• To impart training on the felt need of the end users, practicing farmers and officers of the line department.
  • To act as a two way channel between University and the farmers to identify the field based livestock and poultry problems and also to pass on the remedial measures.
  • To conduct on farm trials on the latest research findings of the University and field oriented problems specific to the area.
  • To ensure an immediate and thorough diagnosis in the event of an outbreak with special emphasis on disease reporting system.
  • To motivate and encourage in establishing livestock and poultry farm for self employment by the local farmers.
  • To collaborate with State and Central sponsored rural programs.
  • To Develop and maintain data base on livestock / poultry in the area.
  • To carryout short term need based location specific projects.

Major Activities

  • Systematic survey of poultry / livestock industry in Tirupur District.
  • Survey of various diseases prevailing in this area and suggesting suitable remedial measures.
  • Attending to specific outbreaks, disease problems and ensuring prompt and efficient diagnosis to prevent further loss.
  • Catering the needs of Livestock and Poultry farmers on various aspects of poultry feed management and health management.
  • Transfer of technology are being carried out from this center by publishing and distributing pamphlets to the farmers and by publishing articles on health and management of livestock and poultry in local vernacular and journals meant for farmers for the benefit of farming community.
  • Forecasting of disease outbreak in livestock and poultry are being given through AIR, Coimbatore to facilitate vaccination against the disease by the farmers.
  • Regular short-term on-campus and off-campus training programs are conducted throughout the year, to train the farmers to adopt modern management practices and to adopt scientific methods in livestock activities.
  • ass Contact Programme / Special Animal Health Campaign / Training to beneficiaries of Govt. free sheep and goat distribution scheme are being attended in collaboration with Animal Husbandry Department and other line department like TNMPUC Ltd.
  • Special training programs are being organized and conducted for members of Self Help Group women and other N.G.Os.
  • Implementing Rotational Goat and Desi fowl Rearing Scheme.





Salient Achievements

  • To study the incidence of tapeworms of poultry, samples collected during autopsy and as well as from litter revealed occurrence of Cotugnia sp. And Choanotaenia infundibulaum, prevalence of C.infundibiulum being the first report from domestic fowls in Tamil Nadu.
  • Eimeria brunetti causing distinct ileo-rectal lesions occasionally involving caecum also was encountered in few cases. The incidence of this species is reported for the first time from domestic fowls in Tamil Nadu.
  • Hydropericardium-Hepatitis Syndrome (Leechi Disease) was recorded in broilers of Palladam area, first in South India.
  • Under Part II scheme, 350 goats have distributed to 350 SC/ST women beneficiaries during the year 2009-10 and one kid is being received from the beneficiary and redistributed to another beneficiary in the subsequent year. This process is being continued. Similarly, 500 desi fowl (100 cocks and 400 hens) have distributed to 100 SC/ST women beneficiaries during the year 2009-10. This process is being continued.
  • This centre also implementing rotation goat rearing scheme with help of NGO' s like Rotary club, Lion's Club from 2002 onwards. So for more than 600 goats have been given to rural women and more than 20 lakhs rupees worth assets have been created in rural area.

Services Offered

S.No. Kind of examination Rate Rs.
1. Post mortem of poultry 20.00
2. Antibiotic Sensitivity Test of biological sample 100.00
3. Water analysis for salts and microbial load 100.00
4. Estimate antibody titre against Ranikhet disease - Filter paper samples 5.00
5. Disease investigation in the farms /farm visit 100.00


  • Dr. R.Mathivanan, Professor and Head
  • Dr. T.Geetha, Assistant Professor | geetha.t | Mobile: +91 – 7373419476
  • Dr. U.Lakshmikantan, Assistant Professor


The Professor and Head,

Veterinary University Training & Research Centre,

Veterinary Hospital Campus (Opposite to Old bus stand),

Kamarajar Salai, Tirupur – 648 604.

Phone No : 0421-2248524


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