TANUVAS offers 13 courses under distance education of which the animal welfare course is through print and online. The course on Optimizing cattle feeding based on locally available fodder resources is offered in English for 6 months in CD- ROM while two courses, Management of Infertility in Bovines and Recent trends in disease diagnosis and treatment of ruminants are offered in Print mode supplemented with CD. The rest nine courses such as Dairy farming, Goat farming, Livestock and poultry farm manager, Livestock product technology, Animal feed mill management, Fodder production, Japanese quail production, Turkey farming, Nattu kozhi valarppu (Desi Bird Rearing) are aimed at developing entrepreneurs who can establish and manage a farm or unit scientifically.

The eligibility is 10th standard or its equivalent with experience in animal welfare activities will be preferred. The duration of the Certificate Course on Animal Welfare by Distance learning through print mode is for six months. The medium of instruction is in English.

The course on, "Optimizing cattle feeding based on locally available fodder resources" is for livestock farmers. Candidates capable of reading, writing and speaking in English and with basic knowledge about computer operations with a valid e-mail ID are eligible. The certificate course is of six months duration and offered in English through CD-ROM mode.

The overall goal of the course on Management of Infertility in bovines and Recent trends in disease diagnosis and treatment of ruminants is to provide opportunities for qualified working veterinarians in learning the recent advances in disease diagnosis and treatment of ruminants. The participants who successfully complete the course will be able to help farmers to increase the animal productivity by

  • Maintaining the health of the domestic animals
  • Reducing their mortality rate
  • Adopting the recent advances to suit local needs in the field. These two courses are for veterinarians working in field.

The duration of the Certificate Course on "Recent Trends in Disease Diagnosis and Treatment of Ruminants" by Distance learning through print mode is six months. The medium of instruction is in English.


Advertisements about the courses offered are published in print media including TANUVAS publications, Vernacular and English dailies. Announcements are also made in Doordharsan and All India Radio. The applications received from the candidates are scrutinized by a committee. The eligible candidates are admitted throughout the year for all the courses listed in the annexure after getting the filled in applications along with necessary documents and course fee. The candidates are informed about their admission through admission letters.

Course curriculum

The curriculum for each course has been designed by the concerned subject matter specialists identified by the university after many deliberations and evaluation by peer groups. Practical sessions and individual hands on practice in the farms are given topmost priority in all the courses.

Content delivery / Learning strategy

Manual for the courses have been printed and dispatched to the enrolled candidates at regular interval. The candidates are requested to write up the response sheets and submit as course requirement. Only those candidates who completed the response sheets for the courses are called to attend the contact class. At the end of each course, contact class for duration of 2-3 days will be held so as to provide the necessary practical exposure and clarify the doubts of the learners.


For all the 13 courses the pattern of evaluation and certification are similar. Each lesson will have response sheets. The students are advised to submit the response sheets within the time limit specified. The same would be evaluated and the marks obtained will be reckoned for internal assessment.

After the completion of all the lessons, a contact class will be held for three days at appropriate institutions of TANUVAS. The programme for contact class comprises of practical training, field visit, interaction with experts and a final written examination. The individuals have to bear the expenses (to and fro travel, boarding and lodging expenditure) on their own towards the contact class. Participation in the contact class is a must to complete the course and for award of certificate.

Each student will be evaluated on the basis of their performance in internal assessment, participation in the contact class and final examination. Evaluation will be done and certificates will be issued to those who successfully complete the course as per the rules and regulations stipulated by the University. Successful candidates are awarded certificates at the end of contact class programmes based on the following grading system:

  • 35-49 - III Class
  • 50-69 - II Class
  • 70-85 - I Class
  • 86-100 - Distinction


Sl.No. Course title Medium of instruction Duration of the course Mode of delivery
1 Animal welfare English 6 months Print and Online web based mode

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