Human Resources Development

Events Organised

Sl. No. Programmes No. of beneficiaries
1. Training on Karyotyping, Screening for Inherited Disorders and Parentage Testing 2
2 National level workshop on Recent trends in animal cell culture techniques 30
3 Level III - Project work or in-plant training for 3 months duration 16
4 National Level Training Programme on In-vitro fertilization of farm animal oocytes and co-culture (21 days - conducted twice) 15
5 HRD Level II summer training programme (28 days) 8
6 Training on Rabies Diagnosis, Control and Prevention 10
7 HRD level II (a) training 24
8 HRD level II (c) training (14 days) 3
9 ICAR sponsored winter school on Recent Molecular Approaches in Livestock and Poultry Disease Diagnosis Hybrid mode 22
10 HRD Project work- Level III (3 months) 19
11 International Conference on Livestock, Food Security and Food Safety - Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies 140
12 National Webinar on Doubling the Farmers Income through livestock in India - Prospects and Potentials 199
13 Global Symposium on Commons without Borders: Global Multistage Ecosystem Frameworks 50
14 Different type of Plant Feed Toxins with Reference to Livestock Farming and its Management 22
15 An International Online Training Programme on Application of Bioinformatics Tools in Next Generation Sequencing Data and Variant Analysis 35
16 One-day online Training Programme on Information Retrieval System 29
17 Faculty development Program HRD (conducted twice) 16
18 HRD Projects (conducted twice) 17
19 National Training on Hands on training on ?Stem Cell Technology 8
20 HRD training on Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine 13
21 Identifying and prioritizing veterinarians day one skills requirement for industrial needs 50
22 Future in Veterinary Sciences 300
23 Webinar on ?Water footprints and conservation methods for livestock farmers? 115
24 Webinar on ?Weather-based Livestock Farming? 120
25 International Webinar on Herbal Biomolecules: Novel Food Technologies in the wake of Corona pandemic 450
26 Webinar on National Milk Day celebration 2020 114
27 Training on Assessment of Meat Quality 6 FSSAI Officers
28 Training programme on Meat Inspection 12 Officers of the Greater Chennai Corporation
29 International webinar on Current Status and Future Scope (Post-Covid) of Poultry Industry with Special Reference to Ratites (ostrich) 128
30 A National webinar entitled Innovative Extension Strategies for Sustainable Livestock Development 498
31 Two result sharing workshops on Importance of Indigenous Poultry Technologies in Native Chicken Farming on 60
32 International e-symposium Advances in Small Animal Renal Medicine and Virtual Workshop on Renal Critical Care for Vets --
33 Virtual Training programme on Small Animal Critical Care Medicine --
34 Ultrasonography --
35 TANUVAS Stethoscopy Ceremony --
36 Global Veterinary Cardiology Webinar --
37 Canine lymphoma - an update --
38 Virtual Training programme on Small Animal Dermatology --
39 Virtual Training programme on Small Animal Critical Care Medicine --
40 Virtual Training programme on Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound --
41 Three-days National training programme on Animal Birth control - hands on training of Veterinarians in the Field of Reproductive Surgery 10
42 Two days Continuing Veterinary Education program, Virtual training on Animal Birth Control Program in Canines and Felines 10
43 Two-day Continuing Veterinary Education program, virtual, workshop on AI and Canine Infertility 10
44 Prof.Geoffery Herbert Arthur Commemorative Oration- 2021.: Global Veterinary Reproduction Webinar 135
45 A two-days Continuing Veterinary Education program, Virtual training on Animal Birth Control program in Canines and Felines for practicing Veterinarians participated from all over the country in this online training program 10
46 Faculty Development Workshop on Knowledge Improvement Opportunities with Fulbright Commission 148 faculty
47 Faculty Development Workshop on IPR, Copyright, Industrial Design and Plagiarism 29 faculty
48 Communication and Soft Skill Workshops 793 students & faculty
49 Content Development and Management 60-Faculty members
50 Facilitative Teaching Technologies 60 Faculty members of MVC, VCRI-Nammakal,CFDT
51 IPR, Copyright, Industrial Design and Plagiarism 30 Faculty members
52 Faculty Orientation Program for Faculty Members 48 Faculty members
53 Virtual Cattle Anatomy 4 Faculty members
54 The Autodesk Fusion 360 Online Workshop 5 Faculty members
55 International webinar on An Update on Canine Vector Borne Parasitic Diseases 332
56 Gender Sensitization Webinar --
57 International Webinar on Status of Companion Animal Parasites in the Tropics 92
58 Training on Morphological Identification of Ticks at Genus and Species Level 01
59 An International Webinar on Diagnostic Parasitology of Animal Parasitic Diseases" 265
60 An International Webinar on One Health Approach in Veterinary Parasitology Perspective 178
61 Pen-side Diagnosis of Parasites of Zoonotic Importance Batch I & II (for two batches) 28
62 One Day Online International Seminar on Diagnostic Veterinary Pathology 50
63 Hands-on Training Programme under One Health Approach for Animal and Public Health to Augment Food Safety and Productivity on Wildlife, Exotic Pets and Emerging Zoonoses 13
64 Zero Rabies: A strategy to Change the Endemic Status towards Elimination on 28th September 2020 on the occasion of World Rabies Day 2020. 289
65 An Integrated Approach to Eliminate Canine and Feline Viral Diseases in India 405
66 An Integrated Approach to prevent Rabies in Animals and Humans: The best Possible one Health Strategy 382


  • Awards and Honours: The staff, students and research fellows from this college won as many as 74 awards / prizes / certificates of appreciation from various agencies and professional organizations
  • Training of staff: A total of 83 faculty members (30 Professors, 6 Associate Professors and 47 Assistant Professors) from this college attended 279 training programmes / seminars / workshops / conferences / webinars organized by various societies, scientific bodies and visited various institutions for academic / research purposes
  • A total of 19 different programmes like conferences / seminars / webinars / training programmes / workshops / celebrations have been organized during this period and a total of 4,302 students were benefitted
  • A total of 19 training / awareness programme / webinars have been conducted for the benefit of farming community / stakeholders / entrepreneurs and totally 1860 persons were benefitted
  • As continuing veterinary education programme, five training programmes have been conducted for field veterinarians and a total of 50 field veterinarians were benefitted