Administrative Building

  • The Krishi Vigyan Kendra has a specious building having of 350 sq.m. area. KVK has a well equipped training hall, Soil & Water testing laboratory and Computer laboratory. It also has individual staff rooms with all amenities. KVK has an exclusive ERNET Centre with e - connectivty.

Farmers Hostel

  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra has a well furnished farmers hostel constructed with the funds provided by ICAR, New Delhi. It is having the facility of accommodating 30 farmers at a time. The trainees of Krishi Vigyan Kendra avail this facility free of cost & outside farmers by paying nominal changes. The rooms are provided with all basic amenities like cot, fan, tube light, 24-hous water, bathrooms etc.

Soil & Water Testing Laboratory

  • The Soil, Plant and Water testing laboratory at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kattupakkam is established for the benefit of the farming community to analyze soil and water samples. The laboratory is well equipped with several modern equipments for analysis of nutrients in soil and plants namely pH, Electrical Conductivity, Soil texture, Lime status, Available nitrogen, Available phosphorus, Available potassium, Calcium & magnesium content and also to assess quality of water for irrigation purpose. The laboratory provides information on soil testing, fertilizer recommendation, reclamation of problematic soils, compost preparation, waste recycling for maximizing the productivity by maintaining soil health

Automatic Weather Station

  • An Automatic weather station has been established at KVK to record daily temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed, sunshine hours etc. This data recorded through solar panel is made available to farmers / agricultural department free of cost for working out the water requirements of the plants and prediction of diseases. Based on the weather data, agromet advisory services for integrated agriculture in Kanchipuram district is provided.

Instructional Farm

  • The Krishi Vigyan Kendra possesses 50 acres of land utilised for cultivation of agricultural crops, fodder crops and seeds, fruits trees, relevant to the area. The main purpose of the farm is to demonstrate the latest agricultural practices. It also acts as a tool to perform applied research on agricultural technologies & undertake trials before their transfer to farmers. After a careful planning the farm was divided into three major blocks of Agronomy, Orchards and Fodder seed production unit. Agronomical crops grown are paddy, maize. Sesame & blackgram. In Orchards, fruits trees like Mango, Sapota, Guava are planted. In the area of fodder seed production Hedge Lucerne, Cumbu Napier grass, fodder sorghum, Stylosanthus are planted.

Village Knowledge Information Centre (VKIC)

  • KVK has established Village Knowledge Information Centre at Thalambedu village near Thirukalukundram in Kanchipuram district. The VKIC is powered by Solar panels. The Centre has computers, printers and Internet connectivity. The VKIC has been established by TANUVAS in collabration with Virginia Tech University, USA.

Rural Mart

  • KVK has established a rural mart (120 Sq.ft) sponsored by NABARD and mantained by Women Self Help Group. The products and produce of farmers, farm women are marketed through this rural mart. Some of the products sold are flavoured milk paneer, egg pickle, Nutrimix, Honey, chicken pickle, fish pickle, toys, flower bouquets, home care products, vegetables etc.,