Designation and address
Assistant Professor,
Veterinary University Training and Research Centre,
Karur-639 006.

M.V.Sc. (Livestock Production and Management)

: +91-9486111251
T : +91-4324-294335
E: bharathy[dot]n[at]tanuvas[dot]ac[dot]in
Fields(s) of specialization
Majoring field : Livestock Production and Management
Specializing field : Rabbit Rearing
Current Projects
  • Integrated Dairy Farming, Fodder Development, Bio-inputs & Clean Milk Production for sustainable livelihood of JLG farmers in Karur with budget outlay of Rs.4 lakhs.
  • Rural poultry farming for sustainable livelihood and nutritional security in K.Paramathi with budget outlay of Rs.30.40 lakhs.
Completed Projects
  • Dairy Integration programme for sustainable livelihood of farmers of Karur district - Co-PI
  • Establishment of korangadu pasture land in Karur district Co-PI Farmers Field School (FFS) - Co-PI
Recent Research Publications
  1. Bharathy N, Sakthivadivu R, Sivakumar K and Ramesh Saravana Kumar. 2012. Disposal and utilization of broiler slaughter waste by composting. Vet. World. 5(6):359-361.
  2. Bharathy N, Senthamil Pandian, C Chinnamani, K Bandeswaran, C, Murali, N Muralitharan,J & Akila, N. Occurrence of PPR in Sheep and Goat farm. 2013. Asian Journal of Science and Technology. Vol.4 (6):6-7.
  3. Bharathy, N Ragavendran, V.B Jayanthi, D & Murali, N. 2013. Trichobezoar in sheep. Indian Vet. Journal. Vol.90 (10): 74.
  4. Bharathy, N Ramesh, V Akila, N Chandrasekaran, D and Raghavendran, V.B. 2014. Carcass Characteristics of meat rabbits in different housing systems. Indian Vet. Journal. Vol.91 (08) 30 - 33.
  5. Bharathy, N and Akila, N. Incidence of contagious ecthyma (Orf) in goats in an organized farm. 2015. Indian Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Research. Vol. 44(2) 129 -131.
  6. Bharathy, N Akila, N and Vijayakumar, G. 2016. Assessment of Parasitic worm load in Small Ruminants. Indian Journal of Applied Research. Vol: 6 (4) 204 - 205.
Honours & Awards
  • University: Gold Medal for the Best M.V.Sc., student in the subject of Livestock Production and Management.