Institute of Poultry Production and Management was established in the year 1941 at Nandanam as Poultry Research Station and relocated at Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai – 600 051 in the year 2011. The campus is spread over an area of 3.2 hectares. The major emphasis is to concentrate on education, research and extension activities in poultry science.


  • To serve as avian species instructional farm for the under graduate and post graduate students
  • To Supply of superior germplasm of various poultry species viz., chicken (broilers, layers, fancy birds), Japanese quails, turkeys and guinea fowls
  • To carry out concurrent research programmes for exploitation and improvement in poultry production

The research institute is concentrating on evolving elite germplasm of chicken, Japanese quail, turkey and guinea fowl through advanced scientific breeding technology.


This institute is carrying out need based and demand driven research programmes in chicken, Japanese quail, turkey, and Guinea fowl. The salient findings of the research projects are transferred to the end users through university extension centres.


  • To Improve the production performance of germplasms like Nandanam chicken IV (Rhodowhite), Nandanam Chicken II, Nandanam Chicken III, Rhode Island Red and White Leghorn and fancy breeds.
  • Conservation and maintenance of certain indigenous poultry germplasms especially Aseel, Kadaknath and Nicobari birds.
  • Developing a new colour broiler variety suitable for backyard
  • Carrying out need based research programmes in breeding, nutrition, management, effect of environment on poultry production and post harvest technology
  • Maintenance of certain fancy poultry germplasm

Japanese Quail

  • Productivity improvement of Nandanam quail III
  • Standardization of production performance of four varieties of Japanese quail namely brown, gold, white and white-breasted Japanese quails are being maintained
  • Research programmes in progress to develop separate lines of broiler and layer strain Japanese quail
  • Taking up of studies on need based nutritional interventions to improve the production efficiency


  • Maintaining three varieties namely, Desi, Nandanam Turkey I and Nandanam turkey -II
  • Improving the growth and production potential of the Nandanam Turkey I through vigorous selection and breeding programmes
  • Carrying out research programmes to improve the hatching performance and carcass traits

Guinea Fowl

  • Genetic improvement of Nandanam Guinea fowl –I (Pear variety )
  • Standardization of productive performance of white, white-breasted and Lavender varieties of guinea fowl.
  • To standardize the optimum management and nutritional requirements of guinea fowls
  • Carrying out research programmes to improve the hatching performance and carcass traits


  • Maintenance of a model unit
  • Carrying out pilot studies on breeding, hatching and Nutrition

External Funded Schemes

Completed Research Schemes

  • DBT – Poverty alleviation through scientific turkey farming in selected rural areas of Kancheepuram district of TamilNadu
  • DBT -Sustainable rural livelihood through backyard Guinea fowl farming in Thiruvannamalai district of Tamilnadu
  • Industry Funded project-Evaluation of commercial probiotic Bio-Green on broiler performance
  • ICAR adhoc scheme on "Evolving optimum management practices and nutrient requirement of turkeys"

Ongoing Research Scheme

  • ICAR-Experiential learning – Setting up of facilities for hands on training on model turkey post harvest technology unit



  • Played pivotal role in fulfilling the academic demands of B.V.Sc & AH students of Madras Veterinary College, Chennai and B.Tech students of College of Food and Dairy Technology, Koduvalli. The students undergo hands on training in various poultry farming activities for their practical credit requirements
  • Internship training is being offered to the students of Madras Veterinary College and Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkal every year


  • The research scholars from Madras Veterinary College and other institutes of TamilNadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University utilize the facilities available at this institute to carry out the research works to full fill their thesis requirements.
  • This institute meet out the biological research inputs demands like hatching eggs, incubated eggs and experimental birds of various academic institutions/ universities in and around Chennai city
  • This Institute has a credential in research output of 34 Ph. D and 120 M.V.Sc thesis

Extension Activities

  • Offering 3 days specialized training programme on J.quail farming, desi bird farming and turkey farming
  • Offering Skill development and self employment courses for creating self confidence and employment opportunities among rural self help women and unemployed youth

Name of the course Qualification Duration Language Fee
Employment based courses
Poultry farm manager Pass in +2 3 months Tamil Rs.3000/-
Hatchery manager Pass in S.S.L.C 1 month Tamil Rs.1000/-
Poultry Farm Supervisor Pass in S.S.L.C 1 month Tamil Rs.2000/-
Poultry Breeder Farm Supervisor Pass in S.S.L.C 2 months Tamil Rs.2000/-
Poultry Farm Vaccinator Pass in 8th Standard 1 month Tamil Rs.2000/-
Turkey farm assistant Pass in 8th Standard 1 month Tamil Rs.1000/-
Self employment courses
Japanese Quail Farming Read and write skill 1 month Tamil Rs.1000/-

Intangible Assets

  • Supply of elite germplasm to encourage entrepreneurial activity among poultry farmers
  • Nutritional and food security through the supply of egg and wholesome meat
  • Supply of biological research inputs like hatching eggs, embryonated eggs and experimental birds to various research, academic institutions/ universities in and around Chennai city
  • 100 numbers of organized turkey farms established in Theni District for self help group members under Government of Tamilnadu scheme on "Women empowerment through homestead turkey farming by self help groups in Theni District of Tamilnadu"
  • Training inputs and critical inputs were given to self help group women farmers under DBT scheme on "Empowerment of women self help group through entrepreneurship training in scientific quail farming"
  • Played a major role in distribution of elite germplasm of poultry to the entrepreneurs for the income generating activities
  • Farmers advisory cell attends the need of farmers and entrepreneurs in consultancy
  • Offered training to interested entrepreneurs in emerging enterprises in poultry farming
  • 100 numbers of organized Guinea fowl farms were established in Thiruvannamalai District for self help group members under Government of Tamilnadu scheme on "Sustainable rural livelihood through backyard Guinea fowl farming in Thiruvannamalai district of Tamilnadu".

Farmers Advisory Cell

  • Technical advisory cell is functioning at this institute to solve the field problems of poultry farmers over phone and inperson.

Thrust Areas

  • Promote alternate poultry farming systems
  • Specialization in functional foods production
  • Creation of facilities for molecular genomics
  • Degree/ Diploma/Certificate courses in poultry production
  • Conservation of Indigenous Germplasm of poultry
  • Development of new broiler variety of Japanese Quail
  • Development of new colour broiler variety
  • Development of improved strain of Aseel


  • Dr. A.V.Omprakash, Professor and Head | | Mobile: +91-998400 93182
  • Dr. R. Richard Churchil, Associate Professor | | Mobile: +91-94455 37760
  • Dr. K. Premavalli, Assistant Professor | | Mobile: +91-97907 53594
  • Dr. P.Kanagaraju, Assistant Professor | | Mobile: +91-94420 20054
  • Dr. C.Pandian, Assistant Professor | | Mobile: +91-91760 54043


The Professor and Head,

Institute of Poultry Production and Management,

Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai – 600 051.

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