Indian Poultry Industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the agricultural sector today in India. India is world's second largest egg producer and the fifth largest producer of broilers.

Tamil Nadu is leading the states in broiler production with a record production of 397 thousand tonnes in 2009-10. Tamil Nadu ranks second in the country's egg production with a production of 10.8 billion eggs. Tamil Nadu accounts for 17.71 per cent of the poultry population of the country.

A very significant feature of India's poultry industry is its transformation from a mere backyard activity into a major commercial activity with adoption of Mechanization, Computerization and Automation in the Poultry Production Technology. Thus, to - days poultry Industry needs skilled Human resource having adequate knowledge in Environmental Sciences, Materials and Structural Engineering, Engineering Mathematics, Energy Generation and Conservation, Electrical Engineering, Egg and Poultry Processing Plants Refrigeration, CAD and CAM for Poultry Housing and Equipment, Refrigeration and Cold Chain, Instrumentation and Process Control, IT Application, Principles of Civil Engineering, Applied Electronics, Poultry Housing and Environment, Design and Construction of Hatchery, Feed Mill, Egg and Poultry Processing Plants, Poultry Feed Milling and Manufacturing Technology, Design and Construction of Hatchery, Feed Mill etc.,

To meet the Engineers demand for the Poultry Industry, As per G.O. Ms. No. 81, issued by the Secretary, Animal Husbandry & Fisheries Dept., Govt. of Tamil Nadu on 08.08.2011, the undergraduate Programme – B.Tech., (Poultry Production Technology) of 4 years ( 8 semesters) duration was started during the year 2011-12 by TANUVAS in its College of Food and Dairy Technology with an intake capacity of 20 students, which will deal exclusively with Poultry Engineering, Processing technologies for Poultry meat and Egg and Poultry Production Technologies.

The College of Poultry production and Management is established in 80 acres of land at Mathigiri, Hosur. CPPM, Hosur is a well established college that offers B.Tech (Poultry Technology), an unique course offered first in India. After the first batch passed out from CPPM, Hosur, all the students were placed in renowned MNC companies during their campus placement.


  • Establishment of suitable infrastructure for Research, Education and Industry linkage.
  • Empowering the human resources to meet the changing need of the Poultry Industry.
  • Ensuring diversified poultry to be an alternative and viable enterprise.


  1. To take up need based Research programmes for the Poultry Industry.
  2. To create strong inter and intra linkages between entrepreneurs of Poultry Industry and the Institute through Technology dissemination and adoption.
  3. To offer academic programmes of Excellence in Poultry Production and Management.


At present, the College is embarked to offer B.Tech., (Poultry Technology) at the undergraduate level. Steps have already been taken to get AICTE approval for the Course. The college is gearing up to impart quality education in poultry engineering and technology by the young and energetic team of faculty. Guest lectures, field trips, industrial visits and skill development programmes are part of the regular educational process.


The following on-going projects of CPPM, Hosur helps the students to have practical hands on training in day today poultry operations.

S.No Title of the programme Funding agency Fund outlay
(in Lakh rupees)
1 Poultry Seed project ICAR 203.57
2 Establishment of Feed manufacturing unit TANUVAS  
3 Establishment of Feed testing laboratory Govt. of India 28.00
4 Popularization of Namakkal Chicken - I to rural households of Krishnagiri for additional revenue generation NABARD 2.69
5 Experiential Learning – Setting up of Facilities for hands on training on Model turkey post harvest technology unit ICAR 50.00
6 TANUVAS SMART mineral mixture centre TANUVAS 3.00



The Existing library of College of Poultry Production and Management strives to be a pioneer in the country to support research and teaching in the areas of Poultry Engineering and Technology. Currently, the library is being subscribed with 1500 books and 61 journals from various disciplines of Basic science, Poultry science, Engineering and Technology. The library is fully automated and provides exceptional atmosphere for the students and staff to access journals and periodicals, textbooks and reference books.


The e – library has is acting as online knowledge hub to the students and faculty to access internet in this college. This college is Wi – Fi enabled with hi speed internet facility and is connected by LAN and WAN connection. The reprographic facility in the library helps the students to design and propose innovative projects at the Undergraduate level. The 10 kva UPS provides uninterrupted service to this laboratory.


