Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex of Veterinary College and Research Institute, Orathanadu has been established to impart training to the veterinary graduates and caters its effective diagnostic and therapeutic services in the large and small animal clinical practices.


To impart clinical training to the undergraduate students on rotation basis in the following sections of Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex:

  • Ambulatory Section
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Section
  • Medicine Section Gynecology and Obstetrics Section
  • Surgery and Radiology Section
VCRI orathanadu building VCRI testing

Courses Offered

Semester Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
VII VCP 411 Veterinary Clinical Practice 0+5
VLD 411 Veterinary Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnosis - I 0+1
VIII VCP 421 Veterinary Clinical Practice 0+5
VLD 421 Veterinary Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnosis - II 0+1
TVC 421 Veterinarian in Society Non-credit 1+0
IX VCP 511 Veterinary Clinical Practice 0+5
Total 1+17


Dr. N.Premalatha, Professor and Head

Dr. S.Senthilkumar, Associate Professor

Dr. M.Saravanan, Assistant Professor

Dr. P.K.Ramkumar, Assistant Professor

Dr. K.Kannan | Assistant Professor

Dr. T.Arulkumar, Assistant Professor

For further details please contact:

Professor Head

Department of Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex

Veterinary College and Research Institute

Orathanadu - 614625

Phone No: 04372-234011

Email : tvccvcri@tanuvas.org.in