Designation and address
Professor and Head
Department of Livestock Production Management
Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkal – 637 002.

M.V.Sc. (Livestock Production and Management)
Ph.D. (Livestock Production and Management)

T  +91-4286-266491
E k[dot]sivakumar[at]tanuvas[dot]ac[dot]in

Fields(s) of specialization
Majoring field : Livestock Production and Management
Specializing field : Farm Waste management
Current Projects
Project title Role in the project Fund outlay Funding agency
Pig husbandry based integrated approach for empowerment of SC/ST rural women of Kolli hills of Tamil Nadu Co- Principal Investigator Rs. 36.097 lakhs DBT, GoI
ICAR scheme experiential learning setting up of facilities for hands on training on commercial pig rearing Co-Principal Investigator Rs. 20.00 lakhs ICAR
Completed Projects
Project title Role in the project Fund outlay Funding agency

Part II scheme – Establishment of model forage farm

Principal investigator 10.0 lakhs Government of Tamil Nadu
Assessment of estrus specific pheromones in buffaloes with reference to kit development and enhancement of the reproductive efficiency Co-principal investigator 35  lakhs Department of Biotechnology, Government of India
Establishment of elite Murrah buffalo bull mother unit at VCRI, Orathanadu Co-Principal Investigator Rs. 30.0 lakhs Government of Tamil Nadu
“Establishing Nucleus Jersey Crossbred Bull-Mother Farm: Production of Superior Crossbred Bulls for Sustainable Milk Production under Rural Conditions” at VCRI, Orathanadu Co-Principal Investigator Rs.230.0 lakhs NADP, Government of India
Recent Research Publications
  • Sivakumar, K., V.Ramesh Saravana Kumar, P.N.Richard Jagatheesan, K.Viswanathan and D.Chandrasekaran, 2007. Seasonal variations in composting process of dead poultry birds. Bioresource Technology., 99 (9): 3708- 3713.
  • Sivakumar, K., V.Ramesh Saravana Kumar, P.N. Richard Jagatheesan, K. Viswanathan and D. Chandrasekaran. 2008. Microbial changes associated with composting of dead birds. Indian Vet J, 85: 526-528.
  • Sivakumar, K., V.Ramesh Saravana Kumar, A.K. Thiruvenkadan, R. Saravanan and M. Jeyakumar. 2012. Production and reproduction performances of exotic breeds of rabbit under tropical climatic conditions of Tamil Nadu. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 82 (4): 415–418, April.
  • Sivakumar K, Thiruvenkadan A.K., Ramesh Saravanakumar, V., Muralitharan J. Anandha Prakash Singh, D., Saravanan, P. and Jayakumar M 2013. Analysis of Production and Reproduction Performances of Soviet Chinchilla and White Giant Rabbits in Tropical Climatic Conditions of Indian. World Rabbit Sci., 21 : 101 - 106
  • Ramesh Saravana Kumar,V., Sivakumar, K., Anna, T., Anandha Prakash Singh, D., Ramesh, V. & Sukumar, K., 2014. Incidence of rabbit hemorrhagic disease (rhd) in meat type rabbits. International Journal of Advanced Biological Research. 4(2): 235-236.
  • R. Sakthivadivu, K. Sivakumar, V. Ramesh Saravana Kumar, and A. Natarajan. 2015. Chimerical changes during composting of poultry waste with coirpith waste and sugarcane top, International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology, 4 (1):40 – 49
  • Ramesh Saravana Kumar, V., K. Sivakumar and T. Anna. 2015. Incidence of Encephalitozooncuniculi infection in domestic rabbits in India, I.J.A.B.R, 5(1) : 47-49
Honours & Awards
  • Technology developed: Disposal and utilization of dead birds by aerobic composting.
  • ICAR – Junior Research Fellowship for  M.V.Sc.
  • R.D. Michel Award for M.V.Sc.
  • Best paper presentation award – Indian Society of Animal Production and Management National Seminar and Silver Jubilee convection held at Vanbandhu College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Navsari, Gujarat between 9th and 11th October 2014
  • Certificate of Appreciation: Course content developer for two e-courses
    • LPM 122 Livestock Production Management II (Swine, equine and laboratory animals) 1+1
    • MD 513 Pet animal breeding, management, nutrition and health care 1+1