The Scheme on "Veterinary and Animal Sciences Information Service Centre (VASISC)" was started on 17.11.1988. In 1990 the centre was equipped with a VHS video camera. To produce high quality professional videos suitable for broadcast and making multiple copies for the end users, a High-Band U-matic cut-to-cut edit suite with suitable camera, recorder and accessories was purchased in 1994. In tune with technological advancements in video quality and television broadcast, the U-matic edit suite was replaced with AB roll Betacam edit suite with suitable camera, effects generator and accessories under AHRD Project in 1998. Due to advent of High-Definition video technology, the centre was equipped with High-Definition video camera, video recorder, non-linear computerized video editing facility with infinite effects generation, high capacity storage hard disks etc. in 2008.


  • To produce instructional video lessons on various aspects of livestock and poultry farming etc.
  • To document success stories in livestock and poultry sector for further dissemination to farmers/ entrepreneurs.
  • To disseminate the recommended animal husbandry practices to the end users through electronic media.
  • To carry out digital video documentation of various programmes organised by Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University.

VASISC is involved in

  • Technology transfer of scientific findings and new methods by means of organizing video and audio lesson capsules through Doordarshan, All India Radio and other channels on regular basis. Farm Radio programmes consisting of 13 lessons are broadcasted through All India Radio to educate farmers besides broadcast of regular programmes.
  • Preparation of video and audio lessons for the benefit of farmers and also for academic purpose. A total of 18 DVDs containing 37 lessons of which five are in English and the rest in Tamil were prepared.
  • Multiplication of video and audio compact discs.
  • Offering farm advisory services through various media

Scientists in-charge

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