The Department of poultry Science in Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkal was started during the year 1985 and continuously offering undergraduate (B.V.Sc. & A.H.) education. The postgraduate courses viz. M.V.Sc. and Ph.D. were started from 1993 and 1995 onwards, respectively.

Major objectives

  • To impart teaching for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes
  • To conduct research programmes for M.V.Sc. and Ph.D. scholars
  • Farm advisory services
  • Conducting training programmes to the progressive farmers

Multifaceted activities of the department are,

  • U.G. and P.G. education
  • Centre of Advanced Faculty Training in Avian Sciences (ICAR Scheme)
  • Maintaining a modern Poultry Farm Complex
  • Maintaining hatchery for supplying day-old chicks of several poultry species
  • Conducting Postgraduate researches
  • Facilitating researches for other college / university postgraduate students
  • Carrying out need based and industry based validation researches
  • Conducting PG Diploma in Commercial Poultry Production Management course
  • Conducting 5 skill development courses

Courses Offered

B.V.Sc. & A.H.         

  • LPM 211 – Avian production management (1+1)
  • LPM 221 – Commercial poultry production and hatchery management (1+1)
  • LPM 222 – Diversified poultry production and current concepts in poultry management (1+1)


  • PSC 602 – Poultry nutrition and feeding (2+1)
  • PSC 603 – Commercial layer production (2+1)
  • PSC 604 – Commercial broiler production (2+1)
  • PSC 605 – Breeder stock, flock health and hatchery management (3+1)
  • PSC 606 – Management of poultry other than chicken (2+1)
  • PSC 607 – Poultry products technology and marketing (2+1)
  • PSC 608 – Poultry economics, projects and marketing (2+1)
  • PSC 609 – Physiology of poultry production (2+1)
  • LPM 608 – Poultry farm and hatchery management (2+1)


  • PSC 801 – Applied poultry nutrition (2+1)
  • PSC 802 – Concepts in commercial poultry production (2+1)
  • PSC 803 – Developments in poultry products technology (2+1)
  • PSC 804 – Emerging diseases of poultry and flock health (2+1)
  • PSC 805 – Advanced poultry breeding methods (2+1)
  • PSC 806 – Poultry economics, marketing and integration (2+1)
  • LPM 805 – Advances in poultry production management (2+1)


  • A well furnished air-conditioned lecture hall for conducting CAFTAS programme and P.G. classes
  • Well equipped U.G. laboratory with sophisticated equipment for estimation of proximate principles, mycotoxin analysis, egg internal quality measurement, measuring eggshell strength etc.
  • Fully automatic environmentally controlled broiler house for rearing 3000 broilers in all-in all-out system.
  • Fully automatic hatchery unit with uninterrupted power system and digitally controlled incubators.
  • Modern Japanese quail brooder cum grower house with cage and nipple drinking system
  • Modern elevated cage breeder quail house with cage and semi-automatic feeding system
  • Modern elevated cage layer house with automatic feeding, watering, climate control and lighting system.
  • Modern turkey chick cum grower house with semi automatic feeding and watering system
  • Modern turkey breeder house with semi automatic feeding and watering system.
  • Modern broiler experimental house to conduct researches in broilers under both deep litter and cage system of rearing.
  • Modern cross-bred breeder house with semi automatic feeding and watering system
  • Modern chick cum grower house with cage, nipple drinking and semi automatic feeding system.
  • An emu unit with automatic watering system
  • An ostrich unit with automatic watering system.

Achievements / Excellence

  • An ICAR fully financed scheme, "Centre of Advanced Faculty Training in Avian Sciences" is functioning in this department.
  • Revolving fund scheme on "Standardization of nutrient requirements, production and marketing of Japanese quail"
  • Revolving fund scheme on "Establishment of elevated cage layer house for commercial layers"
  • Conducted an International Poultry Expo and Conference – 2010 from 8th to 10th January 2010.

New strains released by this department

  • Namakkal quail – 1 : A meat-type Japanese quail strain, evolved by 4-way crossing
  • Namakkal gold quail : An egg-type Japanese quail strain, evolved by 5-way crossing
  • Namakkal chicken – 1 : A back-yard multicoloured chicken variety for egg production purpose, evolved by 4 way crossing.


Dr. M.Moorthy, Professor and Head || Mobile: +919442126636
Dr. R.Amutha, Professor || Mobile: +919443019099
Dr. D.Kannan, Professor |
Dr. K.Rajendran, Assistant Professor | | Mobile: +919442627913