India and Govt. of TN schemes: Training programmes and demonstrations pertaining to Livestock and Poultry farming are imparted through various schemes.
  • Training for para-veterinarians / veterinarians: Trainings are conducted for paravets / field vets on need basis once in every six months.
  • Conducting / Participating in exhibitions: University technologies are popularized through exhibitions to improve management practices of livestock and poultry farming
  • Exposure visits: Exposure visits are arranged for farmers to nearby government and private farms as part of special or paid training programmes/ATMA Schemes to interact with experts / progressive farmers
  • Farm visit and consultation: Free consultancy services on farm management, care and management of livestock and poultry are offered based on demand.
  • Front line demonstrations (FLDs): Front line demonstrations on validated technologies / improved management practices are organized to inspire more people to take up the respective technology / methodology.
  • On-farm trials (OFTs): Field trials are conducted for on-farm validation of new technologies / methodologies developed in TANUVAS. The results of the trial are communicated to the university to either fine tune the concerned technology or to release it for public use
  • Post-mortem examination: Necropsy services are offered for poultry farmers on request.
  • Disease investigation: Sample collection & analysis, disease investigation and consultation services are offered upon request from livestock and poultry farmers during disease outbreaks.
  • Establishment of Farmers Producers Organizations (FPOs): FPOs are being established in livestock and poultry sectors by offering technical guidance to the FPO members on need basis.
  • Sale of TANUVAS Products: TANUVAS publications, fodder seeds / TANUVAS mineral mixtures/ TANUVAS mineralized salt licks are being sold to livestock and poultry farmers.
  • Issuing Bankable Project Reports: Bankable project reports are issued to farmers for applying loans in banks for starting or expanding their livestock and poultry enterprise
  • Observing important / special days: Important days viz. world tuberculosis day, world environment day, world rabies day, world egg day, National milk day, National farmers’ day are observed every year. Special events such as farmers meet, input distributions, awareness programmes and plantation of tree sapling are conducted according to the theme of the special day
  • Kalnadaikathir magazine subscription: Livestock and poultry farmers are enrolled for subscription to Kalnadai Kathir magazine.
  • Applied research: Based on the problems / issues identified locally, appropriate research proposals are submitted for getting grants from funding agencies of private/state/union governments. The outcome of the project is to solve the problems identified

Training Calendar

S. No. Month Title Type of Training Max. no. of participants
1. Nov 2022 Entrepreneurial skills through Livestock Farming On-campus 25 - 30
Training cum demonstration on value added milk products preparation On-campus 25 - 30
2. Dec 2022 Entrepreneurial skills through Native Chicken Farming On-campus 25 - 30
Entrepreneurial skills through dairy Farming On-campus 25 - 30
3. Jan 2023 Entrepreneurial skills through Sheep and Goat farming On-campus 25 - 30
Latest techniques in livestock and poultry farming On-campus 25 - 30

Products Available for sale

Sl. No. Products Unit Rate (Rs.)
Books and Publications
1. Dairy farming 50
2. Goat farming 40
3. Native chicken rearing 50
4. Ethno-veterinary medicine for livestock and poultry 25
5. Feeds and fodder for livestock and poultry 30
6. Japanese quail farming 40
7. Rabbit farming 30
8. Broiler farming 30
9. Value addition of milk 30
10. Economics of livestock farming 20
Feed Supplements
1. TANUVAS Mineral mixture 75/kg
2. TANUVAS mineralized Salt lick 55/kg
Fodder Seeds
1. Fodder Sorghum (Co-FS29) 410/kg
2. Hedge Lucerne (Desmanthus) / Velimasal 550/kg

Successful Farms Created

Successful farms created in the centre

Sl. No. Type of Entrepreneur Name and Address
1 Desibird Farm Entrepreneur Th.S.Surulinathan S/o.Th.P.Surulisamy, Soolaikarai street, Kulalurpalayam, Bodi(TK),Theni(DT). Mobile No.8973662321.
2 Dairy Farm and vermi compost unit Entrepreneur Th.K.Sadaiyandi S/o.Th.Krishnasamy, South street,Veerapandi(PO),Theni(TK), Theni (DT). Mobile No.9943137658
3 Goat Farm Entrepreneur Th.M.Sethu S/o.Th.Maharajan, M.S.Varunesh Goat unit Mariammankovilpatti,Kodankipatti(PO), Bodi(TK), Theni(DT).Mobile No.9524695724

Contact details of input suppliers in the district

Sl.No Name of the firm / farm with address Nature of the input with details Cost in Rs.
1. Th.K.Sadaiyandi, S/o.Th.Krishnasamy, South street, Veerapandi(PO), Theni (DT). Mobile No.9943137658 Vermicompost Rs.5/Kg
2. Th.S.Surulinathan, S/o.Th.P.Surulisamy, Soolaikarai street, Kulalurpalayam, Bodi(TK), Theni(DT). Mobile No.8973662321. Desibird Farming-Siruvidai chicks Rs.450/Kg live Wt
3. Th.P.Krishnasamy S/o.Th.Perumalsamy,Sadaiyalpatti,Bodi(TK), Theni(DT). Mobile No.6383826920. Native breeds of Goat Rs.600/Kg live wt
4. Th.Ravi S/o.Th.Subramani ,Bodi Main Road, Kodankipatti, Bodi(TK), Theni(DT). Mobile No.9751639704. Jamunapari Goats Rs. 10000/ 3 month old
5. Th.Abinesh S/o.Th.Murugan,42,East Street, Kottaipatti, Ammachiyapuram (PO),Theni(TK), Theni(DT). Mobile No.7695827150. Quail farm Rs.40/Kg live wt. Dressed meat Rs.45/Kg
6. Th.Harisankar S/o.Th.Kamatchi, West Street,Govinthanagaram(PO), Theni(DT). Mobile No.8608123457. Quail farm Rs.39/Kg live wt
7. Th.Nagarathinam S/o.Th.Deivendran, Perumal patti,Thevaram(PO), Uthamapalayam(TK), Theni(DT). Mobile No.8778760880. Middle and Large white Yorkshire Rs.110/Kg live wt
8. Th.Raman S/o.Th.Thangaiah, First ward, Arasamarathu Theru, Narayanathevanpatti, Uthamapalayam(TK), Theni(DT). Mobile No.9952442128. Middle and Large white Yorkshire Rs.110/Kg live wt


Name of the Faculty Designation E-mail Mobile#
Dr.N.Vimal Rajkumar Associate Professor and Head +91-9865016174

Associate Professor and Head,
Farmers Training Centre,
Opposite to Sub-Treasury Office, Madurai Road, Theni-625531
Tel.: (04546)-260047