An area of 1500sqft made ready to use as laboratory with eleven cubicles of various sizes to install the sophisticated equipments with air-conditioning facility. The equipments listed were purchased and installed for use and students at post-graduate level and numerous scientists started using the equipments. The total cost of the equipments purchased so far is Rs.2.00 crores. For the infrastructural facilities like establishing cubicles and air-conditioning, an expenditure of Rs.14 lakhs was incurred. Various equipments are available in this laboratory, for regular use of the students and staff including electron microscope, Bio Safety Cabinet, Freezer –30° C - 75° C, Freeze Dryer, Microscope (Inverted) Fluorescent, Inverted, Microplate Spectrophotometer, Eppendorf of Master Cycler Gradient, Megaview IIICCD camera etc.,Catalogue with protocol for the major sophisticated equipments have been collected and are made available for the staff and students. So far 34,849 visits have been made by the staff members and research fellows to this laboratory and utilised the facilities available


  • To provide laboratory resources for the use of post graduate students and scientists of this institution as well as various other institute under one roof for quality, cost effective and uninterrupted research.
  • To make centrally available resources for research activities.
  • Electron Microscopic studies for rapid identification of ultra structural studies.
  • Purchase of need based equipments.
  • Maintenance of available equipments.
Name of the Service Charges (Rs.)
Suspension sample for Transmission Electron Microscope  analysis 2000.00/Sample
+ 20.00/ photo copy
Screening of cut section by Transmission Electron Microscope 1000.00/Sample
Demonstration of Electron Microscope 1500 / batch of 15 students
Gel Documentation System 150.00/ Gel
Microplate Spectrophotometer 100.00/ Plate
Fluorescent / phase contrast/ light microscope 100.00/Hour
Cryostat Microtome 150.00/Sample
Thermal Cycler 100.00/Sample
Vertical and Horizontal Maxi, Mini Gel Electrophoresis 75.00/Gel
Densitometer 100.00/Sample
Gel  Dryer 75.00/Gel
Sonicator-Probe 50.00/Sample
Homogenizer 50.00/Sample
Vacuum Concentrator 75.00/Sample
Freeze Drying  (maximum 40 ml in 80x0.5 ml vials) 1200.00/Batch
Tabletop Orbital Shaker 75.00/Day
Ultra filtration System 75.00/Sample
Photo printing of Gel Images using “dye sublimation technology” 20.00/ print
21 days Training on “Setting up of student PCR” 5000
21 days Training on “Basics of Primary Animal Cell culture techniques” 5000
3 months Project for MSc. & B.Tech students 20000
6 Months project for MSc. & B.Tech contact person 30000

Facilities Available


Dr. S.Ramesh, Professor and Head | hodcilmvc@tanuvas.org.in | Mobile: 8939905577


The Professor and Head,
Centralised Instrumentation Lab,
Madras Veterinary College, Vepery, Chennai-7.
Ph:044-25304000 Extn: 2009 | Email: hodcilmvc@tanuvas.org.in