The Existing library of College of Food and Dairy Technology provides tremendous facilities to support research, teaching, learning, and scholarly communication across various disciplines. Currently, the library is being subscribed with more than 3000 books and 12 journals from various disciplines of food technology. The library is functioning as the informational hub to the students and the staffs of the college to access the national, international journals and periodicals, textbooks and reference books to the students for their course work and research through CeRA.

Model Dairy Plant

Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India funded Model Dairy Plant (500 lts/day) with facilities for processing, product development, quality analysis and packaging of milk and milk products is available. It also has automatic milk tester, Facilities for adulterant testing and milk component testing.

Ice-cream Unit
Ghoa Ghee Unit

Experiential Learning Centre

Experiential learning centre for milk and milk products preparation is being established at College of Food and Dairy Technology. This facility will not only aid B.Tech (FT) students to complete the experiential learning credit during their course but also help the students to learn the complete process of business model starting from raw material procurement, processing, product preparation, plant maintenance, marketing and profit sharing among them and college. The skills acquired through this centre, during their course work will shape them into a full-fledged entrepreneur.

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State Level Food Processing Training Centre

State Level Food Processing Training Centre established at College of Food and Dairy Technology houses latest food processing equipments such as twin screw extruder, Water spray retort, MAP machine, Spice grinder, Masal processing unit, Soya processing unit, Ice cream plant, Kenwood Food Processor, Meat slicer, Cold and Chill storage etc is acting as business incubation centre for small scale food entrepreneurs and farmers for processing milk, meat, fish. poultry, grains, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables. The centre is conducting regular training entrepreneur, awareness, quality control and HACCP training to the needy at free of cost. In addition, this hub is acting as an active teaching laboratory for the food technology students.

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant

Establishment of fruit and vegetable processing plant with Fruit blancher, Fruit mill, Fruit pulper, Fruit pulp finisher, Fruit juicer, Steam jacketed kettle, Raw and processed juice collection, storage pumping tank, Juice processors, Bottling machine and accessories etc is taken up with the financial support from Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India, New Delhi. Both potential and progressive entrepreneurs and students of UG and PG will be benefited from this plant.

Computer Laboratory

Computer laboratory with 20 latest version of computer, dot matrix printers, scanner is acting as online knowledge centre cum library in providing the current informations from all over the world to the students and research scholars of this college. This online informative hub is constructed with the LAN and WAN connection with hi speed internet facility and facilitate transfer of knowledge. Online data bases such as BIS standards, e-books collections and CeRA connectivity for online reference collection and reprographic facility helps the students to plan latest and most innovative Undergraduate projects and post graduate dissertation research at CFDT. The 10kva UPS provides uninterrupted service to this laboratory.

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Other Laboratories

In addition, this college has following laboratories for conducting Undergraduate and Post graduate practical, to carry out research activities and to conduct training for entrepreneurs.

Food Chemistry Laboratory
Food Microbiology Laboratory

Name of the laboratory/workshop Major equipments
Work shop (Carpentary & Fitting, Welding & Smithy, Machine shop) Lath, Drilling machines, Welding machines, Bench vice, Pipe vice, Carpentry vice etc
Food Technology Laboratory UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Calorimeter, Homogeniser, Muffle furnace, Vacuum packing machine, Centrifuges, Thin Layer Chromatography, Poly Acryl amide Gel Electrophoresis, Soxhlet for fat estimation, Bligh and dyer lipid estimation, Micro-Kjeldhal, Vacuum evaporator, pH meter, Magnetic Stirrer, Triple distilled water unit, Portable digital pH meters, Refractometers, Chemical, physical and analytical balances etc
Food Microbiology Laboratory PCR machine, Bio-safety cabinet, ELISA, Lyophilizer, Binocular Microscopes, Autoclaves, Hot air oven, Incubators, BOD incubator, Water baths, Anaerobic jar, Balances, pH meter, Distilled water still etc
Fish Processing Laboratory Air Blast Freezer, Retort pouch processing machine, Semiautomatic can double seaming machine, Manual meat mincer, Modern fish processing tables (SS), Pasta making machine, Deep freezer, Smoking Kiln, Tray Dryer, Balance etc
Meat and Poultry Processing Laboratory Meat mincer, Sausage stuffer, Bowl chopper, Meat Slicer, Electric Fryer, Scalding tank, Electric tandoor, Egg breaking instrument, Sperometer, Candling box etc
Thermal Engineering & Refrigeration Laboratory Shell & Tube heat exchanger, Plate type heat exchanger, Thermal conductivity of metal rod, Heat transfer in forced convection, Heat pipe apparatus, Refrigeration cycle demonstrator, Vapour absorption refrigeration system demonstrator
Electrical Engineering Laboratory Induction motors, Transformers, Starters,  Loading Rheostats, Measuring instruments,
Instrumentation and Process Control Laboratory Programmable logic controllers, Temperature measuring devices, U-tube manometer, Orifice, Venturimeter, Pitot tube, Anemometer
Engineering Properties Testing Laboratory Porosity apparatus, Coefficient of friction apparatus, Impact tester, Angle of repose apparatus, Plunger machine, Bursting strength tester, Cobb sizing tester
Bakery, Confectionary Laboratory Chocolate sizing machine, Chocolate cutting machine, Confectionery roller, Lolly pop machine, Microwave oven, OTGs, Plenatry mixer, Deck oven
Cereal, Pulses and Spices Processing Laboratory Spice Cleaning, Spice pulveriser, Form fill packaging machine, Mini Rice Mill, Cottage level soya processing unit, Wheat grader, Destoner, Seed grader, Tunnel solar dryer, Rice sheller
Basic Sciences Laboratory Travelling Microscope, Tarson Pendulum, Water baths, Vernier caliper, Screw gauge
Engineering Drawing Hall Drawing tables

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Air screen cleaner
Batch Pasturiser
Bowl Chopper
Confectionary Equipments
Forced Convection Aparatus
Gravity Separator
Heat Pipe Demonstrator
PLC based Water Controller
Retort Processing Machine
Sausage Stuffer

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Students Hostel

Adequate hostel facility is available for both boys and girls of UG and PG students. The hostel inmates are provided with indoor gym, hot water, RO drinking water, in-house mess and complete mosquito netting. They are located inside the college campus, and at present a total number of 93 students ( boys-37 and girls -56) are utilizing the facilities.

Community Cattle Care Centre

To empower dairy farmers on technical skill and knowledge about milk processing, cost effective common facilitation centre "Community Cattle Care Centre" with cattle shed, fodder unit, gobar gas unit, vermin-compost unit, automatic milking for clean milk production and technical, health care and marketing advisory cell is established. This centre is successfully functioning at this college and could be replicated at different villages of Tamil Nadu.
The prices fixed to Cattle in community care centre

Category Approved Rate (Rs.)
Industry - Adult 5.00
Industry - Calves Nil
Farmer - Adult 3.00
Farmer - Calves Nil


Other Facilities

This college is also has a modern Conference Hall with latest audio visual facility with a seating capacity of 150 members and a Committee room for in house meetings.