During 1960, Governement Dairy Farm and Cattle colony at Madhavaram were setup with the hope that the cattle colony will serve as the basis for shifting of city animals and as a model farm and with a object of supply of milk to the public in the city. The milk colony consist of 8(Eight) units for housing the animals with total capacity of 4,000 animals. But due to various problems of diseased animals and supply of lesser quantity of milk to the Central Dairy of the TamilNadu Dairy Development Corporation, the Government transferred the Dairy Farm and Cattle Colony to the control of Animal Husbandry Department on 01.07.1979(Vide G.O.No. 669, Agriculture (MP.II), Dept. Dated: 31.03.1979.

The Government Dairy Farm of Animal Husbandry Department was taken possession by the TamilNadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University on 01.03.1991 (Vide G.O.No. 44, AH & F ( AH6), Dept. Dated: 04.02.1991). Out of the 8 units which were taken possession by the University, 5 Unit were utilized for the establishment of various Laboratories / Offices of University and in the 4th and 8th Units Licensees were maintaining animals. The Government Dairy Farm which was functioning at 6th Unit was renamed by TANUVAS as" University Research Farm".


It is maintaining Livestock farm complex which hosts dairy cattle, goat, sheep, rabbit, pig and Animal Science Park for the benefit of UG and PG students of Madras Veterinary College, farmer and entrepreneurs. Perennial fodder is grown with an output of over 2 MT daily. URF is good source of outlet for selling green fodder based on weight to the farming community who are rearing the dairy cattle in and around the Madhavaram Milk Colony. Moreover farmer and entrepreneurs are also provided training on various farm waste management, skill development programmes on fodder cultivation, dairy farming and farm waste utilization, animal husbandry advisories, farm demonstration.


  • To demonstrate livestock production, management and fodder production techniques to under graduate students
  • To provide facilities for post – graduate students to carry out research work
  • To serve as multispecies instructional livestock and Poultry farm complex
  • To maintain Animal Science park with basic scientific information for creating great impact among the school children and public about important of Livestock and poultry
  • To study the production and reproduction traits of different indigenous breeds of cattle under Northeastern agro-climatic condition of Tamil Nadu


  • Trial conducted on growth performance of weaned piglets fed with 20% brewery waste and 80% concentrate
  • Study the production and reproduction traits of different indigenous breeds of cattle under Northeastern agro-climatic condition of Tamil Nadu
  • Biotechnological Strategies for Productivity Enhancement of Emu
  • Establishment of Popular Cattle Breeding Unit

Extension Activities

  • Skill Development Programme
    • Dairy Farm Management
    • Green Fodder and Seed Production Management
  • Work shop on "Farm Waste Management" held on 19.12.2011 at URF, MMC, Chennai
  • University Research Farm, Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai - 600 051 has organized the Veterinary and Fisheries Vara Vizha for the year 2013 for seven days spreading from 07th to 14 th January 2013. During the week long celebrations the following programmes were organized and conducted.

S.No Date Veterinary and Fisheries Vara vizha Celebration -2013
1 07.01.2013 Veterinary Health and Livestock Production Awareness camp cum Mass contact Programme on 07.01.2013
2 08.01.2013 Infertility camp cum Mass contact programme
3 09.01.2013 Livestock Awareness Programme to Corporation School Children
4 10.01.2013 Awareness Programme on “Role of Livestock and Poultry in Health to School Children
5 11.01.2013 Camp on High – tech Innervations in Animal Sciences and Technology
6 12.01.2013 Hydroponic Fodder Production Method and the its Management
7 15.01.2013 Tree Plantation Programme.

Piggery Unit

  • Introduction of new breeding stock
  • Installation of farrowing crates and provision of guard rails
  • Practicing ear notching method for animal identification
  • Day old castration of male piglets
  • Trials on feeding of brewery waste for fattening.
  • Displayed imported equipment for body tattoo, portable pregnancy scanner and tooth grinder

Sheep and Goat Unit

  • Provision of pen and run model housing
  • Installation of display boards
  • Creation of separate lambing and kidding pens
  • Designing and introduction of new feeding racks to goats
  • Provision of roof sprinklers as a part of summer management
  • Creation of new sheds to house native breeds of goats
  • Establishment of slatted floor housing model unit for goat rearing
  • Introduction of newly designed milk feeding bucket for young kids
  • Establishment of different breeds of goat for instructional purpose viz. Jamunapari, Sirohi, Beetal, Osmanabadi, Jhakrana and Boer

Cattle and Buffalo Unit

  • Introduction of Jersey crossbred cows (Eight Nos.)
  • Provision of foggers in the sheds to reduce thermal stress
  • esigning and installation of cost effective Automatic waterer
  • Installation of display boards
  • Provision of loose box system
  • Creation of fenced grazing area to follow semi intensive system
  • Introduction of Murrha buffaloes

Emu Unit - DBT Scheme

  • Establishment of EMU breeding pen
  • Establishment of EMU Hatchery Unit.
  • Artificial Cloaca for semen collection
  • Fumigation chamber for cleaning and sterilization of EMU eggs.
  • Creation of Dummy EMU for semen collection

Farm Waste Management

  • Establishment of Farm Waste Management unit
  • Establishment of low cost vermicompost pit
  • Establishment of Portable Bio gas unit
  • Establishment of Azolla production Unit
  • Creation of manure pits for composting farm yard manure

Fodder Unit

  • Establishment of model fodder plot.
  • Installation of drip irrigation to teak, coconut, kalyanamurungai and other avenue trees.
  • Bush clearance to increase the cultivable and grazing area
  • Laying of mud road (450 meter length and 16ft width) near eastern side of the lake area.
  • Introduction of Brush Cutter with accessories for cutting Co4 grasses
  • Cultivation of cowpea in 50 cents.
  • Cultivation of Agathi in 20 cents.
  • Cultivation of paddy in 1 acre.
  • Plantation of 400 numbers of teak plants inside the farm.

Animal Science Park

  • Introduction of different types of pet birds, fancy birds and different varieties of fishes including tortoises.
  • Designing and erection of models cages (Four Nos.) for fancy birds.
  • Provision of egg display boxes with LED lamps.
  • Designing and erection of display boards.
  • Installation of aquarium tanks in the aquarium hall
  • Creation of Goose box and swimming pond in the open field
  • Provision of Green net in the garden to control thermal stress
  • Establishment of photo gallery. (Different breeds of cattle, sheep, goat)

Thrust areas of Research

  • Effects of milk production and reproductive performance of crossbred Jersey fed with brewery waste.
  • Broiler goat rearing
  • Shortening of marketing age of goat
  • Shortening of kidding interval of goat
  • Effective farm waste utilization for profitable dairy farming
  • Hydroponic fodder production for livestock rearing


  • Dr. S.Meenakshisundaram, Professor and Head | | Mobile No: +91-94447 39475
  • Dr. K.Velmurugan, Professor,
  • Dr. R.Venkataramanan, Assistant Professor | | Mobile: 9443030707
  • Dr. D.Cauveri, Associate Professor (Working in O/o the DR, TANUVAS)
  • Dr. T.Muthuramalingam, Assistant Professor | | Mobile: +91 – 96296 10163
  • Dr. A.Shanmuga Sundaram, Assistant Professor | | Mobile: +91 – 9488036392
  • Dr. E.Rachel Jemimah, Graduate Assistant