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Thalaivasal area of Attur Taluk, Salem District of Tamil Nadu is one of the major egg production centers of Tamil Nadu. In early 90's along with agricultural activity, few farmers started commercial layer farm with a capacity of 500 to 1000 layers. In this area, during the last 5 years period, the commercial hybrid layer population increased from 15,00,000 to 24,00,000 layers. Totally 33 commercial layers farms existed within 20 km radius in this area with a daily egg production of more than 19,00,000 eggs. All the layers are reared either in cage house or elevated cage house. By considering the requirement of poultry farmers, Tamil Nadu Veterinary Animal Sciences University established this centre from 12.07.2002 at Thalaivasal.


  • Investigation and diagnosis of poultry and cattle diseases.
  • Monitoring common diseases of poultry and cattle.
  • Laboratory diagnosis and suggesting measures to prevent and control poultry and cattle diseases.
  • Educating farmers on modern poultry and dairy production, management and disease control.
  • Analysis of feed / feed ingredients for nutrient composition of poultry and cattle feed.
  • Conducting research on field oriented problems and disseminating research findings to the Livestock and Poultry farmers.


  • Post mortem examination for livestock and poultry diseases
  • Disease investigation through livestock and poultry farm visits
  • Assessment of immune status against Newcastle Disease / Ranikhet disease
  • Advices related to control and prevention of livestock and poultry diseases
  • Technical guidance for better livestock and poultry production
  • Forecasting of poultry diseases
  • Field oriented research for assessment of production status in livestock and poultry
  • Offer training for Poultry farm Manager, Poultry farm supervisor and Vaccinator

Laboratory Analysis

The laboratory is mainly concern with the diagnosis and control of poultry diseases. For this purpose the following diagnostic facilities are available to the poultry farmers on cost basis.

S. No. Name of the test Cost per sample (in Rs.)
1 Post mortem examination 10.00
2 Serology for Ranikhet disease (RD) - (HI) (Filter paper blood sample) 5.00
3 Serology for Infectious bronchitis (IB) - (HI) (Filter paper blood sample) 5.00
4 Serology for Ranikhet disease (RD) - (HI) (Serum) 10.00
5 serology for Infectious brounchitis (IB) - (HI) (Serum) 10.00
6 Detection of RD virus - (HA) 10.00
7 Detection of IB virus - (HA) 10.00
8 Detection of Infectious bursal disease virus(IBD) virus - (AGPT) 10.00
9 Antibiotic Sensitivity Test for Milk and Poultry samples 100.00
10 Water analysis (Qualitative microbial analysis) 50.00
11 Culture tests Feed, Feed ingredients, feed additives, medicines and organs
a) E.Coli 100.00
b)Staphylococcus 100.00
c)Clostridium 100.00
d)Salmonella 200.00
e) Coliform count (Water) 50.00
12 Shed environment microbiology – Plate exposure test 50.00
13 Total Microbial count 250.00
14 Total coliform count 250.00
15 Vaccine potency test 50.00
16 Farm visit for disease investigation 100.00


  • A collaborative Research project on "Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Avibacterium paragallinarum in Poultry sponsored by M/S. Boehringer Ingelheim India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai was going on Poultry Diseases Diagnosis and Surveillance Laboratory Namakkal.
  • Isolation and identification of avian pathogen causing diseases outbreaks in the poultry farms of Thalivasal area.


  • Off campus training programme was given to the beneficiary of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Priceless goat scheme in collaboration with Department of Animal husbandry, Attur.
  • Skill Development training on Poultry Farm Supervisor and Nattu kozhi valarppu was given to the enrolled trainees.
  • Water analysis, Plate exposure test, Antibiotic sensitivity test, culture test and Antibody titre against New castle disease was carried out in the enrolled poultry farms of Thalaivasal area.
  • Poultry Farmers technical meeting was conducted once in two month for the poultry farmers of Thalaivasal.

Current Focus

  • Enrolment of poultry farmers in monthly microbiological monitoring the health of poultry farms for the better management and prevention of disease outbreaks in poultry farms. Clinical Surveillance of Avian influenza in enrolled layer farms.
  • Implementation of monthly microbiological model for the poultry farmers to increase the revenue of the laboratory.


  • Improved production status of commercial layers in and around Thalaivasal by periodical monitoring of immune status against poultry diseases, microbial quality of water and suggesting disease control measures.
  • Reduced production cost of table egg in Thalaivasal area by formulating the least cost ration and extending the latest need based technical know-how to the poultry farming community
  • Trained farming community on advanced managemental practices on livestock and poultry farming
  • Increased revenue generation of the laboratory ( RS. 18000 - 20000/ month)


Dr. A.Balasubramaniam, Professor and Head

Dr. K.Thangavel, Assistant Professor


Professor and Head,

Avian Disease Laboratory,

345-D, Pattuthurai Road, Thalaivasal – 636 112.

Attur Taluk, Salem District. Phone No. (04282 ) 231 645.