Establishment of the centre

The scheme for Control of Abortion in Cattle of University Training and Research Centre, Erode was redesignated as University Training and Research Centre and transferred to Salem on 25.11.1994. This centre was renamed as Veterinary University Training and Research Centre (VUTRC), Salem on 08.04 1999 and now its functioning under Directorate of Extension Education, Tamilnadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai-600051. This centre renders services to transfer viable technologies from the laboratory to the farming community and strives to suggest solutions to the location specific problems. This centre also motivates and encourages the farmers in establishing livestock and poultry farms for self-employment through training and advisory services.

Location and Infrastructure

Veterinary University Training and Research Centre (VUTRC) is functioning in a new building in veterinary hospital complex (Near Collectorate), Brett's Road, Salem – 636 001, from August 2012 and this was inaugurated by Honourable chief minister of Tamilnadu through Video conferencing. This centre has well established infrastructural facilities such as training hall with well equipped audio, video & multimedia facilities, laboratory with basic equipments to perform microbiological tests in aseptic condition, information centre with e-connectivity, library with latest scientific journals, magazines and books and administrative office. Our centre has established demonstration unit of Azolla cultivation and Fodder plot for the benefit of farming community.


This centre has been functioning with following objectives:

  • To impart training on the felt need of the end users, practising farmers and officers of the line departments
  • To act as a two way channel between University and the farmers to identify the field based livestock and poultry problems and also to pass on
  • the remedial measures
  • To conduct on farm trails on the latest research findings of the University and field oriented problems specific to the area
  • To ensure an immediate and through diagnosis of disease in the event of an outbreak with special emphasis on disease reporting system
  • To motivate and encourage in establishing livestock and poultry farms for self-employment by the local farmers
  • To collaborate with state and Central sponsored rural development programmes
  • To develop and maintain data on livestock / poultry in the area.
  • To carryout short term need based location specific projects

Research activities

List of ongoing and completed projects

Sl.No Title of the Project Name of the funding agency Status (ongoing/ Completed) Amount (Rs lakh)
1 Study on Alternative Strategies for treating respiratory infections in Desi chicken National Innovation Foundation Ongoing 7.95
2 Intensification of fodder production system in Salem district of Tamilnadu SPC-TNSLURB Ongoing 9.67
3 Commercialization of Desi chicken farming as a livelihood option for Yercaud tribes of Salem district NABARD Ongoing 5.25
4 Participatory technology development in Indigenous Veterinary Medicine among tribes in Tamilnadu National Innovation Foundation Completed 9.0
5 Promotion of desi chicken based livelihood options for Yercaud tribal community ICAR – Tribal Sub Plan Completed 4.0
6 Promotion and Strengthening of Livestock based livelihood options for Yercaud tribal community ICAR-Tribal Sub Plan Completed 1.50
7 Genetic upgradation of Cattle and Buffaloes in TamilnaduAdoption of oestrus synchronization technique to improve productive and reproductive potential Government of Tamilnadu – NADP project Completed 200.00
8 FFS under ATMA Schemes a. Green fodder cultivation and utilization for Dairy Animals b. Fattening of kids/lambs c. Rearing of desi chicken as a livelihood option ATMA Completed 1.00
9 On farm trials under ATMA a. Assessment of Namakkal chicken for backyard poultry farming in Salem District b. Evaluation of oral pellet vaccine for Newcastle disease among dsi bird farmers of Salem district c. Assessment of broiler Namakkal quail performance in salem district ATMA Completed 0.30


Veterinary University Training and Research Centre offers internship training programme to the undergraduate students of Madras Veterinary College. The infrastructure is available in this district to take up the industrial exposure and filed visits related to livestock sector and this centre also has laboratory with basic equipments to perform microbiological tests in aseptic condition and parasitological examination by the students.


  • Azolla feeding to dairy cattle and desi chicken
  • Model fodder plots for irrigated condition and rainfed condition
  • Preparation of value added milk and meat products
  • Utilization of TANUVAS mineral mixture
  • Mechanization in animal husbandry such as fodder chaff cutter, rain gun, brush cutter and milking machine

Major activities

  • Imparting training programmes on dairying, sheep and goat farming, pig farming, rabbit farming, poultry farming, preparation of value added milk products with the help of audio visual aids for farmers, Self Help Group women and unemployed youths.
  • Conducting Skill Development Course and Self Employment Course in co-ordination with Directorate of Distance Education, TANUVAS, Chennai.
  • Disseminating modern innovations & technologies in the field of animal husbandry, to the farmers, field veterinarians and officers of the line departments in Salem district through guest lectures, mass contact programmes, exhibitions, by way of radio talks, popular articles, pamphlets, books, journals etc. Suggesting low cost feed formulations and feeding pattern during drought seasons.
  • Providing technical advisory services on various livestock and poultry farming through telephone, mobile phone, e-mail, post, touch screen kiosk and in person and farm visits. Disease investigations during
  • Disease outbreaks. Conduct of post mortem, examination of samples for confirmation of the disease and suggesting prophylactic measures and treatment to contain the diseases.
  • Organizing animal health camps, mass contact programmes, infertility camps organized in collaboration with the line departments, non – governmental organizations and other educational institutions.
  • Creating awareness about the importance of green fodder production and feeding of mineral mixture, proper vaccination and regular vaccination in order to improve the productivity and health of the livestock as well as to decrease the production cost.
  • Sale of University publications and TANUVAS technology products and preparation of project reports for the loan seekers from the bank

Outreach programmes

S.No Activities 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013 - 14 2014-15
1 No. of farm visits 25 36 15 35 71
2 No. of technical advices given 730 1238 1176 1552 2531
3 No. of Projects prepared 8 4 5 20 42
4 No. of clinical samples tested 123 342 254 295 755
5 No. of on campus trainings / No. of persons trained 25 (660) 22 (492) 18 (513) 19 (550) 22 (691)
6 No. of off campus trainings / No. of persons trained 27 (506) 62 (4360) 47 (4058) 75 (7361) 77 (6131)
7 Training for women / beneficiaries 4 (1053) 47 (3966) 38 (1694) 90 (6616) 75 (6054)
8 On farm trials - 3 3 3 -
9 Clinical activities Specimens analyzed - 3 3 3 2
10 Clinical activities Specimens analyzed 690 998 111 345 755
11 Mass Contact Programme 31 (2039) 19 (2336) 2 (1379) 7 (2355) 12 (15015)
12 No. of village awareness campaigns conducted 37 (2665) 10 (467) 9(278) 9(278) 26 (833)
13 No. of village awareness campaigns conducted 2 2 4 3 5
14 Exhibitions organized / conducted 37 19 8 3 10

Salient Achievements

  • Under the guidance of Veterinary University Training and Research Centre, Salem M/s HATSUN Milk Products Ltd. has opened a Research and Development wing at Karumapuram Village of Salem District on 3.3.1998.
  • So far 90 mini dairy farms comprising of 5 + 5 cows and 25 small dairy farms comprising of 1 + 1 cows had been started by the farmers who had undergone training at this Centre


  • Dr. V.Meenalochani, Associate Professor and Head
  • Dr. D.Jayanthi, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. P.Ravi, Assistant Professor


Veterinary University Training and Research Centre,

Veterinary Hospital Complex,

Bretts Road (Near to Collectorate) Salem - 636 001

Tel. No. +91-427-2410408. E:

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