The Veterinary University Training & Research Centre is functioning at No. 4/221, Panduthakaran Pudhur, Manmangalam (Post), Karur- 639 006 from 26.08.1996, located 12km from Karur on NH – 7.This centre disseminate the new research findings to the Farming community.


  • To impart training on the felt need of the end users, practicing farmers including SC/ ST communities and officers of the line department
  • To act as a two way channel between University and the farmers to identify the field based livestock and poultry problems and also to pass on the remedial measures
  • To conduct on farm trials on the latest research findings of the University and location specific disease
  • To ensure an immediate and thorough diagnosis of disease in the event of an outbreak with special emphasis on disease reporting system
  • To motivate and encourage in establishing livestock and poultry farms for self employment by the local farmers
  • To collaborate with State and Central sponsored rural development programme
  • To develop and maintain data base on livestock / poultry in the area
  • To carryout shot term need based location specific projects

Completed Research Activities (2008-2011)

  • The centre has acted as co-ordinating centre for ongoing ICAR, AICRP on "Improvement of Feed Resources and Nutrient Utilization in Raising Animal Production - Department of Animal Nutrition, MVC.,Chennai.
  • The centre has acted as co-ordinating centre for ongoing NADP project on "Genetic Upgradation of Cattle and Buffaloes in Tamil Nadu: Adoption of Oestrus synchronization Technique to improve the productive and reproductive potential", in which identification of the Villages and infertile animals in the Karur District for the synchronization of Animals is in progress.
  • VUTRC Karur has acted as co-ordinating centre for collection of samples and field testing of Mineral Mixture for NADP sponsored project on " Validating Research on Mineral Map of TamilNadu " in Karur district.
  • The centre has implemented NABARD sponsored project on "Economic empowerment and employment of rural women through technology based dairy farming" with budget outlay of Rs.3,57,250/-25 JLGs with 165 members were formed in three blocks, Karur, Krishnarayapuram and Thanthoni and arranged financial assistance to purchase Milch cattle. They were trained in scientific management of dairy cattle that led profitable dairy farming.

Current Research Activities (2011-2013)

  • TNPL sponsored project on "Dairy Integration programme for sustainable livelihood of TNPL adopted village farmers" in Karur District with budget outlay of Rs.2.5 lakhs.
  • Establishment of Korangadu Pasture land in Karur District - TANUVAS Research Corpus Fund project with budget outlay of Rs.3.10 lakhs.
  • The centre is acting as co-ordinating centre for implementation of ongoing ICAR scheme on "Mega Sheep Seed Project – Mecheri Sheep" at Karur District for the improvement of Mecheri sheep breed functioning at MSRS, Pottaneri. Under the scheme superior Mecheri Rams supplied to the farmers and intended to improve the genetic potential of the breed. Timely vaccination and deworming also carried out to improve the health status of the sheep.
  • The ATMA activities like demonstration, exposure visit, farm school, capacity building and training in respect of Animal Husbandry in Karur, Thanthoni, K.Paramathi & Aravakurichi block is regularly obtained from the Joint Director, Department of Agriculture, Karur.
  • The centre obtained funds from NABARD, TNPL, ATMA and IOB (RSETI) and Pudhu vazhvu Thittam to conduct training programmes regularly
  • Training for Tamilnadu Government scheme desi bird, broiler, priceless goat beneficiaries and beneficiaries of NMPS
  • Training for NADP beneficiaries of fodder development and azolla cultivation
  • Periodical on campus and off campus training programmes on livestock farming
  • Regular technical meet for field veterinarians and guest lecture for progressive farmers
  • Regular farm visits on the basis of farmers request either for starting a new livestock enterprise or to identify problems and suggesting suitable remedial measures.
  • Preparation of bankable livestock projects.
  • Survey on Leptospirosis and Brucellosis among domestic animals in Karur District is in progress. 

Transfer of Technology

1. Green fodder and azolla production Salient Findings

  • The livestock farmers were motivated to cultivate different types of green fodder like grass, grain, leguminous and tree fodder and 67 acres were converted to fodder in last three years
  • Model azolla units were established in the centre and seeds were distributed to 51 farmers in last one year. Among them 9 farmers were multiply the units and feeding azolla regularly.

