Hostel at Veterinary college and Research Institute is established temporarily at R.K.R. School campus, Tirupur Road, Udumalpet.Hostel has been accommodated with 19 boys and 19 girls for the AY of 2021, which has 11 + 11 rooms, for boys and girls, respectively. Two students are advised to stay in single room in both boys and girls hostel.

Canteen/ Mess facility is arranged on contract basis with a dividend share of Rs. 155 per day per student. Students at hostel facilities are provided with drinking mineral water. Hostel facility is equipped with hot water in all bath rooms for both boys and girls. Electricity sub meter is ensured for equal distribution to students to share. In addition, hostel has separate fixed notice board for boys and girls, separately.

  • Cooking vessels are purchased for the Rs 3 lacs and kept ready for in house cooking (student mess) in future.
  • Students who are staying in hostel are vaccinated for COVID-19 (double vaccinated) and emergency contact numbers and medical services are available, in case of any medical emergencies.
  • Fire safety measurements and precautions are considered in the hostel facilities.
  • Organized Hostel Amenity Committee on 21.12.2021 and discussed various measures to be taken for review of hostel accounts, students mess dividend rates and recommending measures for efficient economical running of the Hostel for Veterinary College and Research Institute, Udumalpet.


  • Hostel facilities are provided with daily new papers, TV hall, sports items with a dining hall for boys and girls, separately.
  • Hostel facility also has one warden room in boys hostel linked with warden office. One warden room is also available in girls’ hostel. In this pandemic, students are advised to follow the COVID precautions with displayed sign boards. Hostel Rooms are considered for the next academic year 2022-23 to accommodate the upcoming students.
  • Water Heater – 02 Nos
  • LED TV – 02 Nos
  • Refrigerator – 01 Nos
  • Water Despenser – 02 Nos


Canteen at Veterinary college and Research Institute is started temporarily at R.K.R. School campus, Tirupur Road, Udumalpet for the benefit of staff and students.

Name and Designation Mobile # E-mail


Deputy Warden,

The Warden, Hostel,
Veterinary College and Research Institute, Udumalpet – 642 126.
Phone: +91-4252-295399 | 295499