Research Activities

Apart from teaching, this institute is diverting maximum attention in research activities to meet the growing demands of the farming community. So for, 28 schemes to the tune of 225.97 lakhs sanctioned by ICAR, Central Silk Board, Government of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology, Agricultural Processed Food Products Export Development Authority and private agencies and completed successfully. To motivate the students in research aspect, students projects funded by the Tamil Nadu Sate Council for Science and Technology, Chennai is also operated in this institute from 1995-96 onwards. So for, 54 student projects have been completed successfully and many student projects have won awards. Currently, 30 schemes funded by various agencies including PART II scheme for the tune of Rs. 1908.45 lakhs are in progress. A total of 11 revolving fund schemes are also in operation.

Extension Activities

This institute serves as a notable link in bridging the gap between the research and clientele system through organizing various extension activities. Farm advisory services through various extension methods like advisory letters, office calls, farm and home visits and telephone calls etc., are offered. Breeding stocks of livestock and fodder slips are sold to farmers at minimal costs. The problems in the feeding management of poultry farms are redressed by providing standardized season-wise f eed formula to the poultry farmers. A total of 4,174 farmers and 854 students who visited this institute were taken to the college livestock farm for practical exposure and demonstration on various animal husbandry techniques.

This institute also conducts training programmes and demonstrations to farmers and self help group women. A total of 873 field veterinarians were trained under refresher courses on bovine breeding, postmortem examinations and veterolegal cases, hygienic slaughter and dressing of poultry and meat processing and avian influenza. The scientists of this institute attend many outbreaks in and around Namakkal and other districts and extend technical guidance to the field staff. Mass contact programmes and infertility camps are regularly organized in the villages of Namakkal district for the benefit of livestock farmers.