The college has well equipped laboratories to educate the students during practicals and to do research. The major equipments available in the college include:

  1. HPLC System
  2. Gas Chromatography
  3. UV Spectrophotometer
  4. Soxtec Analyzer
  5. Fibretec Analyzer
  6. Kjeltec System
  7. Labtech Cyclone Mill
  8. Balance – Precision
  9. Desicator
  10. Muffle furnace
  11. Hot air oven
  12. Water Bath
  13. Bunsen Burner
  14. Bomb Calorimeter
  15. Autoclave
  16. Microscope – Stereoscopic
  17. Microscope – Compound
  18. Centrifuge (1200– 1500 RPM)

Student Hostel

A well furnished hostel facility is available within the campus for both boys and girls of UG students separately. Rooms are well ventilated with complete mosquito netting. The students are provided with hot water, RO drinking water, indoor gym, washing machine and in-house mess. The mess is run by students themselves to ensure that a balanced and nutritious meal is served to students.

Examination Hall

The college has a well ventilated examination hall with an approximate capacity of 100 students to take up the exam at a time.

Other Facilities

  1. A well established farm complex
  2. An automated hatchery
  3. Feed manufacturing unit

Poultry Farm Complex

A well established poultry farm complex is having 20 sheds to house various poultry species. It is meant for instructional purpose and to establish hands on training to the students. At present Poultry Seed Project is functioning in CPPM at a cost of 203.57 lakhs funded by ICAR, New Delhi.

Salient features of Gramapriya :

  • To increase the availability of eggs in rural and tribal areas
  • Female can produce 180 eggs / 1 year of production (72 weeks of age)
  • High disease resistance and immune competence helps better survivability in free range conditions
  • They have longer shanks are moderate in body weight and produce brown shell eggs

Salient features of Vanaraja :

  • Dual purpose breed (gives both egg and meat)
  • Can attain weight 650 – 750 gm body weight at 6 weeks of age
  • Can produce 110 eggs / year under free range conditions
  • Attractive multi colour pattern
  • High general immune competence
  • Can perform in low plane of nutrition
  • Grow faster and produce more eggs than desi hen
  • Produce brown eggs like desi hen

Feed Mixing Complex

The feed mixing complex is established in 12102 square feet area with an additional 2163 square feet of drying yard. The complex has

  1. Preparation of Livestock feed unit.
  2. Preparation of TANUVAS SMART mineral mixture unit

Livestock Feed Unit

The Livestock feed unit was established at a cost of Rs. 27 lakhs under revolving fund from TANUVAS. The feed unit is a semi – automated establishment having a production capacity of 2.0 tons / hr. The feed unit is installed to produce both livestock and poultry feeds.

TANUVAS SMART Mineral Mixture Unit

The TANUVAS SMART mineral mixture unit is established at a cost of 3 lakhs under revolving fund from TANUVAS. The mixture capacity is 200kgs / 15 minutes.

Conference hall

The college has a well furnished and well equipped Conference Hall with the state of art audio visual facility to accommodate 100 members and a Board room for routine in house meetings.



Skill development programme

CPPM, Hosur in association with Directorate of Distance Education, TANUVAS is conducting skill development training programme entitled "Poultry Vaccinator" for the unemployed people to create self confidence and self employment opportunities.

Name Designation Mobile No. e-Mail
Dr. K. Mani Dean +91-9786125257 deancppm[at]tanuvas[dot]org[dot]in
Dr. R. Annal Villi Professor    
Dr. P. Shamsudeen Professor +91-9486242799 shams_phd[at]rediffmail[dot]com
Dr. J. Ramesh Associate Professor +91-9444155312 jramesh[dot]vet[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. G. Raj Manohar Assistant Professor +91-9442353694 rajmanovet[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. P.Selvan Assistant Professor    
Dr. K.Rajendran Assistant Professor    
Dr. M. Anandhi Assistant Professor +91-7402205022 dranandhim[at]gmail[dot]com
Dr. A.Gnanprakasam Assistant Professor    
Dr. D. Illaya Bharathi Assistant Professor +91-9944612350 ilayasmail[at]gmail[dot]com

Faculty members

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