The Department of Animal Husbandry Economics was started on 12.12.1980 with the following objectives:
  • Malady-remedy analysis of livestock and poultry farming
  • Formulation of least cost ration for milk production
  • Impact of institutional financing on livestock farmers and
  • Analysis of consumption pattern of livestock and poultry products.


The Department is offering UG and PG courses and pursuing research in Livestock Economics and Marketing.

  • This Department has completed 25 research projects within a short span of 13 years.
  • Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission has identified this department as a consultant for framing the Livestock Policy of the State.
  • This Department has trained more than 350 persons in different areas of livestock economics.
  • This Department helped nearly 300 farmers for preparation of different livestock projects.

Current Focus


The department is involved in teaching Livestock economics, Econometrics, Linear Programming, Marketing and Business Management. So far, 27 MVSc, students and 5 Ph.D. scholars has completed their degree programmes.


The department is involved in working out the gray areas of farm production thereby improving the rural economy. For the development of livestock sector in Tamil Nadu, this department is doing macro level analysis in the areas of livestock production, population, productivity and employment generation through livestock enterprises. In marketing, various shandies located in different agro – climatic zones of Tamil Nadu are being studied. Further, new avenues for marketing of livestock products in the competitive GATT era are being explored.

Name of the project Funding agency Fund allocated (Rs.)
“Popularization of Target Selective Anthelmintic Technique among the Sheep Farmers in Tirunelveli District” NABARD 5.48


The department offers consultancy services to the farmers and field veterinarians in working out the economics of different livestock enterprises and help the needy farmers in preparing the bankable livestock project reports. This department is specialized in doing the following services for the benefit of livestock farmers:

  • Assessing the market demand of different livestock products
  • Analysing the break even quantity for livestock production
  • Profitability analysis of livestock farming
  • Consumer preference for livestock products
  • Cost-benefit analysis for technological intervention
  • Marketing channels of different livestock products
  • Procedure to obtain bank loans from financial institutions
  • Provides information on subsidies available in the banks to the needy farmers
  • Provides information on various policies implemented by government for the benefit of livestock farmers.


  1. Dr. G.Kathiravan, Professor and Head
  2. Dr. A.Serma Saravana Pandian, Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. J.Shilpa Shree, Assistant Professor