2. Inclusion of TANUVAS mineral mixture and Smart mineral mixture Salient Findings

  • Awareness created on mineral supplementation and 1200 kgs of mineral mixture is being sold per year from the centre.

3. Namakkal chicken rearing in backyard Salient Findings

  • 900 chicks were distributed to seven farmers in 2013-14.
  • Mortality rate was found @ 4%
  • Egg production varies from 110-150 eggs
  • Sale price is Rs.5/egg

4.Namakkal gold quail rearing Salient Findings

  • 1000 chicks were distributed to 3 farmers in 2013-14
  • Mortality was found 6%
  • Body weight of 185gms at 4th wk of age.
  • Farmers sell around 30-32 days for Rs.35-40/bird

5. TANUVAS Oral pellet vaccine against Ranikhet diseases Salient Findings

  • 2500 dose were distributed to the desi birds of Karur district
  • Immune status was tested at the Department of Microbiology and it was reported good

6. Mineral Block supplementation Salient Findings

  • Farmers were motivated to provide mineral blocks to sheep and goats
  • Blocks were made available at Karur
  • The farmers rear goats in slatted floor were started to hang the blocks in the shed

7. Portable Bio-gas unit Salient Findings

  • Seven units were installed in 2013-14
  • All the seven were functioning well and meet out the fuel demand
  • Slurry became the manure for the field

Outreach Programmes by VUTRC, Karur in the District

S.No Activities 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
1 No. of farm visits 63 101 46 50
2 No. of technical advices given 1274 2889 2125 2240
No. of farm projects prepared 13 51 86 95
3 No. of post mortem examination carried out 10 12 7 8
4 No. of on campus trainings / No. of persons trained 27(592) 43(1075) 32(740) 37(1012)
5 No. of off campus trainings / No. of persons trained 29 (729) 58(2835) 55(3409) 19(608)
6 Training for women / beneficiaries 477 371 2065 4777
7 Front Line Demonstration 6 5 4 12
8 Farm School Conducted 2 1 3 6
9 Clinical activities Specimens analyzed 602 186 487 415
i Deworming and Vaccination 3078 3148 8996 18806
ii Outbreaks attended 10 - 01 04
iii Infertility case 40 50 495 75
10 Mass Contact Programme 35 26 19 24
11 Video lessons displayed 30(942) 47(4011) 30(19920) 5284
12 No. of village awareness campaigns conducted 04 04 21 14
13 Exhibitions organized / conducted 26 21 24 10

Establishment of Livestock/Fodder Farms by VUTRC, Karur in the District

I Livestock farms 2013-14
1 Goat Farm 03
2 Dairy farm 07
3 Desi birds farm 06
4 Pig Farm 01
5 Sheep farm 04
6 Integrated Farming 02
7 Rabbit farm 02
8 Japanese quail 01
9 Turkey farm --
II Fodder plots (acres) 2013-14
1 Co4 Field 14.76
2 Desmanthus 13.5
3 Lucerne --
4 Cenchrus 15
5 Stylo seeds 05
6 COFS - 29> 20.5
7 Subabul seeds 05

Services Offered

i. Disease diagnosis

S.No Services Amount
1 Post Mortem examination Rs.20/-
2 Dung Sample
3 Blood Smear
4 Farm Visit Rs.100/-
5 Livestock Project Proposal 0.25% of the total project cost

ii. Inputs available

S.No Inputs Amount
1 TANUVAS mineral mixture Rs.55/-
2 TANUVAS Smart mineral mixture Rs.45/-
3 TANUVAS Grand Rs.30/-
4 Mineral Block Rs.75/-
5 Oral pellet vaccine -
6 Azolla seeds -
7 Farm Visit
1. Desmanthus Rs.500/-
2. CoFs 29 Rs.400/-
3. African Tall maize Rs.350/-


  • Dr. K.Arunachalam, Professor and Head
  • Dr. G.Vijayakumar, Assistant Professor


Veterinary University Training & Research Centre,

No. 4/221, Panduthakaran Pudur,

Manmangalam (Post), Karur – 639 006.

Phone: 04324-294335

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