Designation and address
Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Parasitology,
Veterinary College and Research Institute,
Orathanadu, Thanjavur - 614 625.

M.V.Sc., (Veterinary Parasitology)
Ph.D., (Veterinary Parasitology)

Fields(s) of specialization
Majoring field : Veterinary Parasitology
Specializing field : Veterinary Helminthology
Current Projects
Completed Projects
  • University personal project on "Bio-control of mosquitoes using predaceous larvae of Toxorhynchites splendens".
Recent Research Publications

Arunkumar, S., Abdul Basith,S and Gomathinayagam,S (2012). Evaluation of serum antibody responses of Madras Red Sheep to excretory / secretory antigen of Haemonchus contortus. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 82 (9): 958–961.

Arunkumar, S and Abdul Basith,S (2012). Immuno protection in sheep against Haemonchus contortus using thiol-purified excretory / secretory proteins. Veterinary Research Forum 3(4): 239-244.

Arunkumar, S., Abdul Basith,S and Gomathinayagam,S (2012). A comparative analysis on humoral antibody levels of sheep immunized with crude and purified excretory / secretory antigen of Haemonchus contortus. Veterinary world 5(5): 279-284.

Arunkumar, S and Sangaran,A (2013). Predatory potential of larvae of Toxorhynchites splendens on the larvae of Aedes mosquitoes – Indian Veterinary Journal 90(3): 18-19.

Arunkumar, S and Sangaran,A (2013 – Assessment of cross-antigenicity of excretory / secretory antigens amongst Oesophagostomum columbianum and Haemonchus contortus of goats using western blotting. Indian Veterinary Journal 90(3): 20-22.

Honours & Awards
  • ICAR – JRF for pursuing M.V.Sc., degree at IVRI.