The Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine was started in the year 1985 to teach Veterinary Clinical Medicine to the under graduate students. Post graduate degree (M.V.Sc.) and Ph.D. degree programmes are being offered from 2006 and 2008 respectively.


  • To impart UG and PG education
  • Treatment of sick animals and disease diagnosis at Veterinary College Hospital using special diagnostic aids
  • Disease investigation in field during outbreak
  • Extension activities
  • Farm advisory service and conducting training programs for the field

Infrastructure Available

  • Colour Doppler Ultrasonography for Large and Small animals
  • Electrocardiography for Large and Small Animals
  • Endoscopy for Ruminants, dogs and Horses
  • Doppler Blood Pressure
  • Defibrillator
  • 12- lead ECG
  • Oxygen generator for Critically ill patients
  • Rumen lab
  • Infusion pump for ruminants-Rumen drenching system Veterinarians and Progressive farmers
  • Downer cow sling and aqua cow



  • VMD 411 Veterinary Clinical Medicine – I (General & Systemic) (2+1)
  • VMD 421 Veterinary Clinical Medicine – II (Metabolic & Deficiency diseases) (2+0)
  • VMD 511 Animal Welfare, Ethics & Jurisprudence (2+0)
  • VMD 512 Zoo / Wild Animal Breeding, Management, Nutrition and healthcare (Jointly with AGB,LPM,ANN,VPP and VSR) (1+1)
  • VMD 513 Pet Animal Breeding, Management , Nutrition and Healthcare (Jointly with AGB,LPM,ANN,VPP and VSR) (1+1)


  • VCM 601 Ruminant Clinical Medicine -I (2+0)
  • VCM 602 Ruminant Clinical Medicine-II (2+0)
  • VCM 603 Equine Clinical Medicine (2+0)
  • VCM 604 Canine and Feline Clinical Medicine (2+0)
  • VCM 605 Swine Clinical Medicine (1+0)
  • VCM 606 Avian Medicine (1+0)
  • VCM 607 Zoo Wild and Laboratory Animal Medicine (2+0)
  • VCM 608 Clinical Diseases of Animal Species of Regional Importance (1+0)
  • VCM 609 Production Diseases (2+0)
  • VCM 610 Diseases of Animals Caused by Toxicants (1+0)
  • VCM 611 Veterinary Forensic Medicine (1+1)
  • VCM 612 Clinical Diagnostic Techniques (0+2)
  • VCM 613 Veterinary Emergency Medicine (0+2)
  • VCM 614 Clinical Practice-I (0+3)
  • VCM 615 Clinical Practice - II (0+3)


  • VCM 801 Advances in Gastroenterology (2+1)
  • VCM 802 Advances in Cardiopulmonary Medicine (2+0)
  • VCM 806 Advances in Pediatrics and Geriatrics (1+0)
  • VCM 807 Advances in Veterinary Diagnostics (1+2)
  • VCM 808 Advances in Veterinary Therapeutics (1+2)
  • VCM 809 Advanced Clinical Practice-I (0+2)
  • VCM 810 Advanced Clinical Practice-II (0+2)
  • VCM 890 Special Problem (0+2)

Schemes and Projects Undertaken

S.No. Title of the scheme Name of the funding agency
Part II Scheme on “Acute bovine respiratory syndrome in cattle” Government of Tamilnadu
Revalidation of study on “Efficacy of AV/FRC/18 Herbal ectoparasiticidal & fly repellent against natural infestation of ecto-parasites on ruminants Dabur Ayurvet ltd, HP
Revalidation of study on Effect of dietary incorporation of Ruchamax and AV/DAC/16 on rumen metabolites an enzyme activities in crossbred cattle Dabur Ayurvet ltd, HP
Revalidation of “study of efficacy of AV/CPS/19 (Herbal acaricide spray) against clinical mange mite infestation and fungal dermatosis in clinical cases of ruminants Dabur Ayurvet ltd, HP


  • Training programme on " Current trends on diagnosis and treatment of mastitis" for field veterinarians of Tamilnadu and Andra Pradesh
  • Participating in disease investigation work for the diagnosis of causative agent as and when required by the Aavin, Dept. of Animal Husbandry and VUTRCs.
  • Guest lectures, Radio talks are being given regularly for the benefit of farmers, students and academicians.
  • Training programme on "Clinical Procedure in small animals" for practicing veterinarians – sponsored by Mars International India Pvt ltd. In 2011
  • Training programme on "Ultrasound for small animal practitioners" for practicing veterinarians – sponsored by Mars International India Pvt ltd. In 2012


  • Ultrasonographic evaluation of canine hepatic diseases
  • Evaluation of bovine acute respiratory disease syndrome in cattle
  • Endoscopic evaluation of respiratory tract diseases in buffaloes
  • Standardization of effect of potassium chloride in recumbent cows
  • Standardization of Systolic indexes in cardiomyopathy in dogs
  • Echocardiographic evaluation of Pericarditis in cattle

Thrust Areas of Research

  • To undertake investigation on downer cow syndrome.
  • To investigate the various modalities for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of TRP.
  • To undertake investigation on pneumonia in small ruminants and large ruminants
  • To carryout investigation on cardiac, renal and gastro intestinal diseases of small animals.


Dr. G.Vijayakumar, Professor and Head || Mobile: +91-8220091580
Dr. E.Venkatesakumar, Assistant Professor
Dr. S.Sivaraman, Assistant Professor | | Mobile : +91-9626045711
Dr. R.Ravi, Assistant Professor | ravi[dot]p[at]tanuvas[dot]ac[dot]in | Mobile- +91-9994302676
Dr. K.Mohanambal, Assistant Professor || | Mobile:+91-9443252942